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Court of the Dead

Oct 14, 2015

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If you didn't back the Topps Mars Attacks Occupation Trading Card Kickstarter, you basically failed.

Why? Because Topps has just released this teaser of the STACKS of original art sketch cards that will be included in the packs. ORIGINAL ART by some of the most talented artists working today!

Here's their latest update:

This week we took some time to collect, sort and catalog the many sketch cards we've received from our artists.  Below is a list of names that we have in-hand (in alphabetical order):

Brad Albright, Jorge Baeza, Dwayne Biddix, Joel Biske, Dana Black, James Bukauskus, Carlos    Cabaleiro, Neil Camera, Jason Chalker, Jeff Chandler, Rick Cortes,  Roy Cover, Jason Crosby, Ted Dastick , Brian DeGuire, Layron Dejarnette, Pablo Diaz, Jason Flowers, Patrick Giles, Benjamin    Glendenning, Kieth Graham, Charles Hall, Patrick Hamill, Mark Hammermeister, Joe Hogan, Val    Hoschberg, Marck Labas, Andy Lee, Russ Maheras, Chris Mason, Bill Maus, Christopher McMillen, Rich Molinelli, Luke Parker, Kris Penix, Tim Proctor, Peter Santa Maria, Amber Shelton, Joe Simko, Eric Van Elslande, Chris West, Jeff Zapata

For reference, we are -- for the very first time ever-- scanning every single card.  We're not sure what we'll do with these scans, if anything, but they are good for sharing in updates-- and maybe there will be some use for them in the future.

Starting this weekend, we'll be posting a sampling from each artist.  What's really great about this series is that, due to the lower number of needed sketches, each artist was only asked to do 25-50 cards each (only three artists opted to do more) meaning the quality is a lot more consistent.  
And apart from a handful of exceptions (literally)-- the cards are ALL in full color!

IF YOU FAILED TO BACK THIS AWESOME KICKSTARTER, WE GOT YOU COVERED: Tenacious Toys will be one of only a handful of retail shops that will be stocking these packs of cards! So... stay tuned. We will be selling full sets and we will also have retailer-exclusive metal cards with our sets. BOOM!


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