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Court of the Dead

Feb 19, 2014

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New York Toy Fair 2014: Tenacious Toys Photo Coverage

Eric Nocella Diaz, fellow business owner (Argonaut Resins) and fellow local, sculpting live at Toy Fair.
Toy Fair is always exhilarating and exhausting. We get to see old friends, make new connections, check out new products, plan collaborative projects. This year, 2014, was the first time I personally felt I was a part of something important and bigger than myself. Instead of wandering around alone, picking up free plastic giveaway crap from large manufacturers, I was meeting with the people who really make stuff happen in the toy world. And I'm a part of it now, helping make things happen. I'm being very vague here but since you read my blog, you'll know when I start talking about big projects....

Anyway, in this post I'll throw in a few pics but I have a nice selection of about 50 pics from Toy Fair at the following link:

Steph gets a big thumbs-up from Evan, owner of Mimoco. Evan started his business the same year as we did.
left to right: Sean Gallagher (, Klim Kozinevich ( and Digger Mensch (formerly of Art Asylum, here at Toy Fair consulting with Three dudes who could easily execute any possible design project, and blow you away with the results.
Jonathan Cathey ( in between meetings
it wouldn't be Toy Fair if I didn't spend a few hours running around acting like a total jackass...


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