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Court of the Dead

Aug 10, 2013

The Purge - Custom Dynamite Rex by Ardabus Rubber

"The Purge", as it's titled by Ardabus Rubber, is a Custom Dynamite Rex figure for the Clutter Gallery and Dynamite Rex Custom RAAAR! group show. The Custom RAAAR! show is a collaborative group exhibition which features customs by a number of artists, utilizing RAAAR!, a Dynamite Rex figure. Ardabus Rubber's contribution features bright colors, with slight color gradients, in his typical style often seen with his art. Flowing lines, bright colors with black outlines, along with the black accents over the pink base, really brings the figure to life. If this piece doesn't sell at the show opening night, be sure to look for this and the remaining figures online at the Clutter Gallery Shop.

The Custom RAAAR! Show opens August 10th at Clutter Gallery, with a reception from 6PM-9PM, and will remain up until September 6th. If you are in the area of Beacon, NY, it wouldn't hurt to make a stop and check out all the awesome customs.

"Ring of Fire" - A Hell Lotus Custom by Obscure

As Super Cooper's Annual group show approaches, participating artists start to reveal his/her contribution for the show which has a theme of  "Music to my ears". Matt "Obscure" Perez sent over his contribution for the show which he named "Ring of Fire". Inspired by the Social Distortion version of the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire, Obscure decided to make his custom using a Mighty Jaxx Hell Lotus figure.
Obscure gave the Hell Lotus figure a "greaser" look, complete with leather jacket, cuffed jeans and slicked hair. Obscure also added a Social Distortion logo on the back of the jacket and gave the guy sitting in a ring of fire, a martini glass to hold. Some very good details overall, however, some extra paint work on the flames would really make them dance. Matt "Obscure" Perez is open for commissions and will also be participating in other group shows, also being held at TAG, later this year. Anyone looking to commission Obscure can do so at the following email: matthew [at] angrykoalagear [dot] com. Make sure to follow Obscure on Instagram: @obscureakg and keep up with all of his latest creations.
With Munky King shutting down it's retail location on Melrose, this years Super Cooper Annual Group show is going to be held at Toy Art Gallery. Opening night is going to be held on August 24th and the show will run until September 10th. Many local artists, including Super Cooper himself, are always expected to be in attendance at the show. Having gone to two of the shows in the past, I expect there to be a good turn out with lots of energy.

INCOMING: 3-inch Thunderpanda Lemi figures from TDM x PO Mini Series

 The 3-inch vinyl Lemi the Space Wanderer figure was produced by The Design Mall to be a part of their TDM x PO! blind box mini figure series. As with any blind box series, the manufacturer always has a small number of each particular figure in excess which they might sell individually, or send to the artists. In this case, our strong relationship with Eric from Thunderpanda allowed us to purchase the 30 Lemi figures that didn't go into blind box case packs. We've had a number of Lemi products before this so we naturally jumped at the chance to carry these.

They are in transit right now, on the way to us from Hong Kong. We'll have 29 to sell (you bet your ass I'm keeping one!) and they will be $12.95 each.

Fucked Up Kids Series 2 by Renone now up for preorder

Our friend Renone (who has in the past printed our super sweet die-cut full color blue dog stickers) is rolling out Series 2 of his Garbage Pail Kids parody Fucked Up Kids. Consider that GPK is in itself a parody of Cabbage Patch Kids, we're getting extremely subversive here. You will be both repulsed and horrified, and you will love it. This series is offensive and perverse.

FUK Series 2 returns with even more surprises!
 This series will be a random mix of stickers from all the artists in series two, and 1 sticker from series one. Also, chase stickers return with a ratio to be determined by pre-orders. Error cards will return to Series 2. The Golden Ticket will also return, allowing your name to be made into a Fuk in series 3. New packaging from Side Kick Labs means this series will have a true wax pack. Pre-orders will get a exclusive sticker only available to those customers.

Artist roster below, and there are some secret artists as well...all can be found on Instagram:


and more.... Line-up subject to change ...

Expect Series 2 to be shipped in October.

Aug 9, 2013

Kickstarter: A New Mr Toast Doll - VINCE

With the growing popularity of crowd-sourced funding and Kickstarter, artists and companies alike, are finding that is has become easier to fund ideas and projects. This latest Kickstarter by Dan Goodsell, aka Mr. Toast, is a great example. Dan has always made his Dolls and art very affordable, which is something that the art world needs, if it wants to grow. Dan even had an art show at Gallery 1988, where 500 original pieces of art were being sold for $30 each, framed, definitely a great deal. Now, Dan is utilizing Kickstarter to keep things growing.
Vince by Mr. Toast

Dan Goodsell recently launched a Kickstarter, which is already fully funded as of this post, to create his next Mr. Toast Doll: Vince. Vince is a videocassette doll, to go along with Mr. Toast's long line of character dolls. Vince is 8" tall and will be made in China. After production, Vince will be sold at shows, select resellers and on Mr. Toasts online store. To make backing the Kickstarter more interesting, a special Kickstarter only version of Vince is also being created, named Obsolete Vince. Obsolete Vince will feature a frown and "X"s for eyes, instead of the smiling face on Vince. Obsolete Vince will also come with a handmade tag which will be signed and numbered. Both dolls look awesome and represent the world of Mr. Toast very well.

