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Court of the Dead

Aug 7, 2009

Ron English Popaganda mini figure series in production

... this set of 10 amazing window-boxed mini figures is in production now and will be shipping possibly next month, according to MINDstyle. They look REALLY cool.
I am diggin these minis, even more than the full-size original figures they are based on. Don't know why... maybe cuz everything looks cute when it has an oversized head...

Aug 6, 2009

MUNNY GRUBBERS custom Munny show starts Aug 8th in Phoenix & online

MUNNY GRUBBERS custom Munny show by Just Blazed
Just Blazed is hosting a slew of hot talent at their Munny Grubbers show on August 8th. The Munny has consistently been one of the most popular platform toys year-in and year-out. This show will show exactly why it is such. If you’re in the Phoenix area or you just feel like you want to make a trip into the desert then get it while its hot.
Munny Grubbers is curated by toy guru Nervis Wr3k, so you know it’s gonna be hot.
Also, beginning August 8th, you’ll have the chance to vote on all the pieces in the show in the Delicious Drips Submission Gallery. So if you are not hanging out in the blazin-ass desert right now, you can follow the action and all the customs on the 8th! I just heard from Delicious Drips that there are gonna be some big names contributing to this custom show!
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