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Court of the Dead

Dec 4, 2012

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Monster Kolor Paint Markers!

Monster Kolor is once again adding to their ever expanding paint product catalog with Monster Kolor brand Paint Markers. The paint markers are made for use on vinyl, resin, plastic and PVC toys. Individually priced at $6 each and available in 10 Monster Kolor's famous bright colors: black, white, red, blue, purple, yellow, green, purple, pink & silver. These markers feature a 2mm interchangeable tip, with a fine tip available for $1.
 Also available is a 10 marker kit, which features $0.25 shipping, although the option was not up on the site at the time of this post. I'm sure the kit will be added to the Monster Kolor store sooner than later. I have never personally used Monster Kolor products, however, I have seen the finished product of artists who have. Those pieces have awesome paint finishes, very similar to finishes I've seen on custom cars.

So, for all you artists, hobbyists and everyone else who requires awesome paint, head on over to Monster Kolors store and start shopping. These markers would make great holiday gifts!

Monster Kolor Markers in 10 colors

Interchangable tips: 2mm tip on top and fine tip in white.

If Monster Kolor feels like sending a 10 pack my way, I'll be sure to post a proper product review.

- Mark-Anthony


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