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Jun 21, 2018

Go Skateboarding Day 2018 with 1xRun

To help celebrate Go Skateboarding Day 2018, 1xRun has teamed up with over a dozen artists to create more than 25 new artist edition skate decks. Available now until July 20th(or until the run sells out for specific decks), be sure to check out the collection and snag a deck with art from one of your favorite artists. The following are 2 of my favorite pieces in the collection, a design from Hueman and one from Dalek.
Space Monkey - DALEK, ed of 50

Clouded Judgement Skateday Variant - Hueman, ed of 50
- Mark-Anthony

XXRAY Daffy Duck 4-inch PVC figure by Mighty Jaxx in stock now


in stock now

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the golden age of American animation!

Officially licensed from Warner Bros., We are excited announce the wave 2 of our new XXRAY Looney Tunes series with famous classic characters like Marvin the Martian, Daffy Duck and Tasmanian Devil in Jason Freeny’s classic dissected style.

As with our other XXRAY counterparts, these anatomical characters stand at 4 inches tall, revealing their skeleton and guts to the world. An absolute tune-up of our XXRAY game, start your Looney Tunes collection today!

  • 4" tall
  • PVC
  • Licensed Looney Tunes product
  • designed by Jason Freeny
  • limited edition
  • produced by Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

POPEK White Pooping Balloon Dog 8-inch Vinyl by Whatshisname and MightyJaxx in stock now


in stock now

POPek The Squatting Balloon Dog by London-based artist, Whatshisname, demonstrates his integration of contemporary art with everyday subjects. By regenerating popular and overused ideas, he gives life to typical pop art pieces and avoids conforming to common approaches on subjects.
The original bright red edition of POPek was a sell-out and we expect nothing less of this white counterpart! The squatting balloon dog might be a shade darker but is every bit as cheeky as before, leaving behind his balloon turd everywhere he goes!

  • 8 inches tall
  • vinyl
  • 4C box
  • designed by Whatshisname
  • produced by MightyJaxx
  • 8" / 22cm (Dog) and 4cm (Turd) Tall Vinyl Art Collectible
  • Printed Two Part Box

Jun 20, 2018

LA Comic Con 3-Day Passes On Sale now

Los Angeles Comic Con comes back to the LA Convention Center October 26th through the 28th, for it's 8th year! Available now are the 3-Day passes, at Early Bird Prices, $60 for a 3-Day pass. Attendees 12 and under are free and can also be added to the order. The $60 price tag represents a nice $15 savings and will only be available for a limited time. Each year, Los Angeles Comic Con grows in attendance and this year will likely be no exception. With over 700 artists and vendors, Los Angeles Comic Con is becoming more of a must attend event.
From Los Angeles Comic Con:
By getting a 3-Day Pass you’ll be sure not to miss any of the exciting events and happenings, including:
  • The 4th Annual Cosplay National Championship
  • The revamped Tabletop Gaming Hall, featuring Magic tournaments, miniature painting, open gaming, demos, and more.
  • L.A.’s Ultimate Trick-or-Treat, the best, safest, FREE indoor trick-or-treat in L.A. 
  • Geek Fest and the Geek Fest Awards, showcasing the best fan films and shorts from across the country
  • The Best Collection of Cosplayers in the known Universe
  • Shopping, Celebrity Autographs and Photographs, over 200 panels and so much more!
Get your tickets now and start planning for a trip to Southern California. For more info, head on over to

- Mark-Anthony

FYE Summer Convention Exclusives

Yes, you read that right, FYE is jumping head first into the Designer Toys world with some 2018 Summer Convention Exclusives. FYE has teamed up with artists like Jason Freeny, Ron English, and Andrew Bell, to create some limited edition FYE exclusives, available online at and at one of the 250 FYE stores. The following exclusives are(were) available for pre-order now and is the first step for FYE to make a big splash in the Designer Toy world. With SDCC 2018 fast approaching, FYE is planning to have signing, SDCC exclusives and more available at the FYE Pop up shop that will be at Horton Plaza, during SDCC. Now onto the initial set of exclusives.

