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Court of the Dead

Nov 7, 2009

Rollies Show video by NEMO


custom rollie artshow nyc from nemo mendez on Vimeo.

Nov 3, 2009

The Rollie Show Pics!

I am uploading a few pics that I took at the Rollie Show but for my full set of images, please check out the Flickr page I have dedicated to the Rollie Show! I am sure NEMO, OsirisOrion and others will be uploading more images and video as soon as they can sift through all the images they took!
I know for a fact that NEMO used up an 8GB chip taking pics so he has a bunch more images than me.
In particular I think you should check out the stop-motion video of OsirisOrion painting live at the Rollie show, I always find the way he goes about getting his characters on canvas fascinating...
I am working today on getting all Rollies up for sale in their own section on Tenacious Toys, so stay tuned to see all of them up close & personal.
We had a TON of amazing talent come through for this show; I guarantee you will be impressed at the work people put into their Rollies!
(above) A group show of the Rollies at All the Right.
(above) OsirisOrion in the midst of painting live at the Rollie Show. For video, click here.
(above) NEMO reaches out to grab you and pull you into his world... the world of the ROLLIE!
(above) Kirk & Spock custom Rollies by Dan Brudzik.
(above) Mr. Den illustrates that the eyeball of his custom Rollie (Spikey Likes It) does in fact roll around to reveal 3 differently colored irises!
(above) A monumental pair of custom Rollies submitted by Nasty Neil, with lighting wired by Task1.

Nov 2, 2009

Incoming: Voltaire Deady Qees, Emon Qees, ThreeA Brambles

Voltaire’s Adventure Quest 8” Deady Qee Bears are en route to us right now and will be here in a few days.

Ian Christy’s 8” Emon Burton Qee Bears are arriving in same package as the Voltaire Deady Qees. Love the colors in this stitched-up Qee!

ThreeA Brambles about to be shipped to us from Hong Kong! We’re super excited to begin stocking ThreeA toys and we welcome your input into which ones of their toys you’d like us to import next. Your feedback is more than welcome, and is much appreciated! Email us!