With tons of affordable rewards, backing this Kickstarter is easy. One of the backer levels includes having Pancakes with Dan Goodsell, which would be a great opportunity to pick his brain about anything in general. Let's help reach those stretch goals!

"I'm Scared" A Stop Motion Film from Greg "Craola" Simkins

 Name THREE things you’re scared of….NOW!
(click my profile link for info or click here: )

For most artists, being able to transcend a single medium and/or genre is a goal that typically leads to career longevity. Not all artists can make a living in a single niche, nor can they satisfy that creative instinct, without somehow diversifying. Greg "Craola" Simkins' latest endeavor will definitely open new doors of inspiration for established artists and newcomers alike. Coming off of a successful book launch and with the help of a Kickstarter and C4toons, Greg Simkins is hoping to take his "I'm Scared" theme to a whole new level with a stop motion film aptly titled: "I'm Scared".

From the "I'm Scared" A Stop Motion Film by Greg "Craola" Simkins Kickstarter page:
Greg “Craola” Simkins is an inspired and ambitious artist with a widely collected and highly coveted body of work. It is his careful weaving of pop culture, the old masters, nature, carnival kitsch, and (most importantly) his warped imagination that makes Greg a sought-after surrealist painter today. (taken from I’m Scared is a recurring theme in Greg’s art. "I'm Scared" is the age old story of the conflict between the imaginations of little boys and the monsters they battle on a nightly basis. It is also the story of the dynamics of brothers and how each looks at the world through completely different eyeballs. "Just becasue you grew up, doesn't mean they went away." -GS

With tons of great rewards being offered, there is sure to be something for everyone. Collectors and fans of Craola will find that this Kickstarter is a great opportunity to fund a great project, while at the same time getting rewarded (depending on a pledged amount) with an original painting, an original sketch, an awesome print, or even a painting session with Greg at his studio in LA. Being a fan of Craola, I found it difficult to choose only one reward, which should be considered a good thing, due to all the great rewards available. At the very least, help spread the word of this awesome Kickstarter and if willing, make a pledge for one of the many awesome rewards.

As the Kickstarter moves forward, expect updates and changes to be announced, as is typical with most every Kickstarter project.

Pink Baby Deadbeet APs and Britta Crittas by Scott Tolleson

Up for sale right now is Scott Tolleson's latest colorway of his baby deadbeet figure, PINK! Head on over to Scott's online store to pick up a few of these Pink Baby Deadbeets and grow your garden of Deadbeets. The Pink Deadbeet is selling for $3 each plus applicable tax and shipping.

Baby Deadbeet

 Also available is Scott's latest figure, Britta Critta, which was officially released at SDCC. Britta Critta is retailing for $50 plus $12 shipping.

Go pick up some great toys from the artist himself and help feed his children.

WIP of a Custom Sculpture by dust

German based independent artist "dust", aka dirty dust(David Stegmann), sent out a WIP teaser of his latest custom. Dust is Swiss-German artist who has been heavily influenced by the urban and street art scene, while also trying to develop his own unique style. Dust has been creating murals, paintings and customs for many years now, with his contemporary style being viewed as having elements of surrealism, neo-surrealism, and abstract art.

Untitled Custom Figure by dust

Dust's latest WIP photo is of a figure that stands at 33cm, or around 13 inches, roughly bigger than a 1/6th scale action figure. The head is a customized Nozzel Squadt, while the body is a self produced articulated figure. Not much else is known at this time, but as more information becomes available, we will be sure to share it with you.
In the mean time, some of dust's canvas and mural work can be seen in the latest Hi-Fructose magazine, don't forget to pick up your copy today.

Follow Dirty Dust:

Product of the Day - Color Ink Book coloring book Volume 14


The fourteenth volume of the color optional, DIY art periodical. THE ALL CUTE EDITION! 100 + pages of happiness, smiles and rad stuff!!

Volume Number Fourteen features a cover by Simone Legno (Tokidoki.) This volume features 64 Colors, Bob Harper, The Chung!!, Dacosta!, Gary Fields, Gary Ham, Jason Maloney, Kat Brunnegraff, Scribe, Simone Legno (Tokidoki) Steve Talkowski and Tharp. Yet another Brothers Washburn Production!!!!!

