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Court of the Dead

Feb 9, 2018

Interview with Iranian Artist ABCNT About His Bitchy Rich MADNESS Figure From Mighty Jaxx

My number one reason for having an artist moniker is to be incognito by keeping identity anonymous in fighting fascism. Also, to have experiences authentically without any preconceived notions being attached to an artist even before an interaction. ‘ABCNT’ is more than a cult of personality, it is used to highlight content in my Art. There was no such thing as street art where I grew up even around graffiti and hip-hop culture. It was always illegal to get up (“the act of writing graffiti on a wall”) therefore identities have to be private. 

Bitchy Rich MADNESS will be dropping this Saturday, 10th February (11PM SGP, 10AM NYC, 3PM LDN) on the front page of 
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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