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Court of the Dead

Apr 6, 2012

Matt Anderson Custom Easter Eggs

Matt Anderson's Custom Easter eggs will be released at 12 noon eastern time today in his shop
Colors will be randomly picked. Sale price is $50 plus $3.00 shipping. 
Purchase includes 1 custom pearl Easter egg, 1 brass egg stand and a Matt A* signature plaque.

Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Kickstarter: full sticker pack revealed

Kickstarter to fund a Tenacious Toys Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee

Images for all 7 stickers in our Sticker Pack rewards have now been revealed!
Backers who have chosen rewards that include Sticker Packs will get a full pack of 7 stickers:
  • (2) full-color stickers featuring artwork by Scott Tolleson
  • (1) 5.5" wide black and white Argyle sticker (artwork by Scott)
  • (1) 3.5" diameter circular Argh Noir face sticker (artwork by Scott)
  • (1) 4" wide Tenacious Toys sticker
  • (2) 4" wide Toy2R stickers

Only backers who've chosen rewards that specifically include the Sticker Pack item will get Scott's full-color stickers. (We have several rewards that include Sticker Packs, including the lowest level reward- just a $5 pledge gets you this sticker pack!)

We will most likely have plenty of black/white stickers left over after those rewards have been shipped, so the rest of the backers (even ones whose rewards don't specifically include stickers) will get stickers in the mail as well.

Thanks to everyone who has pledged thus far- we are now 80% funded! Please share this post with your network- we are so close but every pledge and every dollar counts in the next couple weeks!

Carson Catlin fungusamongus for Playsam 500 show at Super7

Carson Catlin writes:
 Here is my contribution to the Playsam 500 show at Super7Store in San Francisco on April 28th.
This is the first time I have ever worked with wood, and boy was it fun. I started by sketching out the design and then slowly drilled away with a Dremmel. My goal was to achieve something similar to my cuts pieces but came away with a mushroom looking thingy. That's why its called fungusamongus. I painted the wheels with light green acrylic and finished them with a high gloss lacquer. The body was stained twice and then sanded down to reveal the unstained wood. To finish it and give a it warm gloss I waxed the car a bunch, like for at least three hours.

Josh Mayhem custom Playsam Streamliner for Super7 Playsam 500

Josh Mayhem shares with us a WIP shot of his custom Playsam Streamliner for the Playsam 500 show at the San Francisco Super7 store. Josh always goes way above and beyond with his accessorizing, and this very basic wooden toy is definitely getting a little firepower from the Mayhem Monster Garage! Seriously Josh, I think you should add some more guns!

Did you see Josh's custom Bellicose Bunny? The thing had a laser cannon bigger than the damn bunny!

To see and buy Josh Mayhem's Askew Rangers line of customs, click though to our site here.

Chrisosaur resin WOP releases today

 Today Chrisosaur releases his WOPs- his first resin figures!
WOP stands for War On Perfection, a bit of a play on the derogatory term for Italians. 

Release date is today at his online shop: Each WOP stands just under 4" and is hand cast in resin and hand painted.  Will be priced at $40.00 shipped. This is a series of 15 but Chrisosaur is only selling 10 today. 

There will be more colorways to follow (including a Tenacious Toys exclusive!). You can see more pics of his work on Flickr.

Apr 5, 2012

Tenacious Toys Blog featured on Blogs of Note

In perhaps my most reflexive blog post ever, I am blogging that Blogs of Note ("Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the team") has noted that our blog is noteworthy. I'd also like to note that Blogs of Note has blogged a note that the Ume Toys blog is noteworthy. Blogs of Note is a blog running on the Blogger platform, like this blog, and is written and compiled by the Blogger team.... I'd like to thank the Blogger team for the recognition and incoming traffic. I am sure my sponsors and the artists I blog about are happy to know that my efforts are being recognized.