Pick up your copy for only $10 today at the Tenacious Toys online store.

The Crow said don't look....

First of all, I would like to thank Benny for inviting me here to blog about all things in the 1/6 scale collectible figure world, will cover most new releases from Hot Toys, Enterbay, threeA and  a few others.

Thank you Benny!!!

OK, for my first post..

Not many people would of thought we would ever see the release of the Brandon Lee The Crow in the form of a high end 1/6 collectible, I knew a few people on the inside saying it would never be made whilst there was talk of the film remake... well we was proved wrong, fast forward to this years Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong and BOOM!! Hot Toys previewed The Crow!

This had fans of James O'Barr's creation, interpreted magnifisantly by Brandon Lee (as we all know sadly his last role) clamming over keyboards looking at where to preorder!!! For a few days, we all thought it was show exclusive as no one new if it was available outside of the Hong Kong show.

Fortunately and wisely, Hot Toys released this worldwide!! Available in the US from SideShow Collectibles and for the UK/EU from OneSixthBruce and ToyHQ

Dont want to fill page will all specs/info so please click links above!

Thanks you for reading and looking forward already to the next post!

Wai Man

Aug 8, 2013

NEXT LEVEL - Yakimon Ceramic Kaiju by Miles Nielsen

Ceramic Mutton Chopper Ape
CERAMIC Takoshi by Yakimon

Welcome to the second installment of my irregular series of articles highlighting work that I consider "Next Level".  Up this time, the ceramic kaiju inspired creations of Yakimon / Miles Nielsen.

Next Level Checklist:
  1. The Medium is the Message.  Ceramic!?  Taking a material almost as old as human civilization and adapting it to a very contemporary genre is encouraging to see.  It pushes the boundaries of what most modern collectors would consider a "toy" while only 50 years ago, dolls with ceramic parts were the norm.
  2. Details.  Tight, evocative sculpting with accessories and an alternate head.  The changeable head definitely took me by surprise (in a good way).
  3. Strong cast of characters.  Kappa, Takoshi, Ikakumora, Shishi, and the rest look great and have neat little stories.
  4. Price.  $200-$350.  The amount of work that goes into these is worth much more.  If you dig through his Instagram there is a video of the assembly process (about 2 hours) condensed into 15 seconds.  What is doesn't show is the sculpt, plaster mold, slip casting, firing, glazing, re-firing and finish work that goes into each one.
I can't wait to see what will come next from Yakimon.  In the mean time, check out the website, FacebookInstagram and Flickr!

Product of the Day - Ron English Count Calorie 8 inch vinyl figure


The latest figure in the Ron English "Cereal Killer" series, Count Calorie is a breakfast cereal mascot suffering from the effects of eating his own product. Standing 8" tall and packaged in a Count Calorie extra wide cereal box, this figure will be a great addition to your collection. Despite the packages promise, a free glucometer is not included, but can expect the nutrition printed on the front. 

Count Calorie is available now for $60 on the Tenacious Toys website. For more views of the packaging, hit the jump.

Aug 7, 2013

Product of the Day - Hello Kitty Keychain 10-piece assortment


This is a 10-piece set of Hello Kitty keychains. Each set is guaranteed to have 10 different designs and no 2 sets are alike. Each keychain is individually bagged and each figure is approximately half an inch tall (varying sizes). Each keychain comes with a braided lanyard with cell phone tether (varying colors). This product is not safety tested in any way and is not for children! Choking hazard! Right now the set is on sale for  $5.95 down from $10 at the Tenacious Toys website.

CHG Circa Presents Luke Chueh - Random Acts Of Sadness


Corey Helford Circa Gallery will be hosting my latest solo show, "Random Acts of Sadness".  As the name of the show implies, I'll be featuring an almost random collection of paintings with various narratives and ideas, all tied together by my forlorn sensibilities. The show will feature new, unseen, and revised works. The opening reception will be Saturday, August 10th, 2013, and the show will run throughout the month.  The show will also debut a new limited edition print of a painting from the show. 
If you are interested in seeing a preview and a pricelist, please contact Sherri Trahan  
I hope you can make it out to my opening, and thank you for your support!

-Luke Chueh

Tooth Decay x Creo Design


Creo Design presents Tooth Decay. Standing 7''H x 7''W x 5''D and made from solid Creo Design resin it weighs a hefty 1.5kg each. For 1 month Creo is offering customers a chance to buy their Tooth Decay with free international shipping. This will start on the release date, 9 August 2013 @ 12pm GMT and end on the 9th September 2013 @ 12pm. After which shipping charges will occur and the price will increase from $160 to $195.

The teaser picture shows a pink/black Artist Proof variation of the figure. However, the colourway of each of the 9pcs will be selected by the buyer from over 250 colours for the body and from 40 colours for the tooth. Customers can also choose to have it in a gloss or matt finish.Since each tooth decay is made the customers requirements they will take 2 weeks from date of order until they are shipped. All items are shipped via courier for the customers protection.

