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Court of the Dead

Nov 30, 2013

Android Series 4 in stock now


Android Series 4: Stress Tech by Sergio Mancini
Android Series 4 is in stock now! We are offering blind boxes at $8.50 each and full cases of 16 pieces at $132 per case. US customers buying full cases get free shipping. Shop for Android Series 4 now!

Nov 29, 2013

NY International Toy Fair Exclusive: 3A's Cornelius Tomorrow King Figure

I am Cornelius.
New York City toy fair 
Tomorrow King Cornelius from 3A Toys.

Well folks here he is! Cornelius TK. He is an exclusive by 3A toys, for the NYC toy fair. Unfortunately for the average Joe buyer, he will be unavailable for sale at This con is closed to the general public and will be open to folks who work within the toy industry only.

With some new clothing stitch ups, a new headsculpt, and 3A's new style swords this guy is looking pretty amazing so far. Usually when Ashley wood decides to do something new with his designs, he goes ahead and puts up a pretty similar variant on I guess in that case all hope is not lost. I am sure the completistst will have their work cut out for them trying to obtain "Corny".

Stay tuned for more developments! :)

KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES Black Friday Exclusive Preorder - Bad Day at the Moisture Farm and Death Trooper

Bad Day at the Moisture Farm for Owen and Beru

Death Trooper. His day hasn't been so great either

Our good friend Kris Dulfer of KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES is offering very limited pre-orders of two of his custom figures, Bad Day at the Moisture Farm featuring a crispy Owen and Beru and the very bloody Death Trooper.  The "charred remains" are limited to 66 sets while the Troopers are limited to just 13 pieces.  Both figures will be on carded backs with art work to be announced.  Head over to Kris' store and grab yours quick.  The pre-orders close at 4pm EST!

-The Highest Fever

Rampage Toys Exclusive St. Nikolaus Tag Killer Krampus from Krotpong


Next week, on Friday, which is St. Nikolaus Tag in Germany and Austria, Rampage Toys will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE new version of Krotpong's Killer Krampus figure!  The figures are cast in Glow in the Dark BLUE vinyl, and there will be two options available:

1) Unpainted - $80 each.
2) Blind Bagged One-off - $150 each.  

For these, orders will be accepted for about 5 days, and all orders will be shipped out in time for them to arrive before Christmas!  The paint application will be a 'secret' - and each one will be a one-of-a-kind handpaint!

Nov 28, 2013

All City Style trains by BigShot ToyWorks


Alright, this is not really 1/6 or a designer toy related but I do think its worth a mention!

One of the key elements that ties the Hip Hop culture together, Graffiti, I'm sure some of you may have been or still are, into that sub genre, I'm still am, always will be!

Was back in 2005 that BigShot ToyWorks first released these 20" long blank canvas trains for all Graff artist to throw up pieces in a miniature scale, the trains had amazing success, with original Graff artist and along with the designer toy community, produced some amazing works, with exhibitions all over the world. 

Now they are back, due to be released early January 2014

Check out this video by UK artist Original Gee

If you are interested in buying or stocking these awesome trains, contact Klim on

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

Bandai x threezero x B3 Kunio Okawara - Fullmetal Ghost

I must say.... this looks epic, seeing the proto's from earlier this year, they have turned out great!

BANDAI + 3Zero x B/3
Original Concept/Licensor - Kunio Okawara

Product Specifications:

* fully articulated FullMetal Ghost stands over 18 inches (45cm) tall

* incredibly detailed and over 100 articulation parts

* includes massive Katana Sword with scabbard

* realistic metal spring hose throughout figure arms and legs

* detailed cape made from brocade fabric

* light up feature for eyes and cockpit

* fully openable hatch with cockpit

* kneeling position reveals the stand for the pilot to easy access the cockpit

* fully posable pilot figure, which can be position inside the cockpit

* pilot figure comes with detailed armor parts (detachable), long blade and fabric clothing

* two interchangeable heads for the pilot.

FullMetal Ghost Trailer:

Available at the newly launched 3Zero site now -

Thanks for reading

Wai Man

Crummy Gummy x Manny X Black Friday Release - Raw Meat and Urinal Cake

Raw Meat Crummy Gummy
Urinal Cake Crummy Gummy
Tomorrow, Black Friday, at 12pm PST (3pm EST) Crummy Gummy and Manny X release their latest resin bears.  This time it's a twofer.  Urinal Cake, cast in blue resin and not actual urinal cake thankfully, and Raw Meat cast in red.  Both will be available in original 3" for $30 and the mini 1.75" for $17.  But don't wait around.  Grab these quick on Friday because Saturday at Midnight (PST) they'll disappear quicker than the last slice of pumpkin pie! 

