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Court of the Dead

Nov 13, 2010

Ian Ziobrowski's "The Nuggy Eater" dunny custom

Ian Ziobrowski sends us images of a sweet commission he did for a private collector. It's a Kidrobot Dunny painted with acrylics that he calls The Nuggy Eater. Ian says that, besides the cops, The Nuggy Eater is Nuggs' worst enemy! This one is a 3-inch Dunny, which is amazing because the brushwork is so fine that I had to call Ian on the phone to ask him what size it was! 
With no frame of reference, and with such minute details, I thought it might be an 8-incher. 
Ian's really bangin' out some amazing work these days... if you go to his facebook page you can see a teaser of an amazing Jerry Garcia commission he just did. He'll also be updating us during November with the progress of the 20-inch Qee we had shipped over to him for the Qee to the City custom show down at Multiversal happening early December.

Nov 11, 2010

First Annual 2nd Avenue Trading Card Convention and Swap Meet/brothel


The other night we went down to Toy Tokyo Underground in downtown NYC to the 1st Annual 2nd Ave Trading Card Convention, which was basically a chance for all of us artists, card nerds and toy store owners to get together, party, trade cards, drink beer, draw naughty things in inappropriate places, and generally revel in all that is good and right with the world. It was crazy fun!

Check the video. You'll see Tom of Sidekick Labs (they made the Art Hustle cards), Simeon (the gigantic dude who came up with the Art Hustle concept and brought it to reality), the Sucklord, Phetus and a whole motley crew of NYC crazies, including NEMO, Mr. Den, Rolo, Lowell, Kid Lew, King Abnon and Tony Depew.

Simeon dropped the bomb on us that Tenacious Toys would have a card in Art Hustle Series 3. Made our whole month! I picked up some of the Suckadelic SuckPax Series 2 cards, traded some of our NYCC Travis Louie cards, and met Jared, a super fan (and a customer) who flew in from Texas! A great night. I took a million pictures and I haven't even uploaded them yet because we've been dealing with a tsunami of ThreeA orders this week.

Gorilla Mouth: More 20" Qee WIP Pics

Work-in-progress shots from Troy Stith for the 20-inch Qee he's customizing for the Qee to the City show happening in early December at Multiversal, during Art Basel.

Gorilla Mouth: More 20" Qee WIP Pics: "In my usual WIP sharing fashion, here's what the Qee was looking like a few days ago. I'm further ahead now, but you'll have to wait for those teasers..."

Nov 10, 2010

MIDNIGHT PIRATE custom by The Yellow Dino

Midnight Pirate

The Yellow Dino writes in with his latest custom:

It's about time- Halloween time! People are getting ready, costumes & candies. But they'd lock the door & shut all windows. Why? because of him... He who hides between the shade, under the Halloween sky. He who craves anything sweet; he who makes children cry.

Beware, folks... in the Halloween night, he will come and steal your candies, chocolates... you name it! Who is he? Some call him Midnight Pirate, some go by the name Mysterious Halloween Pirate, some are just too afraid to mention him..

So trick or treat, people? Happy Halloween!

Argonaut Resins Sam Fout Bone Ghost Agents: Wave 3

Sam Fout's latest Bone Ghost Agency series slated for release this Friday Nov. 12 at 3PM est. in the Argonaut Resins online store. Waves 1 and 2 sold out insanely fast, and this wave looks like it'll be no different: with END's expert craftsmanship, each piece is a marvel of meticulous detail.
Wave 3 - Agents K, L, M, N, and O - will be priced from $85 - $100 and will feature 5 colorways which will include a glow in the dark variant, painted clear tint variant and a all black Ninja variant painted up by Sam. 
Each figure stands at 5.5 inches and will come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, an exclusive numbered art print and custom box packaging as pictured below:

Nov 8, 2010

ThreeA WWRP Large Martins coming in 2011


ThreeA has informed us that the projected release date of the upcoming 9-inch WWRP Large Martins will be March 2011. (As with all toys, the release date could be pushed back.)

We will have preorders available in our ThreeA section early this week. Retail price will be $45 each and there are 5 versions of WWRP Large Martin: Iron Panda, Sanddevil, Auspublic Region Def, Big Red & Mr. Frosty. If you buy one of each and you live in the US, we give you free shipping via Fedex. 

Please note that above images are NOT final images; they may be lacking decals and/or paint details.
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