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Court of the Dead

Jul 31, 2010

Vamplets Giveaway Drawing: we have a winner!

Gabrielle, who emailed in her entry, was randomly picked out of the bag as the winner of our Vamplets Giveaway Drawing! Gabrielle won a brand new 8-inch Burton Creepson Jr plush by Vamplets, plus a "Disappearing Bottle of Blood" accessory to go along with the plush.
Congrats Gabrielle, and thank you all for all of your entries!

Jul 29, 2010

Twisted Toys: a documentary about Jay222

Check out this awesome short documentary about Jay222 and his custom toys. Film by a few students from Ex'pression College for the Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA. Hey, isn't that where Pixar is located?

Jul 28, 2010

Argonaut Resins Bubblegum Pink Tuttz (+ bag!) drops tomorrow

Here are the Bubble Gum Tuttz wave 2 resins dropping tomorrow 12 noon Est. in the Argonaut Resins online store. There are 6 pieces in this wave featuring 2 purple tints and 2 pink tints and two new solid airbrushed cats. Each will come with signed Certificates of Authenticity by END and Terrence and custom hand sewn vinyl bag packaging with adjustable straps and velcro closures made by Terrence O'Neal of Obed.
Each set will go for $80 (plus $10 S&H US and more for overseas depending on the cost of USPS Express mail).

Jul 25, 2010

July 25 update: JLED Pico & Wilshire, Steampunk Eos, 2010 Dunny series & more

- Kidrobot's 2010 Dunny series is set to drop on August 19th. We ordered 2 cartons (8 cases) and we offer free US shipping on cases. Can't presell them but we'll send out another update when they arrive.

- We are expecting a lot of great stuff from Toy2R soon: The 2.5-inch Qee Artist series, which we'll open up and sell open-box, the 2.5-inch Skelanimals Qee Artist series (which we'll also open), Horvath's Roller the Reindeer and that "vintage"-style all-black Bossy Series set. Preorders will get set up for those once the distributor lets me know they're ready to ship to us.

- Dark Horse is collaborating with Toy2R once again to bring us, in my opinion, the coolest Domo Qees yet: the 7-inch Wood Domo Qee and the 7-inch glow in the dark Domo Qee, both of which can be seen here on our blog.


- Joe Ledbetter Pico and Wilshire sabertooth tiger/woolly mammoth set by The Loyal Subjects.

- Jamungo K11 Gohst and SPOT white retailer-colorway set

- Jun Planning Pullip Steampunk Eos 12-inch steampunk doll, the first of a series of 4 steampunk-style 12-inch dolls


- RAJE Toys' Dr. Brain 7-inch figure

- The Art Hustle artist trading card series in stock. We are selling by the 7-card pack.

- DIY Celsius by Kuso Toys back in stock: $35 each, comes with those big beautiful wings to customize!

- MIST Lucius 6-inch vinyl figures by Artoys, both the regular yellow and the US blue versions. 6 inches tall, these 2-piece MIST characters are just incredibly cool to look at. $59.95 each.

- Steve Talkowski's first vinyl toy, Sketchbot, in stock now for $35 each.

- Foox Organ Donors open-box mini figures
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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