-The Highest Fever

Coarse Omen Pain - Grim and Grudge

Coarse Omen Pain
“Hey!” cried Grudge, lifting off the ground. “I saw her first!” He flew straight ahead, smashing into his friend, his beak striking and puncturing her neck. The injured Grim let out a cry, tearing herself away, opening the wound even wider. She swivelled her neck around and pecked her beak into her friend’s face. The tears from his eyes were hot on her feathers, and his blood dribbled down her beak.  
There was a rustle of nearby bushes, and remembering the girl, both omens pushed each other away. They looked around each other, quickly scrutinising every inch of space, but the girl had fled. She was gone. 
Grim and Grudge stood there in near-silence, waiting for something to happen in this forgotten corner of the forest. What they thought was the sound of her footsteps returning was just the sound of their blood drips, drizzling down to the crisp dead leaves, like the drops of fresh and impossible rain.
Wounded Grim and Grudge Omens
You can treat their wounds. These limited 7" Grudge and Grim "Pain" editions will be available from exclusively through starting December 3 at 10:59am EST.  

-The Highest Fever

Nerviswrek Black Friday Sale on his 3-inch original sculpt figures

From now through Midnight PST Friday November 29th, Nerviswr3k is offering up one heck of a deal on his 3" OG sculpted figures. Right now you can get one of these bad ass monsters for just $50 for US customers and $60 International (which includes shipping)!

Gabe will also be raffling off a free 6" OG sculpted figure to his fans if he gets 10 orders during this holiday sale. So, if you are interested in picking up one of these follow the link HERE to his Facebook post and leave a comment to request a purchase. With prices like this you can't go wrong for a one off custom creation!

Nov 27, 2013

Patrick Wong's Mr. Magic Mascot

Sometimes you see something that sould be production...Kidrobot wake up!

Mr. Magic is the third and final installment of my Spirit of '84 Kidrobot mascot series that began as an illustration. I find something interesting about the '80s and '90s with this original illustration taking up some of the aesthetics of the time period combined with the contemporary movement(s) in designer toys. The first one I made to help support my Threadless campaign, then the second for "Bits and Pieces" at Lift Designer Toys, and the last for a private collector.

What drew me to the Kidrobot Mascot as a platform was that few artists were taking up this figure for the custom pieces. Like the 6" Fatcap which few artists are working with - I have one planned for Jeff Beck's January show.

Shadowlings by Shadoe Delgado for Super Series Sundays

Shadowlings by Shadow Delgado release December 1
Shadowlings by Shadoe Delgado for Super Series Sundays

From the mind of Shadoe Delgado comes a new 3" hand painted resin series entitled "Shadowlings". The Shadowlings will be the first of several upcoming resin mini figure series produced by We Are Not Toys and released at Tenacious Toys in our Super Series Sundays release schedule. The figures in this series were produced in resin in the USA and hand painted by Shadoe Delgado.

Shadowlings are blind boxed and priced at $35.00 per figure, or $300.00 for the complete set of 10 pieces. The release date will be Sunday December 1st at 6PM EST on the Tenacious Toys Super Series Sundays page.
- Benny Kline

Nov 25, 2013

Dia de Los Muertos Freerunner custom Dunny by Tony Gil

Custom 8" Dia De Los Muertos Freerunner Dunnys
Custom 8" Dia De Los Muertos Freerunner Dunnys 
Running through the urban streets the Dia de Los Muertos Freerunner can be seen representing the respect of those who have left us. He’s fast and rare to see but if you’re quick, you may catch one for keeps.
These custom 8" Dunnys are limited to just two, so head over to GILTSTUDIOS to add this unique piece to your collection today.

-The Highest Fever

Nov 24, 2013

Custom Glyos Armorvor by Eric Sorrells

Custom Glyos Armorvor by Eric Sorrells
Custom Glyos Armorvor by Eric Sorrells
Eric Sorrells, aka ERSICO, posted earlier via his Facebook page this amazing kitbashed custom Glyos Armorvor figure.  Combining this with a Godbeast octopus head and some creatively modified components from other action figures, sculpting and painting brought this beast to life.  Eric continues to take the Glyos system to new heights with these customs.  You can find additional images of this custom and lots of his other customs at his Facebook page and grab a custom for yourself at his store.

Front view showing custom sculpted tentacles and rear tanks

UV reactive paints used on tentacles and tanks

-The Highest Fever

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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