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Court of the Dead

Oct 17, 2015

Funko Hikari My Little Pony Rainbow Dash: the best Pony, obviously.

There's been a lot of discussion about which Pony is best, and I'm afraid I've been right all along: it's Rainbow Dash. Sorry, guys.

Knowing that Rainbow Dash is the best Pony, I placed an order for (10) of the Original Glitter Rainbow Dash figures by Funko. Only 1000 were made and I tried to order more but they were like ummmm no, you get 10. So 10 it is.

They will go up for sale in our Amazon shop here because I'll be in and out of town for the remainder of the year. DisneyWorld then DCon then Thanksgiving and then I know you're all just ordering off of Amazon anyway during December, so now you can pick up a Glitter Rainbow Dash with free shipping. Because you have Amazon Prime like any sane person would.

Oct 16, 2015

SUCKLE Series 2 by Suckadelic: you're an asshole for NOT buying this.

Sucklord descended upon our NYCC booth to hawk his wares and show some face in support of his newest mini figure release: SUCKLE Series 2. Word is, there will be a follow-up set as well featuring more figures, or variations of these characters. This is a 10pc set, bagged with header card, limited to 40 sets. We have about 20 left. Grab yours now before I stick these on eBay and drive the prices up! AAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

A couple NYCC Exclusive Blue Nurikabes left!

Jacob JAMS made us these SWEET and HUGE rotocasted resin Nurikabe figures. Only a few left. Best bang for your buck in terms of cost vs size. The damn thing is huge, like a monolith. Which makes sense considering this creature forms a wall and blocks your path! Grab yours here.



In stock now!

Unpainted blank black vinyl Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys. Perfect for customizing!
UU is about 5 inches tall
made by Rampage Toys
this black color, and as with all UUs, is very limited


Oct 15, 2015


In stock now!

NYCC Exclusive SUCKLE Series 2: Blue Razzberry by Suckadelic
10-piece set, bagged with header card
limited to 40 sets
sculpting by George Gaspar
header card pixel art by Onell Design
1" tall figures
$20 per set


Oct 14, 2015

NYCC 2015 Wrap Up

photo by Matt Siegelbaum /
Well, another successful New York Comic Con is in the books!

This was a HUGE show and a huge booth for us and it would not have been possible without all the help we received. There’s no fucking way one person could run a 600-square-foot NYCC booth without a LOOOOOT of help. I have a lot of people to thank:

First off, thank you to our boothmates / collective members for bringing the FIRE and making Booth 208 the most vibrant, varied and unique booth in The Block. We probably have more going on in our booth every year than any other booth in the block, just in terms of volume and variety of unique items, and the number of artists presenting their work. Tenacious Toys alone had about 30 exclusive items. The entire booth together had maybe 100+ exclusives, depending on what you call an exclusive.

Our collective this year included us (Tenacious Toys), Furry Feline Creatives, Hungryghost, Cash/Alex/Arsenal of Artists, ManlyArt was there in spirit but due to a personal situation, he backed out and was replaced by ArqSpin, Ian Ziobrowski (Nugglife), Suburban Vinyl, Bigshot Toyworks and Jon Schnepp/Holly Payne. Original art, custom toys, resin figures, production vinyl toys, prototypes, a couple celebrities and even a custom Tequila show. All in the same booth.

Our AWESOME booth staff included: Jackie Candelier, Michele Kerzner, Joseph Rios, Danny Wilkes and Kris Dulfer all took turns watching over the booth and the register, and Tavvon Reynolds and Joshua (Pickman’s Vinyls) both showed up and sat behind the table for solid hours and/or days without me asking them to, which was incredibly helpful.

Aki Solomos and his brother stayed late after wrapping up the Furry Feline space and helped us pack up and load up, along with Jackie, Joshua, Joseph, Michele and Michele’s BF. I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have a large group of people who actually stick around as late as we need them to on Sunday night. Sunday is a HUGELY stressful day for me - after working an entire day of NYCC, we then pack up the entire booth in a matter of hours. This is a booth we spent 2 full days setting up, so all those hands and all that help is so very important to me. In the past, Kris and I have been FUCKED by people taking off early, and we are stuck unloading by ourselves at 1AM. Actually… in the past NEMO has stayed late to help and also in another year VISEone stayed with me till 1AM. But having 2 people pack an entire booth is not fun. Having 8 people is way better. We finished packing up before 8PM this year. WIN!

