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Court of the Dead

Mar 23, 2018

Tang Monk 1:6-Scale Action Figure by JT Studio In Stock Now


Part of the Journey to the West 12-inch action figure series designed by Jei Tseng. 30cm tall action figure, limited to 300 pieces total. June 2016 works.

This item is drop shipped from Taiwan.

Product details:

Tang Monk Head x1
Body x1
T-shirt x1
Vest x1
Hands x2
Pants x1
Legging x1
Boots X2
Weapon x1
Golden Prayer beads x2
Caps x1
Designed packing box x1
Number card x1
Poster x1
Materials : PVC, Cast, ABS, Clothes

Mar 22, 2018

HOW TO: Price Your Toys and Products (Retail = 4x Manufacturing)

This HOW TO is very simple. We get a lot of solicitations from companies who want to sell us their merch (toys and otherwise). So, here's a really simple pricing guide for producers:

Retail price should be 4x manufacturing cost.

That's it. Here's why:

When you produce your own products, you want to be able to turn a profit whether you sell your items at wholesale to a shop, or at retail direct to a collector.

So, take the total landed cost of your product, multiply by 2. That's your wholesale price. Multiply wholesale price by 2 to get your retail price.

We've been hit up recently by manufacturers who want to sell us products at "wholesale" where the price they are offering us is 80% of retail. Our margin would then be 20% minus all of our costs, which are numerous: domestic shipping, marketing, warehouse receiving, picking and packing, shipping boxes, postage. A 20% margin, for us, is really a 0% profit margin.

NOTE: This is just a rule of thumb, your own profit margin on manufactured products may be more or less. 

NOTE 2: This doesn't really apply to handmade products, only to items produced in factories (IMHO). Some resin casters may be able to go by this rule, many won't. Customers definitely won't, since your costs to create an item are usually close to what you sell it for.

NOTE 3: If you can get more than 4x, good for you, cowboy.  Minimum should be 4x.


Preorder Classicbot Classic 10cm action figure


Classicbot Classic is a designer toy created by playsometoys from Hong Kong. A lot of attention is paid to capture the spirit of the original classic computer. Classicbot Classic is produced by precise injection molding with high-quality plastic.

Each Classicbot Classic is about 10cm tall. He comes packed in a mini cardboard box, carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly mouse (model G5431b). Detachable arms are held on by magnets – the perfect way to turn Classicbot Classic into his pure computer form.

Classicbot Classic is a collectible figure. He contains small parts and is not suitable for children aged under 12 years.

Please note that the logo 'Classicbot Classic' on the front is a sticker that required self assembly. Please note that images shown here are computer-enhanced The final product may differ slightly in appearance.

Mar 20, 2018

Warlords of Wor Wave 3 Drops March 23 at ManOrMonster Studios


From ManOrMonster? Studios, Warlords of Wor has returned!  Featuring Muck Thing Bog-Nar, Gol Hunter, Nekroid Skinwalker, and Polar Vortex Bog-Nar, Wave 3 hits the ManOrMonster? Studios store at 6pm PST/9pm EST, Friday, March 23.  Each figure is 3" tall with 10 points of articulation, made from durable, injection molded PVC, and contains 21 interchangeable parts using the Glyos System.  Each set contains 3 heads, 2 bio-weapon accessories, creature hands, Tekno-Shears weapon, additional vine torso, and standard Battle Tribes body. 

In addition to Wave 3, a limited number of Wave 1.v2 figures will be made available for those that missed the sold-out first release of Warlords of Wor.  Wave 1.v2 contains Bog-Nar Classic, Nekroid Nightstalker, and Gol Warrior. 

$16 each 
Available 3/23, 6pm PST/9pm EST

Mar 19, 2018

New Mechatro 35 WeGos Arrive This Week Incl Taxi and Spitfire WeGos



We have an incoming shipment of 1:35-scale (10cm) Mechatro WeGos which should be in stock by Wednesday this week: all 3 Taxi WeGos, a new Spitfire Wego that I've never seen previously, plus restocks on the Sky Blue, Clear, Crossing Guard WeGos, and the super popular Kumitateshiki2 Assemble Kit. If you haven't caught the WeGo bug yet, you're missing out. These little guys are SO FUN!