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Court of the Dead

Nov 28, 2013

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All City Style trains by BigShot ToyWorks

Alright, this is not really 1/6 or a designer toy related but I do think its worth a mention!

One of the key elements that ties the Hip Hop culture together, Graffiti, I'm sure some of you may have been or still are, into that sub genre, I'm still am, always will be!

Was back in 2005 that BigShot ToyWorks first released these 20" long blank canvas trains for all Graff artist to throw up pieces in a miniature scale, the trains had amazing success, with original Graff artist and along with the designer toy community, produced some amazing works, with exhibitions all over the world. 

Now they are back, due to be released early January 2014

Check out this video by UK artist Original Gee

If you are interested in buying or stocking these awesome trains, contact Klim on

Thanks for reading

Wai Man


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