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Court of the Dead

Nov 28, 2013

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Coarse Omen Pain - Grim and Grudge

limited 7" Grudge and Grim "Pain" edition

Coarse Omen Pain
“Hey!” cried Grudge, lifting off the ground. “I saw her first!” He flew straight ahead, smashing into his friend, his beak striking and puncturing her neck. The injured Grim let out a cry, tearing herself away, opening the wound even wider. She swivelled her neck around and pecked her beak into her friend’s face. The tears from his eyes were hot on her feathers, and his blood dribbled down her beak.  
There was a rustle of nearby bushes, and remembering the girl, both omens pushed each other away. They looked around each other, quickly scrutinising every inch of space, but the girl had fled. She was gone. 
Grim and Grudge stood there in near-silence, waiting for something to happen in this forgotten corner of the forest. What they thought was the sound of her footsteps returning was just the sound of their blood drips, drizzling down to the crisp dead leaves, like the drops of fresh and impossible rain.
Wounded Grim and Grudge Omens
You can treat their wounds. These limited 7" Grudge and Grim "Pain" editions will be available from exclusively through starting December 3 at 10:59am EST.  

-The Highest Fever


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