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Court of the Dead

May 31, 2009

Kidrobot x Junko Mizuno Pure Trance mini figures release date: June 4

We just placed our order for our master carton. Can't wait! These look SO AWESOME!

About Junko Mizuno (info taken from Kidrobot website):

Born in Tokyo, May 27, 1973.

In 1996, Junko Mizuno self-produced a photocopy booklet called MINA animal DX which brought her to the attention of the publishing industry in Japan. Her drawing style, which mixes childish sweetness and cuteness with blood and terror has become a sub-genre of the classic manga movement.

Mizuno’s original designs were highlighted in the BBC’s acclaimed documentary series, Japanorama, and her artwork is frequently featured in gallery shows around the world. Junko Mizuno currently resides in Tokyo where she produces new comics, illustrations, paintings and design products ranging from toys to clothing.


9" DUD BUDs & NADEs from Jamungo: $25 shipped!


I think this is sorta rad: Jamungo recently got a batch of GID BUDs and NADEs in from their factory that were supposed to glow, but didn't.

So instead of trashing the figures, they sprayed a stenciled "DUD" onto the face of each one and they're selling each for $25 incl shipping!

Not only is that brilliant, but it saves the planet a little and also allows us collectors to pick up some rare pieces of vinyl cheap! These can be considered customs since they are all stenciled with spray paint and all will come out a little different...

Jamungo's paypal ID is and all ya gotta do is send them $25 and specify DUD NADE or DUD BUD.

How cool is that?

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