XXRay Superman Steel Finish Limited Edition - $129.99, Designed exclusively for FYE by Jason Freeny. The figure stands 8" and has the same style as the rest of the XXRay line of toys. No word on edition size, but Pre-order is limited to 2 pieces per customer.

XXRay Reptar Limited Edition - $129.99, Designed by Jason Freeny, exclusively for FYE. Standing at 8", this Nickelodeon character is re-imagined in Freeny's dissected style of toys. No word on edition size, but Pre-order is limited to 2 pieces per customer.
Radioactive KillKat Vinyl Figure - $39.99(currently not available), FYE Exclusive of Andrew Bell's popular KillKat figure.No word on edition size, but as of this post, the piece was not available for pre-order.
XXRay Spongebob Squarepants Hidden Dissectibles - Collector's Set $299.99, Blind Box $19.99. Designed by Jason Freeny, exclusively for FYE, iconic Spongebob Squarepants characters get shrunk down into 4" collectible figures. FYE has made a collector's set which will include all 9 figures(shown), 4 rare chase figures, and a collector's set exclusive Spongebob GID variant. The 4 chase variants are unique designs of the main characters, Spongebob, Patrick, Gary, and Squidward. These figures are also available for pre-order as simple blindboxes, but the GID Spongebob can only be obtained by purchasing the Collector's Set. With a price tag of $19.99 for each Blind Box, it's a bit higher than what most blind boxes are known to sell for, however, these figures are 4" tall licensed characters.

FYE will be releasing more info as time goes on, but this looks like a great start of exclusives, which will definitely have the capability of hitting a much larger audience of consumers, albeit through licensing.

- Mark-Anthony

Mechatro 35 WeGo America 10cm Robot Action Figure in stock now


in stock now

  • 10cm / 3" tall
  • highly articulated
  • 1/35 scale
  • comes with stackable display case
  • parts are interchangeable with other WeGos
  • ABS & die-cast metal
In the late 1940s, the mechatronic bot industry had developed worldwide. However, its size was large, even though it was a humanoid, it was inorganic, and it was just a thing that was just like a machine tool. These mechatronic bots were also imported to Japan, but because of their huge size that does not fit the country of Japan, it has not spread widely and there are few opportunities for the general public to see. In 1957, Japan's "Mechatro Chubu" (Chubu Mechatronics) announces a breakthrough mini mechatronic bot that has not existed before, it was Light Mechatrobot "Tube one."

The WeGo is the world's smallest Mechatrobot which was designed to be used for children’s school commute in under-populated areas and for various recreational purposes.

Bitchy Rich MadLovin Edition by ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx in stock now


in stock now

Remember Bitchy Rich? The infamous loudmouth is back and not just rich, but is also now the MAD Clown in Chief or Liar in Chief! To better suit his twisted tales, he has changed his appearance – now with festive and hunger-inducing red and yellow outfit.

How can the world withstand the poisonous MADNESS from this tiny sadistic man? The answer is in plain sight – by wielding stacks of dollar-bills.

Watch him as he spew outrageous words and crack the joke of the century. A public exposed to his lies are left smiling grotesquely at his toxic entertainment. Love this clown for all the wrong reasons or hate his guts, he is here to spread MADLOVIN sauce all over you 

8" (20cm) Vinyl Limited Edition Art Figure
Sealed in Clear Bag with Printed Header Card

Jun 19, 2018

Baby Terror Baby Puft GID 8-inch vinyl figure by Alex Solis x Mighty Jaxx in stock now


in stock now

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood!

Alex Solis is definitely not new to the game and we’re sure that many of you have seen his incredible illustrations of horror characters as incredibly adorable infants on your social media feeds previously.

In this new collaborative series with the illustrator know as Baby Terrors, we bring his nostalgic, pop-culture illustrations to life with an insane line-up of iconic monsters, killers, maniacs and other terrifying characters from fan-favourite horror movies and tales in cute, comical style.

8" (20cm) Soft Vinyl Collectible
Classic sofubi packaging
Limited Edition Glow in the Dark

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