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Court of the Dead

Dec 17, 2011

Forest Wanderers by Toy Dungeon Studios

3" Forest Wanderers by Toy Dungeon Studios
Our friends at Toy Dungeon Studios have been hard at work on their new line of toys, the Sproglits. I've been getting updates regularly as they work though production, art concepts and the various aspects of the creation of an entirely new line. You might not realize it, but artists creating their own lines of toys, independently, have to put a LOT of thought and effort into each facet of the process. So kudos to Toy Dungeon Studios for putting in the effort. 
These figures look great! Very detailed for 3" figures!

Forest Wanderers guarding the 1" Sproglings
The Forest Wanderers are the vanguard of the Sproglits. Few in number and largely solitary, these stoic adventurers scout far and wide for suitable areas to develop new colonies.  The Earth-Tone Forest Wanderer’s mossy bodies… …giving them some measure of camouflage to ensure that no matter how far they roam, they always come back safe.

The figures are 3” tall with green flocking and made of cold cast resin. Due to their elusive nature a limited run of only ten figures will be made. You will be able to purchase the Earth-Tone Forest Wanderer Sproglit on December 23rd on our web store directly for $35.00 USD, shipping and handling included ($25.00 for the figure, $10.00 for S&H). Each of these little guys will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by none other than the Dungeon Master himself!  Visit us at our website at for updates.

Dead Hand Toys Christmas Tree Ornaments

Friend of Tenacious Toys, Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys, emails us with info about his Christmas tree ornaments: available in red or green, these sick ornaments will give your tree that cool factor that it's been missing since you turned 7 a few decades ago... Click here to buy them!

"I've had this idea floating around for a couple years now and though it was about time I went ahead with it. I wasn't sure what material but after a little research I decided that foam would be the best choice. Obviously solid resin would be way too heavy and I wasn't crazy about the idea of rotocasting them by hand.

Because these ornaments are cast in foam, they are very light weight and easy to hang. Depending on how these do, I'd like to make it something I do every year.

These are available starting now, through tomorrow (Sunday) night in the store. Two days only, then they are gone.

I didn't want to go overboard one the colorways for these so I only did two, fittingly enough, red and green.

Pricing is $15 each, plus $3.00 flat shipping in the states. They will come only bagged because if you buy one, I expect the packaging to be thrown away and the ornament hung somewhere.

For any that are sold, I'm hoping to be able to have them to they're destinations by Friday, Dec. 23, but there is the chance that they could be late. Just keep that in mind if ordering.

Ian Ziobrowski Smokin Clause custom Dunny

Ian Ziobrowski never stops, never quits! Here's a sweet Christmas-themed custom 3-inch Dunny from him for a suprisingly low price: $90: "Smokin Clause"!

In NUGGLIFE the holidays always run late.  Smokin Clause highly contributes to this! Unfortunately, it looks like he forgot his reindeer and grabbed the wrong bag of presents.  
Oh well.... happy holidays everyone :)

You can buy this piece for $90 shipped (in the US) by emailing Ian here.

TADO Funghi resin toy now available

Scottish based Designer Art Toy maker Creo Design is proud to announce that the toy collaboration with UK Based TADO will be released this Friday marking a FUNGHI - FRIDAY event 
(Benny's edit: this was yesterday- I am catching up on blogging- but the toy is still available to purchase here or here)

This 4'' high beautifully made limited edition Resin toy comes in 35 different colourways and there is only 60 pieces WORLD WIDE!! Each Funghi also comes in a signed exclusive TADO box! This is a must for ANY TADO fan and any serious Designer Art Toy collector!

Each Funghi costs 45 pounds and can be purchased from the TADO shop or the Creo Design shop.

Vallois Loic custom Toy2R Qee Bear

Vallois Loic aka Verlauf has sent us these pics of his latest Qee Bear custom! Very cool. Bright colors and radioactive symbols... I like! You can follow Vallois' work here on Facebook.

Urkor Malravenous Mini Qee available at

The Urkor Mni Qee figure from Toy2R is now available exclusively on Voltaire's website. Scroll down and it's about halfway down- there's a Paypal "Buy Now" button and it's $35 shipped. Toy2R only made 500 of them, and Voltaire has 250 to sell. The other 250 figures were sold by Adventure Quest Worlds' online store (, and Heromart is now sold out. 

