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Apr 26, 2018

New SMASH JIZO-ANARCHO release from Devil's Head Productions


The new Avengers movie Infinity War is out this Friday, April 27th! In honor of the film there will be a small amount of "SMASH" Jizo's available in the Devil's Head Productions webshop that morning to coincide with the films most handsome character. Go grab one!

JIZO SMASH! Sound familiar? I must admit that I am starting to feel the superhero burn but who doesn't love a good classic Hulk tribute? This release features a gritty, dirty purple paint rub glossed over with clear sprays of green and purple complimented by subtle metallic sprays. Of course there is a battle damaged 1 off chase that will ship at random. The chase features some dark areas of bruising splattered by sprays of blood from Jizo's pummeled victims. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30.00 each.

There is one lonely SMALL "East Coast Skull Krew" shirt in the webshop that we will happily donate to the first person who orders something and requests it in their order email. PLEASE DON'T REQUEST IT unless you intend on making sure it gets worn. Karma is a bitch folks.

Kono Yeti 8in Dunny by Squink Ships Tomorrow

 Fresh from the Himalayas! Kono the yeti is on the loose from his ancient ice cavern, spreading brainfreeze everywhere he travels. Inspired by the dark, cold winter’s nights, and evading capture for what seems like an eternity, Kono is now finally ready to meet the city folk and grab a place in your collection in 8” of pure chill! Brrr! Limited to 700 pieces worldwide!

Apr 25, 2018

Maza Warriors by Credenda Studios Drop April 28 at Dead Have Resin 2 show at Atomic Books in Baltimore

Credenda Studios is back! After taking some much needed time off, Beau Greener of Credenda Studios is back in action with a brand new figure line, the Maza Warriors. Inspired by the early Japanese figures Maba Zombies, the Maza warriors are here to wreak havoc on your toy shelves. Otis is the first Maza Warrior in the line. He's got one nasty attitude and has been dubbed "the Henchman with a Grudge." 

Each figure is packaged in a clear plastic box with a card stock base for him to hang out on. They are all hand painted and hexed in order to achieve maximum evilness. They are limited to only 15 figures, but other single color variations will be available in the future. 

Otis will be available this Saturday the 28th, at the Dead Have Resin 2 show at Atomic Books in Baltimore, Maryland from 7-9pm. After the show, the remaining pieces will be available on the Atomic Books website for a month. But be sure to grab one early because these little hell raisers won't stick around for long. 
Atomic Books

So see other projects by Credenda Studios, check out his online shop and Instagram.
IG: @CredendaStudios


Apr 24, 2018

Little Miss Pressure Pot Resin Figure by UME Toys


She is about 2.5 inches tall - resin of course. Will ship in a header carded bag with a sticker. Also some enamel pins in the works with the guys at FLABSLAB. Word is LMPP will retail at about £22.50 plus shipping. Preorder available Wednesday at 9pm london time at the above link.

ALOHA! LOLLIGAG - PIQ CUSTOM TOY SHOW Doll Release and 35 Artist Custom Show Opening


PIQ is proud to partner with LA based kawaii lifestyle brand Lolligag on an massive new custom toy show. Over 35 regional, national, and international toy designers and artists have created their own version of Lolligag’s Aloha vinyl toy. This adorable 6″ hula girl vinyl toy will be interpreted by Heidi Kenny, Doubleparlour, Mizna Wada, Melodrama, MJ Hsu, Jellykoe, Miso, and so many more. Aloha Lolligag kicks off with an opening celebration April 27  7-10pm at PIQ Grand Central with artist appearances. The custom show will be on view until May 14
Full Artist List: 
  • Jessica Esper
  • Audrey Miller
  • Melodreama
  • Fiore Corva
  • Hungry Ghost
  • Penelopelovesprints
  • Tattos by Misha, 
  • Roboroku, 
  • Rosey Cheeks
  • Soko Cat
  • Jellykoe
  • Sao De La Vega
  • Carliefornya Art
  • Miss Zukie
  • Malowrx
  • Special Ed Toys
  • Kaitlyn Landry
  • Bianca Roman-Stumpff
  • Daniel Fleres
  • Lillidoll
  • Malo April
  • Miso
  • Big C
  • Flavia
  • W._A._R.
  • Heidi Kenney
  • Josh Mayhem
  • Zard Apuya
  • MJ Hsu
  • Mary Kinsora
  • Mizna Wada
  • Selina Briggs
  • Double Parlour
  • Happy Pantry
  • Vincent Scala