You can place your orders from 12pm GMT on the 9 August 2013 via the Creo Design official online shop.

More photos and color choices under the cut.

Aug 6, 2013

Dunny Remix Series 2 by Sekure D

Grab this series now!

The Codename Unknown Robot Allegiance are still under attack from the blobs and they have frantically put together 4 new members as backup, built from the scraps of old models reborn out of their ocean graveyards to help fight back against the ever growing number of blobs. This run sees Ocho, Scribe, the Beast Brothers and Kano get the remix treatment and they drop next Tuesday. PRICE: $95USD including shipping from Australia. Click here to grab one!

 - Don P

Product of the Day - Andrew Bell Android Mini Rainbow Set


End your summer off right with this double decker rainbow set of translucent Android mini collectibles! Includes 10 different figures in a beautiful magnetic clasp box that also serves as a flip-open display. The heads can be removed and their bodies used to store or display other items!

Each piece stands 3 inches tall and the set contains 10 pieces in various hues. Produced by Dead Zebra and Dyzplastic, and designed by Andrew Bell, these sets are available for $69 now at the Tenacious Toys website.

Aug 5, 2013

Julius Customs From TAG x Paul Frank Show Now For Sale


If you missed out on the Paul Frank Julius Custom Art Show at Toy Art Gallery, you still have a chance bring home pieces by your favorite artists.  Head over to the TAG shop and grab that Julius custom while you still can!

-The Highest Fever

Iron Monkey and Iron Patriot Monkey by Don P

My latest 3 inch Dunny's. Hope you like them. I am currently open for more in this style, hit me up
-Don P

Mike Die's stunning DieBots

In love with these great resin figures from Mike Die...

These 3 guys will be in my store tonight, email me tho for a chance to grab them earlier!

Featured Product of the Day - Foox Organ Donors Heart


Today's featured product is from the Organ Donors series by David Foox. Originally blind boxed, the series contained 24 figures and 9  organs. This is the common Heart figure. The figure has been opened, identified and then carefully repackaged. You can pick up the figure for $9.99 today at the Tenacious Toys website.

ColorBlind Exhibition Recap Matt Anderson at SubUrban Vinyl


Matt Anderson really poured it on for his first Solo exhibition with Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery. Matt sculpted, cast, painted, delivered and installed, with the help of friends, family and gallery crew, artworks both large and small.

Getting things installed with RsinArt
Waiting For Opening

Matt A* Sporting some RsinArt Custom Plugs

The pieces installed around the gallery included both hung and freestanding sculpture. More than 50lbs of epoxy sculpting agent went in to building these behemoth sculptural works of art- many of which light up and glow. Check these bad boys out;

Death's Head
Death's Head - there's a Death's Head Moth with a skull pattern found in nature. But what you won't find in nature is this monstrous winged, light-up spider. Whatever your last nightmare was- this guy can take it down. He could be on your side- if you adopt him here.



One of 5 lovely ladies- cast in resin and accompanied by a GID Resin filled glass tube. I'll have what she's having - Matt surprises audiences with a sensual sculpt. These pieces have glow in the dark coloured filling in the glass canisters, and come in Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Peach. Available ones can be found here.

Painters Magic
Matt stepped out of his comfort zone a little to do a sculpted piece with a painted 2 dimensional component. The tentacle (which also lights up) holds a spray canister, suspended in the act of 'spraying' the canvas it is mounted on. This piece can be found here.

 Daisy is one of two complimentary 4" Munny pieces Matt created for the exhibition. Under their bronzed finish is an electrical component that lights up, shining blue through the cut-open segments. Click for Daisy and Octo.

Norsemen Sentinel
 Norsemen Sentinel may not see you coming right away, but is no less effective in his dark and purpose. The patterning on the horns is a nice touch. You can find this piece online here.

The Guardian

Life-sized and ready to light up the night, The Guardian is a freestanding sculptural achievement of dynamic form. If it weren't for the canister of glowing material in the back of the opened head, I'd be ready to believe The Guardian were a real preserved octopus. You can find it here.

Just when you thought things could not get more horrifying- here's a piece inspired by the Viperfish "Chauliodus". Matt imbued this piece with a lot of movement and animation- emphasized by the subdued, iridescent colours. You can find it here.

If you already have a giant sculptural octopus living in your home- that's okay, Matt and Outsmart Originals have released something you don't have yet. Click here for the new colorway of Matt's latest Tshirt design.

If you have any questions about the pieces you have seen online, or commissioning new works, reach Matt Anderson at . For new works, keep up to date on Matt's Facebook and Instagram @mattacustoms

On-Site Photography courtesy of Benny Kline
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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