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Court of the Dead

Submit to the Tenacious Blog

Do you want your product, custom toy or project covered on our blog?

We now have a super-easy system for you to submit your own posts:

1. Email at blogger dotcom and BCC tenacioustoys at gmail dotcom with pics, full info and links
2. That's it. Literally, that's all you have to do. 

Submissions are held as draft posts and checked over before posting. Abuse will infuriate Benny, and that's scary. Don't go there.

General guidelines for the submission email:

The subject line of your email will become the title of the blog post. Do not leave it blank. It can be as long as you need it to be to communicate what the blog post is about.

Attach between 1 and 5 .jpg images to your email. Each JPEG image should be 1MB or smaller. 600 x 800 size @ 72 dpi works fine.
Please do NOT send .zip files, sideways pictures, dark pictures or any image over 2MB in size as all of those things slow me down.

Please write the text for us to publish verbatim. We may or may not add to it or change it as we see fit. PLEASE WRITE IN THE THIRD PERSON, press release style. Do not say "I" or "we".

Please include the following info in your text: What's your idea/concept/backstory? What is your toy made of? How many did you make? What's the price? Why did you create this project or toy? All this info helps us write an informative blog post.

Where can readers find you on the internet? How should they contact you? Links are required because a blog post without links is totally useless to you.


EMAIL SUBJECT LINE = TITLE OF BLOG POST: Write a good title for the post that includes your name or your company/ artist name, the name of the piece, and the release date if applicable. Your subject line of your email will become the blog post title. Make it count. 

BODY: Here you will write one paragraph of text in perfect English, with perfect punctuation and capitalization. DO YOU SEE HOW ANNOYING IT IS WHEN I WRITE IN ALL CAPS? Don't do it. Write this paragraph in the third person so we don't have to change the pronouns. I cannot publish  a blog post that reads:

"The concept to this toy came to me when I was taking a shower, so I immediately began sculpting it as soon as I got out. I am going to make 20 of them, and I am going to price them at $20 each. They will be available in my shop this Friday."

I'd have to change everything about that post, since it is written in first person.

Write like this instead (in "third person"):

"Benny Kline announces the release of his new toy. They will be $20 each and they drop in his shop this Friday at 2PM EST. The idea for this toy came to Benny as he was taking a shower, and he wasted no time sculpting it up that same day. "

The above form of writing is called "third person" and it seems weird the first time you do it. But it allows the recipient of your email to copy the text and paste it into a blog post. If I am reading your email on my iphone on a city bus, I will be able to copy a passage written in the third person and get it up on IG, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr very easily. Editing all that on a bumpy bus on an iphone is hell on earth.

LINKS: List all relevant links at the bottom of EVERY EMAIL YOU SEND. Not just these emails to bloggers- every email. Change the signature of your email to look like this:

Benny Kline
Benny's Toy Shop

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