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Court of the Dead

Mar 18, 2017

All of the Reasons Your Opinion Matters by Forces of Dorkness

Available exclusively at for $9.95 ($3.95 for US shipping) this bootleg of the Extratruckestrial x RenOne epic collab "The Nothing" figure helps you tell those who like to speak their mind, over and over and over... just how important their opinion is to you.  
The internet gives us all a place to make our voices heard, and it's the perfect place to let those people who think they are your friend tell you what they think about things.  Opinions they are like...well you know...we all have one, except this figure doesn't stink like dookie.

"The Reasons Your Opinion Matters - The Action Figure" is the latest release from The Forces of Dorkness.  Each figure has unlimited points of articulation, an infinite number of accessories, and comes in any color you can think of.  This lighty modified bootleg is the perfect addition to any collection, and comes in a resealable clamshell package with custom card art and a couple of the new Forces of Dorkness Stickers.

Mar 15, 2017

Kicking Off a Week of Photographic Coverage of Tenacious Toys Products on EXCLU Collective


We are always game to expand our relationships with like-minded people and companies, so when Jack from EXCLU Collective contacted us about working together, we were all ears.

Jack explained that EXCLU focuses on in depth coverage of the work of active members of the Toy Photography community, the the images don't lie... there are some seriously talented people taking pictures of toys!

DEFINITELY definitely worth a read through issues 1, 2 and 3. Click here to visit their site, click on Magazines in nav menu to see all issues.

When I realized how AWESOOOME these photos are that they are publishing, I immediately sent EXCLU a box of our current toys. Stay tuned to EXCLU for a week's worth of coverage of some of the items we sell. Their own intro / teaser post is here.
- Benny Kline

Mar 14, 2017

Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton’s Monster Girls Trading Cards Kickstarter by Sidekick Labs

Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton’s Monster Girls launched yesterday on Kickstarter, and limited reward tiers are already selling out!

‘Creeping Flesh’ is a limited edition wax pack card set featuring the monstrous maidens of acclaimed illustrator Dan Brereton.

The premium wax pack of 20 cards, including one sticker, will be strictly limited to 500 packs. The cards are printed on retro style cardboard chip stock, and packaged in an old-school wax wrapper.

Other rewards include limited edition prints, autographs, and sketch cards.

Creeping Flesh was successfully funded in the first 5 minutes, but the limited amount of packs are quickly being sold—don’t miss your chance to grab this unique trading card set, from SideKick Lab, makers of Topps’ Mars Attacks: Occupation and Buff Monster’s Melty Misfits.

1/6 scale Special Ops. Cyke by Cheungkinmen


This is the new 1/6 Special Ops: Cyke from Cheungkinmen, combining military elements with superhero design. These will be limited to 25 sets and sold on the artists website.

More photos under the cut.

Funko Hikari Inventory Expanded and In Stock, Including Optimus Prime, Astro Boy, Skeletor, Universal Monsters Creature from the Black Lagoon

Astro Boy Metallic Hikari, limited to 3000 units. $37.95

Funko Hikari In Stock Now

We recently received a huge shipment of some awesome Funko Hikari figures. These 9-inch tall vinyl figures are all produced in limited quantities, some as few as a few hundred pieces. You can find all of these awesome high-end collectibles on our new Hikari page here:
Prices range between $30 and $70 depending on how new the Hikari is and how rare it is.

Metallic Skeletor Hikari, limited to 2000 units. $31.95

Secret Base Creature from Black Lagoon Hikari, limited to 1500 units. $38.95

Shimmer Joker Hikari, limited to just 750 units. $37.95
24K Gold Skeletor Hikari, limited to 750 units. $37.95

Optimus Prime Metallic Hikari, limited to 2000 units. $33.95

The Hulk Hikari, limited to 2800 units. $37.95 Voted in the Top 100 Toy Blogs on the Planet by FeedSpot

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