I’d like to thank all the artists who created beautiful artwork and custom and resin figures that made the Tenacious Booth shine:
- Abe Lincoln Jr
- Colin “Big C” Hoffman
- ETC Toys
- Forces of Dorkness
- Jacob JAMS
- Jon-Paul Kaiser
- Matt Anderson & MaloApril
- Matt “Obscure” Perez
- Mike Die & Melodreama
- Enthusiasta Gallery
- Mr Munk
- Mike “NEMO” Mendez
- Patrick Wong
- Pickman’s Vinyls
- Playful Gorilla
- Rampage Toys & Skullheadbutt
- Renone Labs
- Sekure D
- Sucklord
- Taylored Curiosities
- Tru Slithers
- UME Toys
- Wuz One

I’d also like to thank the following companies for working with us: Carbonation Toys for sending over some Fizz Kids and prints, ArqSpin for lending the ENTIRE booth their turntables for display of toys, which are so tight and awesome that I am going to bring some to DCon with Bigshot, and MightyJaxx for supplying us with Jason Freeny products for our signing.

I want to give a special thank-you to Alex Cohen of ReedPOP who made sure our operation was running smoothly, stopping by several times to chat and see if he could be of assistance.

Shout outs to Pickman’s Vinyls and my neighbor Megan for both bringing me Grande Starbucks with soy and no sugar, as i desperately needed caffeine infusion.

Super thanks again to Jackie who took time off of her REAL FUCKING JOB where she runs shit, to hang out with us freaks and weirdos, watch over our register, help customers, and she even brought me a sammich from Lenny’s every day so I didn’t faint at 12:30pm, which I tend to do if I don’t have a sammich. Honestly Jackie I could not have done it without you, esp with Steph out of town.

More super thanks to Leslie who took care of Tiny the Wonder Pitbull during NYCC so she wouldn’t have to hold her water for 16 hours. Another person without which I could not have actually run the NYCC booth.

Thank you to my childhood friend Emily, the closest thing to a sister that I have, for sending over one of the NY Times reporters to film me talking about cosplay at NYCC and get me up on the New York Times site with “Tenacious Toys” and my name written out on-screen. Also thanks to Sci-Fi Ninja Theater, Cotton Candy Machine, Big Kev's Geek Stuff, and The Ultimate Toy Collector for interviewing me! On that note, big thanks to GO Figure News and the now-award-winning Toy Chronicle for partnering with me on delivering my exclusive content to their readers. Hope we got them a little taste of the NYCC experience.

Congrats to my buddy, booth mate and employer Klim of Bigshot Toyworks for WINNING a DTA award for Best DIY for All City Style! A 10-year overnight success story! And also for helping develop/produce Jermaine Rogers’ Choices, which ALSO won a DTA award.

And on that note, big ups to Miranda, Josh, Nick and all the other people who both ran the huge Clutter booth with, quite frankly, some of the best NYCC exclusives, and THEN went and ran the Designer Toy Awards on Saturday night. Not to mention, putting out the biggest and best issue of Clutter I’ve ever seen, FREE to attendees. Running shit like bosses.

Oh, and huge congrats to Ian Ziobrowski, another booth mate and another DTA award winner. Basically, our booth DESTROYED it at NYCC, and we did it with smiles and only a few near-fistfights!

Finally, the BIGGEST thank you of all: thank you to all of you, for attending NYCC, stopping by the booth, purchasing products, and giving us tons of smiles, high fives and positivity. I am allergic to negativity in this scene, I refuse to deal with it. So thank you for all the positivity, as that is what I am trying to cultivate amongst the East Coast crew that surrounds us.

It was a stellar show. I have yet to take a real break, still doing accounting, sending payments, sending boxes out to various people and companies, and trying to wrap shit up in general. This blog post is part of that wrap-up process.

We have a ONE WEEK ordering window set up for our leftover exclusives and we’ve sold a bunch already so get your orders in this week please.

We will ship next week and then Steph and I are going to DisneyWorld. Literally, we are taking our first vacation in 10 years together to Disney in late October/early Nov so Tenacious Toys will be inactive during that time. Shipping resumes early November and then I am preparing for a big showing at DCon, working in the Bigshot Toyworks booth! Launching something new there so pay attention. Somewhere in that time, also, the Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse figures will arrive and I will be shipping those out to backers alongside Kris Dulfer, so the next 8 weeks are highly regimented and planned, with spotty communication.

See you at DCon, or online, or at NYCC next year! I am already planning NYCC 2016 so get ready for another level up between now and then.

Much love from NYC.

- Benny Kline

If you didn't back the Topps Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Card Kickstarter, you basically failed.

Why? Because Topps has just released this teaser of the STACKS of original art sketch cards that will be included in the packs. ORIGINAL ART by some of the most talented artists working today!

