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Aug 9, 2013

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Kickstarter: A New Mr Toast Doll - VINCE

With the growing popularity of crowd-sourced funding and Kickstarter, artists and companies alike, are finding that is has become easier to fund ideas and projects. This latest Kickstarter by Dan Goodsell, aka Mr. Toast, is a great example. Dan has always made his Dolls and art very affordable, which is something that the art world needs, if it wants to grow. Dan even had an art show at Gallery 1988, where 500 original pieces of art were being sold for $30 each, framed, definitely a great deal. Now, Dan is utilizing Kickstarter to keep things growing.
Vince by Mr. Toast

Dan Goodsell recently launched a Kickstarter, which is already fully funded as of this post, to create his next Mr. Toast Doll: Vince. Vince is a videocassette doll, to go along with Mr. Toast's long line of character dolls. Vince is 8" tall and will be made in China. After production, Vince will be sold at shows, select resellers and on Mr. Toasts online store. To make backing the Kickstarter more interesting, a special Kickstarter only version of Vince is also being created, named Obsolete Vince. Obsolete Vince will feature a frown and "X"s for eyes, instead of the smiling face on Vince. Obsolete Vince will also come with a handmade tag which will be signed and numbered. Both dolls look awesome and represent the world of Mr. Toast very well.

With tons of affordable rewards, backing this Kickstarter is easy. One of the backer levels includes having Pancakes with Dan Goodsell, which would be a great opportunity to pick his brain about anything in general. Let's help reach those stretch goals!


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