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Court of the Dead

Sep 4, 2010

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series reveal: Den Ramos

Den Ramos is a pretty quiet guy, usually. 
I've always said that it's those kinds of dudes that you have to watch out for. 
Underneath that subdued exterior is a tattoo-slinging, Corvette-driving badass from Long Island, NY. When Mr. Den is not working at the Elite Gudz design studio, or laying down ink, he's hacking up toys and sculpting on them like a madman. Remember that crazy Rat Fink-style giant Munny at the Kidrobot MunnyWorld group show? The one with the full huge red car that the munny was riding in? That was Den.
I told the artists that sculpting was not necessary on the Marshalls they were doing for us, they could just paint them and send them back. Well, Den didn't listen and he sculpted the crap out of his Marshalls. This was right after the BP oil spill; Den did up 3 Marshalls like this in Tarball Brown and the chaser in BP's lovely Corporate Green. Lookin' slick, Den!

OsirisOrion vinyl toy to be revealed at Tenacious NYCC Booth

Here's a fuzzy teaser of OsirisOrion's vinyl toy which will be revealed at our NYCC Booth (#2878) in October! The toy is sculpted by NEMO and produced by Happy Panda Toys. How exciting is this? I better get my butt to IKEA to get more display cases!

Sep 3, 2010

Tenacious Toys Custom Marshall Blind Box Series reveal: Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski is an art student and also works at Genuine Artikle on Long Island. His main character, Nuggs, has taken many forms over the past couple of years. Ian has customized a whole range of different platforms into detailed iterations of Nuggs, and each time he reveals his amazing talents as a sculptor and painter. Look for Ian's Nugg Life website to go live soon. We are very proud to call Ian a friend, and to have him as a part of our Marshall custom series. The figure pictured above is the standard Nuggs figure- Ian made 3 of these for the series, and also one chase variant.

Aug 31, 2010

Lemi mini plushes coming soon

Eric of Thunderpanda wrote to us to let us know he has created mini versions of his awesome Lemi the Space Wanderer plushes! The minis come in 3 different colors: blue, pink and green.

The different colorways were handmade in different-sized runs: green is limited to 50 pieces, pink is limited to 100 pieces and blue is limited to 150 pieces. Eric says he'll probably sell them as sets of 3, and Tenacious Toys will be the exclusive North American distributor of these sets. $25 gets you all 3 plushes, packed inside a multipurpose bag with a sticker. Hoo-RAH!
9/7/10 update: Lemi mini plushes are on the way to us right now from Indonesia!

Cookies N Cream Gold Tuttz Wave 2 nearing release

Wave 2 of the the Cookies-N-Cream Exclusive Gold Tuttz edition is nearing a release date! In the mean time here's a teaser of what to expect from the latest collaboration between Argonaut and Cookies N Cream. In case you haven't seen the sold out wave 1 Gold Tuttz - check it!
 ...and while that is excellent news for Cookies N Cream, I must say that I am even more excited for our own Tenacious Toys Exclusive Silver Tuttz Wave 2 which is not far behind! Go END go!
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