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Court of the Dead

Feb 20, 2014

Infinite Rabbit's custom madness!

Exremely love the use of sculpt and colors of this artist. He simply brings you in a dreamworld with these customs!

Here's an update with some of the customs that I've been working at the end of 2013 and early 2014. Some of them are available in my online store ( A few others are currently at Espionage Gallery, in the "Around the World in 80 Toys" show (

The custom Foomi uses a resin mask designed for Vinyl Thoughts by Forces of Dorkness. ( The "broken" Blue Mask Munny borrows his design, but was sculpted by me.

I've also (finally!) started working on a website: More updates to come, though I'm pretty busy with customs and art at the moment!

"C. Willard" - 7" Foomi & "Romeo 13" - 7" Munny

"Dr. Squidclops" - Mini Mugg & "Kid Triton" - Kidrobot 'Bot

"EO13 Munny" - 4" Munny & "EO13 Trikky" - 4" Trikky

"Drip Droid" - Android Mini

SNEAK PEEK VIDEO: Hazarai- it's like Pinterest for Geeks


Our friends at Hazarai! have been working like busy little beavers on the new version of their website. The user interface will feel familiar. I've already got an account there and they are super easy to set up if you don't have an account already- just click here. Check the video:

Biggie custom Dunny by JPK

This artist has some serious skills, but we already know that lol! An amazingly painted 3 inch Dunny. Not easy to get this sculpt done.

It's a Biggie Smalls Dunny custom, a private commission and the theme (Biggie's "Ready To Die" album cover but with a more recognisable/adult Biggie head) was requested by the customer. There's a fair bit of sculpting on this little guy to have him in his seated position. - Jon-Paul Kaiser

Follow Jon-Paul Kaiser here:

Feb 19, 2014

New York Toy Fair 2014: Tenacious Toys Photo Coverage

Eric Nocella Diaz, fellow business owner (Argonaut Resins) and fellow local, sculpting live at Toy Fair.
Toy Fair is always exhilarating and exhausting. We get to see old friends, make new connections, check out new products, plan collaborative projects. This year, 2014, was the first time I personally felt I was a part of something important and bigger than myself. Instead of wandering around alone, picking up free plastic giveaway crap from large manufacturers, I was meeting with the people who really make stuff happen in the toy world. And I'm a part of it now, helping make things happen. I'm being very vague here but since you read my blog, you'll know when I start talking about big projects....

Anyway, in this post I'll throw in a few pics but I have a nice selection of about 50 pics from Toy Fair at the following link:

Steph gets a big thumbs-up from Evan, owner of Mimoco. Evan started his business the same year as we did.
left to right: Sean Gallagher (, Klim Kozinevich ( and Digger Mensch (formerly of Art Asylum, here at Toy Fair consulting with Three dudes who could easily execute any possible design project, and blow you away with the results.
Jonathan Cathey ( in between meetings
it wouldn't be Toy Fair if I didn't spend a few hours running around acting like a total jackass...

Venom by Darren Clegg of Klang Customs

UK Artist Darren Clegg, of Klang Customs, recently completed a custom Venom figure, using a 7" Munny as the base. Venom is one of Darren Clegg's favorite characters and one day he decided to make a custom based on the character. The WIP shots show how much cutting and sculpting went into this figure. The paint palette is a bit simple, Black, Red and White, with a bit of accent on the protruding tongue. The completed custom could use a few more accents, highlighting a lot of the sculpted features. With a lot of work being done to create the small features, one can only wonder why those features were not accented somehow. Overall, this a good custom Venom munny which apparently has a bit of weight to it.



Venom is available through the Collect and Display online store for 100 GBP(or about $168) plus shipping. Pick up the Venom, another custom, or maybe even contact Darren Clegg for a custom commission.

General Geddon figure by Credenda Studios

I don't know much about Credenda Studios but I do know that these blister-packed resin General Geddon figures they just released look awesome. At $50 for a special custom colorway, these are a steal. You get to pick any color for the skin and armor! And a trusted source who has one says the quality is top-notch.

3A Booth at New York Toy Fair 2014

The 3A booth at Toy Fair was most excellent for many reasons. We got to meet both Ashley Wood and Kim of Threezero, as well as Siu Yin and Gimbat. We got to check out a few upcoming items that we'll be able to order (most compelling was the cartons of Adventure Kartel Action Portable carded figures). I personally bitched and moaned about the US distributorship of 3A figures and the high cost of carrying them. Ash didn't blink an eye and explained why they went the route they did. Not a guy to back down in the face of tough questions. Good stuff. Respect!

Anyway, get yourself on our email list if you want to be the first to know about preordering the 3A items we will be carrying.

Feb 17, 2014

Jason Chalker's FINK! Solo Show at ATAMA in Dallas, TX on Feb 22

Fink! is an art show featuring original art, custom toys and resin pieces that celebrates low-brow hotrod culture and combines it with elements of urban vinyl and pop culture.

Jason Chalker (aka Manly Art) is an illustrator, designer & maker of custom toys, as well as a Topps sketch artist for Mars Attacks and Star Wars based in Dallas, TX.

5307 E. Mockingbird Lane Suite #107  
Dallas, Texas 75206

Join Jason at ATAMA Saturday, February 22nd from 7PM to 9PM- support your local Texan! Check the various links for more info on ATAMA and my buddy Jason:
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book