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Court of the Dead

Apr 18, 2017

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Angry Toy Reviews #3: Kidrobot Yummy World Vinyl Toys, Hat and Backpack

Angry Artist reviews Kidrobot Yummy World vinyl figures, hat and backpack.

Angry Artist Reviews a Few Kidrobot Yummy World Items
I'm not going to lie to any of you. I knew beforehand that Matt the Angry Artist would HATE anything Yummy World I sent to him to review. All the Yummy World products are adorable and well-thought-out and EXTREMELY popular, but the Angry Artist don't give a crap about any of that. He likes spikes and boobies and squid monsters and shit like that. Which is cool... but I needed a laugh and Matt delivered.

Doesn't he look absolutely ridiculous in that strawberry hat? I mean, he didn't even know what fruit it was!!! ROFL! Watch this epic video below:

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