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Court of the Dead

Nov 29, 2013

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Rampage Toys Exclusive St. Nikolaus Tag Killer Krampus from Krotpong

Next week, on Friday, which is St. Nikolaus Tag in Germany and Austria, Rampage Toys will be releasing an EXCLUSIVE new version of Krotpong's Killer Krampus figure!  The figures are cast in Glow in the Dark BLUE vinyl, and there will be two options available:

1) Unpainted - $80 each.
2) Blind Bagged One-off - $150 each.  

For these, orders will be accepted for about 5 days, and all orders will be shipped out in time for them to arrive before Christmas!  The paint application will be a 'secret' - and each one will be a one-of-a-kind handpaint!


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