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Court of the Dead

Apr 1, 2011

3A Large Martins: Final Product Images

Thanks to attentive and helpful members of the Legion, I now have actual, final images of the incoming ThreeA WWRp Large Martin retailer figures. 
On top is Sanddevil (left) and Mr. Frosty (right). 
On bottom, from left to right, is Auspublic, Big Red and Iron Panda. 
I was very interested to see Auspublic, in particular, because the preliminary shots of that one were provided to me by 3A a LONG time ago. That was during the early stages of production, and the figure in those shots was sort of unfinished, lacking paint details and decals. Auspublic looks RAD.
We are not yet sold out of preorders so click thru to preorder Large Martins from us if you have not yet done so.

Nuggywolf custom Kracka by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski shares with us his latest custom (which I will be checking out in person tonight at the Kidrobot store in NY): "Nuggywolf", based on the 4-inch KR Kracka platform. 
This is what happens when Ian's signature character Nuggs starts hanging out with Team Jacob. 
(Come on, you KNOW Team Jacob is off in the woods cultivating their crop half the time. Seriously, think about it.)

NICE details in the claws and teeth, and PERFECT paint, as usual- this is an expertly executed custom and we expect nothing less from Ian. Wait till you see images of the large-scale commission he's been working on for a few months...
Look for Ian to orchestrate an all-out media blitz soon when he launches his new website...

Mar 30, 2011

Taking orders for Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh Mini Qee

“How would you like to spend the next several nights wondering if your crazy, out-of-work, bum uncle will shave your head while you sleep?” – Uncle Buck

He’s the uncle who hates visits.
The odd one without a care.
Run away if he comes calling,
Or he’ll burn you with his stare!

Uncle Argh has been taken directly from Scott Tolleson’s original custom 5inch Mini Qee from the NYC Loves QEE event from February. Due to popular demand, Toy2R is pleased to bring this custom to life as a limited edition 5-inch production piece dropping this summer, just in time to get the party started! Price will be $28 each. Email us if you want one, we've already placed our order!
You can find out more about Scott Tolleson on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

Mar 29, 2011

Jelly Bot Mini Resin Figures by Argonaut Resins

Eric from Argonaut Resins shares with us his next collaborative project: mini resin Jelly Bot figures designed by Selina Briggs of Jelly Empire! These sweet minis look to be about 2 inches tall and there will be an assortment of colorways available for purchase at MOCCA (the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) in NYC April 9th & 10th. Eric is casting GIDs, clear tints, solids, jades, magnetic versions and ones with keychains, so this really is an all-out launch! Current run size is about 25 to 30 pieces and you have to show up in person to MOCCA to grab one of these figures.

Mar 27, 2011

Video Coverage of the Dem Bonez custom show at Zakka


My friend and brother in toys, OsirisOrion, gives us this sweet video coverage of the "Dem Bonez: The Reconstruction" custom show at Zakka, a Brooklyn toy/music/lifestyle boutique near the waterfront at 155 Plymouth Street. This excellent show was curated by another buddy of mine, Den Ramos, who works for SEEN at his tattoo shop. The platform is a bunch of factory samples that SEEN had stashed away in a closet- a toy that was never put into full production. Den tapped a number of graf artists and people who we normally do not see in our little toy customizing community, so it's definitely a show with a lot of new talent (new to me, anyway).

Props to Den for pulling it off; SEEN, Toshiki and Zakka for allowing it to happen; and all the artists in the show who came thru with amazing custom work. It was nice to see the NYC crew there: Sucklord, Billy Roids, Simeon Lipman, NEMO, Tony Depew, OsirisOrion, Den and Justin Ramos, Rednose, Mr. Munk, Marka, Lou Pimentel, ZAM, Pon, Grim, Stephen Donaldson, Steve Talkowski and his lovely wife, Matt Seigelbaum and his kids- the next generation of toy artists- and J*RYU who is, of course, an honorary New Yorker. Also showing were my customers Fernando and Amanda, to whom I am eternally indebted for their support.

This was a sweet show and I highly recommend stopping in to Zakka to take a look in person.