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Court of the Dead

Jun 16, 2017

Resin Is King Series 4 Blind Boxes Available Now - $30 Each

Resin Is King Series 4 blind boxes now available! $30 each, 100 pieces in this series by 10 artists. Another absolutely gorgeous series of limited-edition resin collectibles! We are very proud of this series, it really shows what's possible in the resin medium. True, tiny pieces of sculptural art! 10 Golden Tickets hidden in this series, and a free button with each figure! Grab RIKS4 here:

Jun 15, 2017

Bob Ross Funko POP Figure Drops This Summer - Your Trees Will Be So Happy

We are not ordering a whole lot of Funko POPs these days, but we definitely want to cover their releases when they are notable. This is a hilarious and awesome Bob Ross POP that will release this summer! I friggin love this. I guess I'll just buy one at retail for my own collection... HAPPY LITTLE FRIGGIN TREES!

Pop! Television: Bob Ross - Bob Ross

Happy little trees.
You heard it, Bob Ross is joining the Funko family!
The soft-spoken creator and host of The Joy of Painting,
 is now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment.

Get to painting and add him to your
collection this Summer!
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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