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Court of the Dead

Mar 12, 2016

Apple Witch Limited Edition Mug - by Mizna Lens


Apple Witch Limited Edition MugArtist: Mizna Wada
Limited Edition of 20

Pour your favorite drink in this witchy mug and enjoy!

11 oz. Mug comes with tag, numbered. Front and back image on mug.


Mar 10, 2016

RESTOCKED: SKET ONE Sketracha 8-inch Kidrobot Dunnys

 We sold out so fast, we thought we'd restock on these! Kidrobot has teamed with LA artist SKET ONE to release a sriracha-themed Dunny on their 8" platform. SKET ONE has put out a number of production and custom art toys within the household brand theme - many of his most popular designs are familiar condiments. For this one, there are two variations: Empty (above) and Full (below). Each one is $74.99. Grab yours today and spice up your toy shelf!

We Become Monsters Death Hopper Shagghoulie Drops This Sunday March 13th

What WHAAAAT! It's time for another Super Series Sundays release!!!

We are teaming up with We Become Monsters once again to release another SICK 1:6-scale custom
figure: the Death Hopper Shagghoulie!

On Sunday March 13 at 6PM EST, the Tenacious Toys Exclusive (Scloozie) Blue Death Hopper Shagghoulie 1:6-scale figure will be released upon a terrified population.

This second installment of limited-edition, custom 1:6-scale figures by We Become Monsters offers customers a chance to capture one of 10 handmade, mixed-media 13-inch articulated monster figures. 
The We Become Monsters Shagghoulie figures feature resin heads, hands and feet, a 1:6-scale body, and a hand-sewn furry jumpsuit. Each Death Hopper Shagghoulie comes with a free resin Slab.
The TT Scloozie Death Hopper Shagghoulie will sell for $100 and will be available on the Tenacious Toys We Become Monsters page at 6PM EST on March 13th.

About We Become Monsters
Founded by Chris Moore and based in Las Vegas, We Become Monsters creates resin and mixed-media monster collectibles. With a motto like "Fugly resin and custom toys for weird people," We Become Monsters is exactly the type of producer that Tenacious Toys enjoys working with.

Mar 9, 2016

KAIJU BATTLERS Show at Clutter


Plaseebo is pleased to be teaming up with Mechavirus and Psychoscimitar to do battle for this show at Clutter Gallery opening this Saturday March 12th.  

Plaseebo has two entries in the show “Incognito Atomic Woebegone Masquerading As A Night Gamer” and "Electric Ammonaito" both containing LED units to light up the piece.

TeeFetch Offers Solid Info and Reviews of T-Shirt Printing Companies and Graphic T-Shirt Designs

I don't know about you but I've produced a few different t-shirt designs, and nearly every print job I do is through a different company, using different ink application processes. Basically, for about a decade, I've been winging it, choosing my printing company essentially willy-nilly.

That's dumb.

Enter TeeFetch to save the day: TeeFetch has put together possibly the most useful, independent coverage of the print-on-demand t-shirt industry that I've ever found. TeeFetch aggregates all of the good Limited Edition and Shirt of The Day deals as a homepage gallery for shoppers' convenience. They have Tee Design reviews, Tips and Resources for those interested in opening an online t-shirt shop, and for artists who want to start designing their own shirts. Brand Vs Brand comparisons, SEO help, and even a fairly detailed history of the t-shirt itself which was used as source material for Wikipedia and!

I know a LOT of you print your own artwork on t-shirts and sell the shirts on your websites. It's pretty much the most accessible form of your artwork for a buyer, at a price point that anyone can afford. I have a ridiculous artsy graphic tee collection, thanks to all of you! But I have to be honest: some of your shirts have held up better than others.

Seeing as how we all make and collect tons of t-shirts, don't you think you should do a bit of research into the graphic quality as well as the printing process of your t-shirt printer? Your customers will thank you. Check the TeeFetch Brand Reviews page here before your next shirt printing run. The TeeFetch blog is also a source of great info for anyone diving into to the t-shirt vertical.

TeeFetch offers independent tee shirt graphic design reviews

TeeFetch also offers detailed side-by-side comparison reviews of t-shirt printing companies and their products

Mar 8, 2016

Metroid Samus Battle Ravaged Suit Custom by Nerviswr3k

Our buddy Nerviswr3k shares with us his latest commission piece -
a custom Noobz Marine figure his customer asked to be turned into the Samus Aran character from the Metroid video game series. Original blank figure to the right.

Look at that detail! Here's what Gabe says went into this custom:
  • Custom Noobz Marine - 7inches × 6inches
  • acrylic paint
  • Supersculpy
  • Magicsculpt
  • Found objects
  • A lot of time
Check the Nerviswr3k shop here and his Instagram here.

Mar 7, 2016

Funko x GPK Donaldy Dumpty and Billary Hillary Figures

 Whether you want to Make Donald Drumpf Again, or you Feel the Bern, or you are just really amused that Hillary is running her machine so expertly (what's her slogan again?), you're gonna love these GPK-style insane figures by Funko. We're not gonna take sides here, they're both hella funny figures. I wish they had a Ben Carson figure floating away from Earth, and a Marco Rubio / Zack Morris / AC Slater mashup figure, but hey, these will do for now.

Politics are so insanely fucked up in 2016 that we might as well laugh at them. Coming in June, join our email list for a reminder.

Funko POP! the Vote Figures: Hillary, Bernie and the Donald Make America Burn Again!

 HOLY CRAP THESE ARE AWESOME! Funko is releasing a new POP! the Vote series and we're picking up all 3 of these hilarious POPs: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Cuz there's nothing more American than making a buck off of politicians! No preorders yet, order from us when we get em in June. These will be available either on or in our Amazon shop.

TOY OF THE DAY: PREORDER tokidoki Kittypatra vinyl figure

PREORDER - arriving late February
approx 10" tall (really big, will measure again when we get them)
made of vinyl
designed by Italian artist Simone Legno (tokidoki)
obviously, this is a Hello Kitty / ancient Egypt mashup
produced by tokidoki
5-panel box

Preorder tokidoki Kittypatra vinyl figure today!
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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