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Court of the Dead

Jul 25, 2010

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July 25 update: JLED Pico & Wilshire, Steampunk Eos, 2010 Dunny series & more

- Kidrobot's 2010 Dunny series is set to drop on August 19th. We ordered 2 cartons (8 cases) and we offer free US shipping on cases. Can't presell them but we'll send out another update when they arrive.

- We are expecting a lot of great stuff from Toy2R soon: The 2.5-inch Qee Artist series, which we'll open up and sell open-box, the 2.5-inch Skelanimals Qee Artist series (which we'll also open), Horvath's Roller the Reindeer and that "vintage"-style all-black Bossy Series set. Preorders will get set up for those once the distributor lets me know they're ready to ship to us.

- Dark Horse is collaborating with Toy2R once again to bring us, in my opinion, the coolest Domo Qees yet: the 7-inch Wood Domo Qee and the 7-inch glow in the dark Domo Qee, both of which can be seen here on our blog.


- Joe Ledbetter Pico and Wilshire sabertooth tiger/woolly mammoth set by The Loyal Subjects.

- Jamungo K11 Gohst and SPOT white retailer-colorway set

- Jun Planning Pullip Steampunk Eos 12-inch steampunk doll, the first of a series of 4 steampunk-style 12-inch dolls


- RAJE Toys' Dr. Brain 7-inch figure

- The Art Hustle artist trading card series in stock. We are selling by the 7-card pack.

- DIY Celsius by Kuso Toys back in stock: $35 each, comes with those big beautiful wings to customize!

- MIST Lucius 6-inch vinyl figures by Artoys, both the regular yellow and the US blue versions. 6 inches tall, these 2-piece MIST characters are just incredibly cool to look at. $59.95 each.

- Steve Talkowski's first vinyl toy, Sketchbot, in stock now for $35 each.

- Foox Organ Donors open-box mini figures


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