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Court of the Dead

Aug 10, 2013

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"Ring of Fire" - A Hell Lotus Custom by Obscure

As Super Cooper's Annual group show approaches, participating artists start to reveal his/her contribution for the show which has a theme of  "Music to my ears". Matt "Obscure" Perez sent over his contribution for the show which he named "Ring of Fire". Inspired by the Social Distortion version of the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire, Obscure decided to make his custom using a Mighty Jaxx Hell Lotus figure.
Obscure gave the Hell Lotus figure a "greaser" look, complete with leather jacket, cuffed jeans and slicked hair. Obscure also added a Social Distortion logo on the back of the jacket and gave the guy sitting in a ring of fire, a martini glass to hold. Some very good details overall, however, some extra paint work on the flames would really make them dance. Matt "Obscure" Perez is open for commissions and will also be participating in other group shows, also being held at TAG, later this year. Anyone looking to commission Obscure can do so at the following email: matthew [at] angrykoalagear [dot] com. Make sure to follow Obscure on Instagram: @obscureakg and keep up with all of his latest creations.
With Munky King shutting down it's retail location on Melrose, this years Super Cooper Annual Group show is going to be held at Toy Art Gallery. Opening night is going to be held on August 24th and the show will run until September 10th. Many local artists, including Super Cooper himself, are always expected to be in attendance at the show. Having gone to two of the shows in the past, I expect there to be a good turn out with lots of energy.


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