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Court of the Dead

Apr 29, 2017

ONE LEFT: Michael Lau x Ports 1961 PortSoul 7-inch figure for $180

Grab our last Michael Lau x Ports 1961 PortSoul 7-inch figure at $40 off original price! Free shipping within the US. Actually, really tempted to just keep this one myself... grab it before I take it down and hoard it like a vinyl toy junkie...

Apr 28, 2017

Vote Tenacious Toys as Best Online Toy Store in the Designer Toy Awards

Click that link, log in (or create an account) and vote for US! Or, whoever you may think is the best Online Toy Store. It's clearly us but you are entitled to your opinion and your vote should reflect that. As long as your opinion is valid. And your vote is for us.

Lots of other categories too! Artist of the Year, Best Brick & Mortar Toys Store, Best Blog, etc etc. Make your voice heard!

Titty-Shaka Resin Figure by Rolling Death Maui

The Titty-Shaka is one of Rolling Death Maui’s most iconic designs. The legend behind the design is that Nate Robertson noticed a shaka sketch on a light table at a tattoo shop. Nate sketched boobs on the shaka thinking that everything is better with big boobs on them and the Titty-Shaka was created. Rolling Death Maui has created multiple versions of the Titty-Shaka as enamel pins, stickers, and patches and thought that the design deserved to become a free standing 3D piece. 

Rolling Death Maui is proud to present the Titty-Shaka resin figure. Designed by Rolling Death Maui. Produced by Silent Stage Gallery and ʻUmi Toys Hawaiʻi. The resin figure is approximately 6” made of high impact resin. Limited edition of 100 pieces. The Titty-Shaka retails for $120 USD (plus shipping and handling) and are available now at

Rolling Death Maui has been making products from the shadows of the Haleakalā volcano on the island of Maui in Hawaiʻi. The name Rolling Death Maui started as a cool name for a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle club. Bikes over 60 years old rusting away in Maui’s salty air are mobile death traps in more ways than one. The group of friends still ride vintage Harleys together, but the name became the title of the company. Rolling Death Maui combines personal influences from living in Hawai’i and things that resonate with them like tattoo art, surfing, snowboarding, off-roading, and things that make them laugh. The company started making products that evolved from clever ideas combined with an unapologetic attitude. 

Instagram: @rollingdeathmaui
Facebook: @rollingdeathmaui

ʻUmi Toys Hawaiʻi
Instagram: @umitoyshawaii

Silent Stage Gallery
Instagram: @silent_stage

Taylored Curiosities reveals Toycon UK pieces


Here's a selection of the work you can expect to see from Taylored Curiosities this weekend at ToyCon UK. There is a real mix of plush, resin, ceramic and custom work and their first official, enamel pins. They will also be showing off their newest line which is a collaboration with Ohm Beads!

All work will be available at booth 25 which they are sharing with their partner in crime Lisa Rae Hansen.

( KAWS x Peanuts ) / KAWS = Peanuts ORIGINAL Flocked Vinyl Snoopy Figures

The Original Non-Fake! Buy the ORIGINAL Peanuts Snoopy flocked vinyl figure here!

You may have missed out on those plushes, but we still have about 30 of these Peanuts Snoopy figures in stock and ready to ship! Even comes with the Original Non Fake eyes! (They're like a "\" instead of an "X"). Pretty awesome to collect the ORIGINAL!

Apr 26, 2017

Preorder SKET ONE 5-inch NYC Metro Mad*L Customs Now


Sket One is taking pre-orders on his new 5" Metro MadL Custom. Only 30 will be produced and each one comes with a small vintage NYC subway token.  The custom MadL's are signed and numbered and made to order. Allow 3 weeks for delivery after order date. Each custom is $200.

The Designer Toy Awards Voting is Now Open!

The finalists for the 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards (DTAs) have been announced and Public Voting has begun! To see the full list of finalists please visit:
This year we have increased the number of public finalists to 12  - to give a larger pool for the public to vote from. 
We'd like to thank the nomination committees, who have worked tirelessly to whittle down the 100’s of nominees to these top choices.
Pro Committee: Huck Gee, Dov Kelmer, Kirby Kerr, Benny Kline, Travis Lykins, Gary Rozanski, John Stokes, Vincent Yu, Keegan Rooney, Kyle Kirwan, David Schlesinger and Jason Freeny.

Public: Justin Cheah, Lee Funai, Ketha Insomphou, Rob Lumino, and Katherine Park
Together, our committees have created our Shortlists of 2017! Congratulations to all the finalists!

Voting in the DTA public categories is easy as cake. Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Designer Toy Awards website and log in or create a new account. If you have an account but have forgotten the password, you can retrieve it here.
  2. Go to the categories page.
  3. Vote once in each of the six awards under Public Voting.
Tada! You've voted! Simple as that.
Public voting remains open until Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, 12pm (noon) est.
Please note that voting more than once in each category, even if you've created multiple accounts, is grounds for all your votes being removed and, potentially, the party you're voting for being disqualified.

Rampage Toys NEW Rainy Day Revenge Kesagake Sofubi Set Up for Preorder Until May 5

The second offering for April's edition of our monthly Rampage Toys exclusive sofubi release is the Rainy Day Revenge Kesagake (Robo-Bear) in this glorious translucent blue soft vinyl. Kesagake figures have 5 points of articulation and measure about 11 inches tall. Each comes with a GID omake (victim) which Kesagake loves to chomp on! These are limited edition, blank figures, priced at $250 per Kesagake/Omake set. The omake figure is approx 2.25 inches long.

These sets are available as preorders NOW until they sell out, or until May 5th, whichever happens first. Note that last month's Rampage sofubi releases fully sold out, so don't sleep on these! Shipping in May.

Rampage Toys NEW Gold Sparkle Cyclops Dinos Sofubi Set Up for Preorder Until May 5

We are super excited to have our second round of monthly exclusive sofubi releases care of Rampage Toys: this month we have their new Cyclops Dinos 3-piece set in the same Gold Sparkle soft vinyl base as last month's Uglier Unicorn and Shaggy Little Unicorn. These are limited edition, blank sets of three, priced at $35 per set. Each figure is approx 2.5 inches long.

These sets are available as preorders NOW until they sell out, or until May 5th, whichever happens first. Note that last month's gold sparkle sofubi releases fully sold out, so don't sleep on these! Shipping in May.

Apr 25, 2017

WINNING: Sara Harvey Interviewed About Her Toy Collection on Martha Stewart Website

I've always referred to Sara as my "social media hero" and this most recent coverage is yet another example: Sara and her epic toy collection was just covered by Martha Stewart!

My admiration of Sara started when I got a glimpse of her epic Pinterest page. I suppose much of her following snowballed from that singularly impressive corner of the web.

One day I hope to put as much effort into my own social media as Sara. Until then I will simply admire her work.
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