About PIQ

PIQ (pronounced “pick”) toy and gift stores reflect the city that inspires them. Like New York, PIQ is unexpected, international, and a ready for a good time. With playful designs, witty books, irreverent novelties, designer toys, custom figures, and global treasures, everyone will find the gifts to make someone smile. PIQ is a division of the Sarut Group, with retail locations at Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center in New York, PIQ UniversalCityWalk Orlando and 
At PIQ form follows fun.

Black Drove Showing at Mandarake in Japan in May


Black Drove will be rolling up with a sick selection of pieces at Mandarake in Japan in May. Here's what they wrote:

Black Drove is super excited for our FIRST show in JAPAN!  
We cannot thank Mandarake Inc. enough for allowing us this great opportunity. 
A special thank you to Teppei Fujita! 

Here is a link to the official Mandarake event page:

Apr 23, 2018

PLASEEBO Teams Up with Planet-X to Produce SUM


We are most excited to announce PLASEEBO has joined forces with PLANET-X.

            Offering the best of both worlds with hands on supervision of vinyl production in both China and          

            PLANET-X will be producing and marketing an ongoing series of original PLASEEBO created               
            figures, beginning with the “SUM” creature.

            The first release of the “SUM” creature in vinyl will be on May 5th in Japan at the MANDARAKE 
            "Indy Sofubi Rally”.

Teaser for SUM

Driving home from the local red neck bar one moon lit summer night, Roy swerves his pick up toward a  dark shape that is slowly moving along side the road. A loud CRACK shatters the darkness as the front tire breaks the giant snapping turtles' shell in two, right down the center. The great snapper rolls down the embankment into the stream and Roy's laughing fades as the truck turns to cross the bridge to his shabby farm house across the stream.
The turtle, floating belly up is carried downstream to the other side and is swept into a quiet eddy where he sinks watching the moon fade from yellow to blood red through the darkening water.

This small pool cut into the bank of the stream was at the back Roy's property and he used it as his personal dump site. The water caught in this hole became a terrible toxic soup of motor oil, fertilizer, broken toys, bones and entrails of many slaughtered animals, rusty tools and who knows what else.

Over the next few months, a strange transformation took place in this evil chowder as it baked in the summer heat. A creature of revenge, born of cruelty and neglect slid its way out of the sickening mess one dark September night. 
Roy's body was never found, nor could anyone explain the slime trail from the bedroom through the field behind the house.

Over the years that followed, other neglectful farmers vanished on moonless nights and folks reported vague sightings of a creature that seamed to be cobbled together from a collection of garbage, an old doll, bone, rotted skin, and broken tools, with a large snapping turtle skull for a head. They call him "SUM".

Petunia Rotten Resin Figure by RenOne


Petunia Rotten is the ultimate bad bitch. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. The hustle never stops for Petunia because she maintains an eight figure bank account, and can be caught walking through the hood in louboutins smelling of hundred dollar bills.  She knows how to throw her ass in a circle but won’t take shit from nobody. Petunia is smarter than Einstein as she has a PhD in Bad Bitchin'. Hide your kids and hide your wife because Miss Petunia Rotten has come to life.

Renone Lab has teamed up with self proclaimed bad bitch Petunia to make a resin figure from a commissioned drawing from GPK artist Mark Pingatore . This was 3d sculpted , 3d printed and molded and cast in resin . There will be a limited amount of unpainted "kits" (head, hands and body are separate) for sale on the 27th of April at 2am Designer Toys. Price is 45 dollars.

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