AQW was selling these because the figure includes a special code that will unlock a shop in the game with 2 exclusive AQWorlds pets: the Necrosian Walker and the Necrosian Skullbat. There are two versions of each pet (normal pet, and also a member-only Battle Pet version which is Necromancer compatible).

I don't play AQW but I love this Qee so much that I think I might have to hit Voltaire up for one of them...
Here's the story behind the Urkor character:
There is no better companion than Voltaire’s own extraterrestrial monster teddy bear, Deady. However, Deady’s true form and name… Urkor Malravenenus was revealed during an AQW Friday the 13th special online event. This terrifying collectible 5″ Mini Qee unleashes Deady’s true nature – a cute little teddy bear that has become possessed by the greatest evil this galaxy of ours has to offer: Urkor Malravenus from planet Necronus, who, stranded on Earth in the disguise of this cute little teddy, decides to wreak havoc on mankind.

Graffiti Domo custom by Valerie G coming soon

Valerie G is sending us this sweet custom Toy2R 7" Domo figure to sell in our shop on the Val G page in our Custom Toys Section
Good thing too, as her last 2 customs in that section sold a couple weeks ago...
Val used acrylic paints and inks, varnish and 9 pieces of hematite on this custom... I admit, I had to look that up: hematite is the mineral form of an iron oxide. which crystallizes in a rhomboid shape.
We are looking forward to seeing this one in person! Price will be $250.

Bio-Buildman Glyos system figure by Troy Stith

Troy Stith is now taking preorders for his Bio-Buildman, a figure utilizing the Glyos system of interchangeable parts. He will be taking orders for full figures ($25), as well as individual parts ($2 to $4 each), until January 1st, when the preorder window closes. 

Hailing from the murky marshes of Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman are an organically reptilian race of hunters. Upon hatching, they're left to tend to themselves. While young, the Bio-Buildman live on instinct that turns to cunning shrewdness as they age. Each Bio-Buildman's carapace armor and weaponry grows specifically to the survival needs of each individual.

The planet of Sesar IV is full of ever-changing alliances of Bio-Buildman. But one thing remains clear to all who've tried to lay their claim to Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman will unite and crush any foe that encroaches on their territory.

Dec 14, 2011

SNEAK PEEK: WIP Shots of Scott Kinnebrew's Raffy Unicorns

First Scott got a bunch of Kidrobot's Raffy figures...
Then he did a little sculpting....
Then he painted a base coat on them...
... the end result will be a series of Raffy Unicorn customs for our shop! 

You can visit Scott Kinnebrew here on his website to check out his artwork, or go to his shop here. And stay tuned for more info on the customs Scott is making for Tenacious Toys! He'll be sending us about 5 of his Unicorns, and they'll sell for $80 each.

The King by Patrick Lippe

Patrick Lippe is a customizer from the Netherlands who've I've befriended on Facebook. Thank you social media for opening up our world, right? Patrick is bangin out customs left and right so definitely go find him on Facebook to keep up. This one is called "The King." Pretty bad-ass.

Dec 12, 2011

The Double B Squad custom Mini Munnys by Tesselate

Introducing the Double B Squad, a series of 8 custom 4" Kidrobot Mini Munnys by U.K. artist Tesselate:

Double B are a pyrotechnics crew who specialize in hyper speed displays. Each member of the squad is an expert in their given field as these displays are very technical and ultimately dangerous.

Only three hundred residents perished in the most recent display, where a '33special’ ricocheted off of a passing SyroCruiser and ignited a nearby stack of loose Lorantium.

Luckily one of the squad has a resurrection ray on them and managed to bring the residents back to life. 

The Double B Squad is, alarmingly, en route to New York City from their home in the U.K. Release date will be posted once they arrive safely. The price will be $55 each and you will be able to buy them soon in our Tesselate section here.

Dec 11, 2011

Domo Qee Series 4 REVEALED!


This is the reveal of the upcoming 2" Domo Qee Series 4, which will be released in April 2012. 

Case will contain 15 blind boxes. We will, of course, be selling this series by the case, by the blind box and we'll be opening some to sell as open-box figures. Blind boxed 2" Domos sell for $8.99 each.

We still have a few 2" Domos from past releases in stock here... which reminds me, I have to update our Domo product listings because we actually have a lot more than what you can see on that page...
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book