Here's their latest update:

This week we took some time to collect, sort and catalog the many sketch cards we've received from our artists.  Below is a list of names that we have in-hand (in alphabetical order):

Brad Albright, Jorge Baeza, Dwayne Biddix, Joel Biske, Dana Black, James Bukauskus, Carlos    Cabaleiro, Neil Camera, Jason Chalker, Jeff Chandler, Rick Cortes,  Roy Cover, Jason Crosby, Ted Dastick , Brian DeGuire, Layron Dejarnette, Pablo Diaz, Jason Flowers, Patrick Giles, Benjamin    Glendenning, Kieth Graham, Charles Hall, Patrick Hamill, Mark Hammermeister, Joe Hogan, Val    Hoschberg, Marck Labas, Andy Lee, Russ Maheras, Chris Mason, Bill Maus, Christopher McMillen, Rich Molinelli, Luke Parker, Kris Penix, Tim Proctor, Peter Santa Maria, Amber Shelton, Joe Simko, Eric Van Elslande, Chris West, Jeff Zapata

For reference, we are -- for the very first time ever-- scanning every single card.  We're not sure what we'll do with these scans, if anything, but they are good for sharing in updates-- and maybe there will be some use for them in the future.

Starting this weekend, we'll be posting a sampling from each artist.  What's really great about this series is that, due to the lower number of needed sketches, each artist was only asked to do 25-50 cards each (only three artists opted to do more) meaning the quality is a lot more consistent.  
And apart from a handful of exceptions (literally)-- the cards are ALL in full color!

IF YOU FAILED TO BACK THIS AWESOME KICKSTARTER, WE GOT YOU COVERED: Tenacious Toys will be one of only a handful of retail shops that will be stocking these packs of cards! So... stay tuned. We will be selling full sets and we will also have retailer-exclusive metal cards with our sets. BOOM!

Oct 13, 2015

Rock and Shock Films, Band Signings & Contests Announced - Four Horsies of the Pocalypse to Appear


 Rock and Shock Announce Film Screenings, Band Signings, Programming and Hourly Contests

Three Full Days of Music and Mayhem Set to Rock Worcester, MA!

With the weekend quickly approaching, the three day Horror and Music Convention ROCK AND SHOCK (October 16,17 and 18) has announced the final lineups for a killer film festival, meet and greet opportunities with bands, programming to suit fans of all ages and hourly contests and giveaways to assure your weekend is packed with spooky fun AND you leave with a little something extra!

This year's concert lineup is a must-see collection of blistering rock acts ready to tear the roof off The Palladium! With bands like Danzig, Hatebreed, Superjoint, Twiztid, Blaze, and Soulfly alongside our own Frankenstein Super Group THE ROCKING DEAD and many more on tap (Click HERE for the full lineup!), you'll still be banging your head a week from now!


Horror fans will be greeted by a stellar lineup of guests from film and television including George Romero, Godfather of Zombies everywhere (and director of Night of the Living Dead if we need to mention that), Tobin Bell (SAW Films), Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story), William Sanderson (Blade Runner, True Blood), Samantha Mathis (The Strain, American Psycho, Pump Up The Volume), Adam Green, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Doug Bradley, PJ Soles and many more (Click Here for a full list)!

Just outside the guests area you'll find the IDLE HANDS / DREAD CENTRAL booth where you can grab some FREE promo items from just releasing and upcoming films, challenge your knowledge of horror history or jump into a flash quest for excellent prizes.

Participating sponsors include Anchor Bay (featuring Navy Seals Vs Zombies!!), Diamond Distributors' Halloween Comic Fest, Starz Ash Vs Evil Dead, After Dark Films' 8 Films to Die For, Night Light Interactive's "Whispering Willows" Video Game, Entertainment Earth and Vertical Entertainment's "Don't Blink"!

They'll also have a selection of creepy collectibles on display from Bigshot Toyworks and Amok Time.

While every day at Rock and Shock provides a kid friendly atmosphere families will love, Sunday is KID'S DAY with a schedule of fun just for your little monsters. We also show our appreciation for our servicemen on Sunday by offering FREE ADMISSION to all Police, Fire, EMT and Military personnel. Just show your service ID at the doors and you can receive up to 4 free tickets to the convention!

Hit up for further info and to find the ticket option that best suits your fiend level!

Rock and Shock takes place at the DCU Center, located at 50 Foster Street, Worcester MA.  Concerts will take place at the Worcester Palladium, one block away at 261 Main Street, Worcester MA.

Oct 12, 2015

ArqSpin Records Cosplays for Posterity at the Tenacious Collective NYCC 2015

This year we had a company called ArqSpin in our Collective, interacting with the vibrant NYCC cosplay community! ArqSpin is a combination of hardware (the turntable) and software (their app) that allows you to record the spin of an object and share it online in a way in which the visitor can interact with it and spin it around with the drag of a mouse. They make a turntable large enough for a person, so... cosplay! Of course. They recorded a TON of different cosplays right in our booth, so you can spin each cosplayer around and see their getup from every angle! Click here to visit their NYCC gallery!

Also, check out Benny's interview on the New York Times site about... you guessed it.... cosplay at NYCC: