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Court of the Dead

Oct 11, 2014

Meet Jacob JAMS today at 2PM at NYCC Booth 208

Come to NYCC Booth 208 today (Saturday) at 2PM to meet Jacob JAMS, the youngest Tenacious toy artist! Jacob has made two exclusives for us this year: the NYCC Exclusive Burgermeister figure, and the Tenacious Exclusive blue Burgermeister. Both pieces are $15 each and made in editions of 10 pieces. Meet Jacob and pick up your Burgermeister today at 2PM at Booth 208. Maybe Jacob will tell you what it feels like to be the coolest kid in Junior High. In 10 years, he'll be able to tell you what it feels like to run your own toy factory in China. And in 10 years, I'll tell you what it feels like to work for Jacob Siegelbaum.

Oct 10, 2014

Steampunk Raccoon by Steamy Chums

On October 13, Steamy Chums is going to release the next character in the Steamy Chums world, Raccoon. After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, Steamy Chums has been working full steam ahead, creating rewards and continuing to create and expand the world of Steamy Chums. Created using 3D modeling and a 3D printer, Raccoon features the same steampunk design aesthetic as the initial characters Sloth and Fox.

From Steamy Chums:
It is created by the survivors living in Camp Prema, who specialized in recreating woodland creatures, after everything was lost in the apocalyptic disaster that wiped away almost all Life.

This little creature has a mischievous character, smart, and with lots of energy. In order to render such a character, we designed him alcohol powered. You can see the tiny barrel full of its fuel in the maze of gears and pipes.

With this third figure, Steamy Chums brings on its message of love for all living beings and faith in humanity. Our provocative story is meant to raise awareness towards the risks of losing wildlife.

Standing at 12cm (or just under 4 3/4 inches), Raccoon will be priced at 58 Euros (~$74). Limited to just 50 pieces, these resin Raccoons will become available on Monday October 13th at 11am PST. After this initial release, Raccoon will also be released in other series called pop, quartz and DIY. For all those interested, be sure to sign up for the Steamy Chums' newsletter to stay up to date with this and all future releases.

Travis Cain Fun Gus Kickstarter


Travis Cain, designer of the KidRobot bff’s, and 2009’s uber-rare wooden Dunnys has launched a Kickstarter project to fund the production of his new limited-edition toy, FUN GUS. 

He is a FUN GUY (ha!) and a pretty cool mushroom - easy going, rockin' some sweet shell toes and just doing his own thing. Fun Gus will make a great platform toy for both DIY customizers and artist editions. Speaking of artist editions - 3 great artists have made awesome versions of FUN GUS for launch: Buff Monster, Frank Kozik, and Jeremyville! Rewards range from DIY versions of Fun Gus all the way up to a trip to New York with ultra rare signed colorways. 

Travis will be at New York Comic Con this weekend talking about FUN GUS, showing prototypes and giving stuff away if you plan on being there  stop by. Booth #208 at 5pm Saturday and Booth #113 at 1pm on Sunday.

Photos of the various versions after the cut.

Hip Hop Trooper figures available TODAY at Booth 208

First customer: #1/100
Each 3.75" figure is hand-painted by Small Angry Monster, with blister-packed accessories by KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES (Def Star Blaster & gold chain). Includes 2-sides full color card with artwork by Manly Art and printed by Sidekick Lab
Each of the 100 Hip Hop Trooper action figures were blessed by Hip Hop Trooper himself by way of his signature on cards that he also hand-numbered: 1/100 through 100/100. Hip Hop Trooper figures are $65 each, find them at the Tenacious Collective. Look for me (Benny). 
If you can't make it to NYCC to grab one in person, we will be auctioning 3 on eBay after NYCC with 100% of sales of those pieces going to a cancer charity, so there is a shot at getting one starting in a week or so.
Stacks of Hip Hop Troopers
Stryder the Hip Hop Trooper signing the cards that are included with each figure

Jason Freeny Signing at 1PM today at NYCC Booth 208

Today at 1PM we are welcoming the anatomical toy master Jason Freeny into our booth for a signing! Come to NYCC Booth 208 in The Block to meet him! We have set aside two dozen of Jason's Red Gummi Anatomy figures for this signing- grab one and get it signed, all at our booth, today only!

Hulk Smash Can collab between Cash Cannon & Mike NEMO Mendez at NYCC Booth 208

Come find Cash Cannon at his table right next to the Kid Ink table near the corner of Booth 208 in The Block to buy these awesome Hulk Smash Can pieces cast by Cash Cannon and painted by elusive legend Mike NEMO Mendez. Who knows, you might even spot NEMO at NYCC today...

Oct 9, 2014

TEASER: Alarment Pieces for CenoBot Series 2.1 Revealed!

Come to NYCC Booth 208 to grab the newest horror-inducing blind box series to hit the market! The Cenobot Series 2.1 is an artist-designed, artist-run blind box series using the Kidrobot 'Bot 3.5" figures as a platform for characters based on the Hellraiser movies. There are approximately 25 pieces in this series by many talented custom toy artists. Above graphic shows the submissions by Alarment, which are alarmingly detailed for 3.5" figures! How... does he do that? Stop by our Booth 208 to grab a blind box for $75! We will have a few open box figures on display so you can swap/trade with us after your purchase.

The packaging for these figures is bananas too, and we will be posting pics of that ASAP. With artwork by Crux Delgado and printing services by Renone, they boxes will look tight! So stoked for these.

Beau Greener of Credenda Studios Signing Sam Raimi figures at 4PM today

Come to booth 208 today at 4PM and find the KiD iNK table for the Beau Greener signing. Beau runs Credenda Studios, and he will be releasing his Sam Raimi figures today at the signing! With only 50 pieces made, these will go fast.

(For those of you who do not have Thursday badges, we will be holding back 10-20 figures for people coming in for the first time on Friday.)

Beau is heavily into horror, and makes awesome carded action figures based on characters from horror flicks. Benny's cousin Sam just happens to make movies that have spawned some of the most memorable characters in the horror genre, so why not honor him with his own action figure? The Credenda Studios Sam Raimi figure has had one of his hands removed, and a Super 8 camera fitted to the stump!

The Sam Raimi figures are $65 each and we are going to limit them to one per person. Available only at NYCC Booth 208 at the Tenacious Collective, starting at 4PM on Thursday.

NYCC Exclusive Fink Warriors available at Booth 208 today

Today is the day! Come to booth 208 at NYCC to grab your Fink Warrior from Benny at Tenacious Toys! These awesome little figures are designed by Scott Bellwood and produced by Michael Reilly in Tenacious Blue especially for NYCC! $15 per blind box- 20 pieces, with 16 Blue blank figures and 4 hand painted customs!

Oct 8, 2014

Last Gasp Books Fall Publishing Kickstarter

For 45 years, San Francisco based Last Gasp Publishing has been publishing books, as well as distributing books from small and independent publishers to a network of booksellers worldwide. With book publishing changing dramatically with the increase of technology and online resources, it has become difficult to publish books. In order to continue with the fall publishing season, Last Gasp has launched a Kickstarter to take care of the up front costs. Last Gasp has produced books for some amazing people over the last four decades.
From the Last Gasp Kickstarter page:
From our early years publishing underground comix to more recent art books, we've tried to publish unusual artists whose artwork moves us on a visceral level. In more than four decades we have published books with artists such as Robert Crumb, Mark Ryden,Camille Rose Garcia,Gary Baseman, Robert Williams, Junko Mizuno,Trina Robbins, S. Clay Wilson, Justin Green, Spain Rodriguez, Keiji Nakazawa, Suehiro Maruo, Elizabeth McGrath, Timothy Leary, Todd Schorr, Ron English, Laurie Lipton, Diane DiPrima, and countless others.
With about a week left to go and over 50% more funding to be pledged, Last Gasp needs everyone's support to reach the $75K funding goal. Posting, tweeting, Instagramming, and all other forms of social media can help spread the word. Choosing an awesome reward and pledging any amount to the Last Gasp Kickstarter will help keep publishing alive, even if just for a little while longer.

FUnicorn Gold revealed- an award for your favorite Zero Fucks Hero

Behold, the FUnicorn! Available in both full-color (white with a rainbow tail) and Medal colors! This here is the Gold medal winning #1 best Zero Fucks Hero colorway! For that person in your life who does not, and has never, given a fuck about anything! These 8" resin figures will drop in the Bigshot Toyshop on October 17. Check out the prototype at NYCC Booth 208 in The Block!

Oct 7, 2014

Magitarius Oreion figures available at Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth 208

We are very excited to announce that a cool new figure will be available in our NYCC booth: coming to us by way of introduction by Jeff Beck of Menace Inc Studios, the Magitarius Oreion figures are an impressive 12 inches tall and come in 4 colorways. The Oreion figures are a combination of vinyl and resin and come in clear, GID, red and blue. The green/yellow one glows in the dark! Pretty creepy and awesome! Priced at $45 each, this is a lot of art toy for the money!

From the furthest reaches of the universe comes the newest edition of collectible toy vinyl figures, Oreion. With this first run edition of limited plastic direct from space, Oreion comes in 4 different brilliant colors to light up and give a boost to any toy enthusiast's cache of awesomeness.

12″ vinyl figure with movable parts, comes complete in it’s own space box capsule with viewing window. Find them at Booth 208!

Tenacious Toys Exclusive "Alien Nation" print collab between NEMO & Janice Terao


Introducing another Exclusive for our NYCC booth: the 12" x 12" "Alien Nation" print is a collaborative project that Mike NEMO Mendez is launching with painter Janice Terao. This will be the first of many paintings representing sculptural work by NEMO. The Alien Nation piece shows NEMO's Pilot of Prometheus 5" Mini Qee which he made for one of our custom toy shows. The custom Qee will make an appearance at NYCC alongside these prints.

Info on the prints:
Edition of 50, hand signed and numbered. 12 by 12 inch moab entrada and breathing color, both are 300gsm rag, comes with cardboard and plastic sleeve. $20 each.

These prints available starting on Friday. Find us at Booth 208 at New York Comic Con!

NYCC Exclusives by Cash Cannon (4 the Luv of Toyz NY) at Tenacious Collective Booth 208

Metaluna, From the movie Island Earth.  Solid Resin and Hand Painted.  This will be limited to a run of 6 only. 
Our friend and associate Cash Cannon is taking a short break from 24/7 tattooing to be a part of the Tenacious Collective Booth 208 at New York Comic Con! I love working with guys like Cash because he's humble, kind and creative... and despite being a tattoo artist by trade, he is more excited about art toys than nearly anyone I know. When he visited the Tenacious warehouse, I thought his head was going to spin around! Come visit Cash and all the rest of us at Booth 208! You'll see Cash with KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES, NRI and Playful Gorilla, Rampage Toys (Jon M), the Disarticulators (Niall), Manly Art (Jason) and Nugglife (Ian) all in a row in out booth along one aisle. Quite literally a one-stop shop for amazing collectibles from around the world. For more info, click here.

Ghouddha, a collaboration between Extratruckestrial and 4 the Luv of Toyz NY - resin with a few hand painted variations 
Buddhacat- a collaboration between Extratruckestrial and 4 the Luv of Toyz NY - resin with hand painted accents

One Eyed Billy - resin and partial hand painting

Bootleg Buddhas - resin and partial hand painting

Trollok - resin and partial hand painting

Oct 6, 2014

NYCC 2014 - Hip Hop Trooper from Team Tenacious Toys

A few days before NYCC 2014 and a few more exclusives are being revealed. The latest reveal is a Hip Hop Trooper from Tenacious Toys and Team Tenacious.

Here is the project as explained by Benny:

We are super stoked to reveal our final #NYCC Exclusive - a 3.75" bootleg-style @hiphoptrooper action figure, executed by Team Tenacious with the blessing of Hip Hop Trooper himself! Figure comes with Def Star Thumper and gold chain accessories, in a blister clamshell with full color artwork! Big big thanks to @s_a_monster for the impressively detailed paint on the figures, @manlyart for the ridiculous card back artwork, @sidekicklab for printing the cards, and Tenacious Toys Operations Manager @kris_dulfer for handling literally every other part of this project, from the figures to the accessories to the purchasing. Truly a team effort here. 100 figures, $65 each. Look for a few figures to be held back and sold online after NYCC to benefit Hip Hop Trooper's charity of choice!
For all those lucky enough going to NYCC 2014 this year, be sure to check out the Tenacious Toys Collective Space at Booth 208 in The Block. Get this and many other exclusives there.

FUnicorn teaser video by Bigshot Toyworks

FUnicorn Silver: available in Bigshot Toyshop on ZeroFucksFriday, October 17
When douchiness abounds, dickishness is afoot and general jerkiness is slung about for no good reason...HE WILL BE THERE!

Bigshot Toyworks proudly presents... the FUnicorn!! Riding to your aid like a majestical steed, dealing backhands of justice, with Zero Fucks given or taken. In a world of pretty ponies and other glitter-spewing magical creatures, the FUnicorn gallops across the land with his head held high, ready to spread his message… of love. 

The FUnicorn stands 8 inches tall, hand crafted in resin in limited numbers.
Capture the full color version for the direct, no-nonsense effect, or choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze to award the FUnicorn to your own Zero Fucks Hero.

Pre-orders for the herd of FUnicorns will be available in the Bigshot Toyshop on Zero Fucks Friday, October 17th, so prepare yourself for instant legendary status (free with purchase). Come to NYCC Booth 208 to see a FUNicorn prototype in person!

The FUnicorn...he puts the FU back in FUN!