Glass Dunny Bottles by Henry Puxley

Up and coming Irish glass artist Henry Puxley is proud to present his first foray in to the world of art toys with his latest creation, the custom Dunny Bottle. 

Originally featuring at the West End House Gallery, Kent, the beautiful 10 cm x 5 cm pieces come with a detachable clear cast Dunny stopper, with bottles available in either light blue or pink colourways. Hand cast using a lost wax technique, the Dunny Bottles are custom made to order for just £65 plus shipping. Available to purchase by e-mailing him directly, the Dunny Bottles will also be making an appearance on the soon-to-be-opened MAN-E-TOYS store in the near future...

Scott Tolleson Nosellots by Screaming Sky Gallery

Nosellots (knows-a-lots) noun:  The brightest and cutest monsters in all the Cosmos.  With some love, their cerebral superiorities can be relegated to human beings.  Before long, they will control our behavior with the intent to reign supreme.

Meet Francis.
Francis is one of the smallest known Nosellots.  He works as a Microbiologist.  He is constantly forgetting his last name, even though it is printed on his lab coat.  A Nosellot anomaly, Francis used to be able to fly until his horns grew too heavy.  Now, when he is very excited, he can flutter high enough to reach the top shelf.  This makes him very happy.

Francis is the third released character in the Nosellots line developed by Scott Tolleson and Screaming Sky Gallery.  Measuring 8.5" tall, this creature is quality produced with heavy fleece materials, detailed stitching, and vibrant colors...all things that the collector and casual customer will appreciate.  Keep an eye out for our next character, coming soon!

The blue colorway seen at top is a Screaming Sky Exclusive which can be purchased here. The yellow colorway below is being made available to retailers (like us!) so hit us up if you want one.

Scott Tolleson is a popular guy these days. We're teaming up with him on our own exclusive release: the second colorway of his Uncle Argh Mini Qee by Toy2R. 

Killer Croc and Scarecrow DC Villains by Fuller

Fuller writes:
 Just wanted to share my latest Villains. It's been a while since I made a comic character so I was itching to do some. Two of my most favorite DC Bad boys: Killer Croc and Scarecrow!

These 2 customs are based on Kidrobot Mini Munnys and are available for purchase as a set here:

Trains of Fame new website and new DIY trains

Trains Of Fame presents its new website and online gallery. The works of graffiti artists such as Comer, Decap, Pone, Pro, Zenoy and DIY blank train cars will all now be available on the net.

After the success of the exhibition in the Oberkampf’s gallery in January, reuniting over 133 graffiti artists from France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain, Italy and over a thousand people during the opening night, Trains of Fame decides to launch an online gallery and promote the works of five of the most influential french graffiti artists.

Always on the parisian subway model and for this special occasion, Comer, Decap, Pone,
Pro and Zenoy have customised some new trains, all of which can be seen in the online gallery.

Allowing everyone to express his creativity, Trains Of Fame also offers prepainted trains either of one and two colors or refering to the color code of the french trains and parisian subways.
The “Metro” model is composed of several types of subways referring to the current one
and those in circulation since its inauguration in 1900.
The “RER” model is a perfect copy of the parisian trains, carrying more than 2.7 million
passengers a day.

The “grey train” model reproduces old trains put on traffic in the 60s.

Once again, this gives a great opportunity to express yourself on historical train models!
Those reduced scale train models are specially designed be put on a desk, shelf or fix on a wall.

Oh So Sweet custom Munny by JC Rivera for The Candy-Coated Custom Show

JC Rivera has sent us images of his Oh So Sweet custom Munny which he did for our April 21 custom toy show The Candy Coated Custom Show. JC is one of about 38 artists submitting pieces to the show. 
Although JC will not be able to come in from Chicago, you will be able to meet and chat up many of the artists in the show at the opening night party: April 21 from 7 to 9 pm at The London Candy Company, 1442 Lexington Ave, NY, NY. 

Check out the Facebook event for the party here.

Apr 4, 2012

Super7 Pink Prowler Casket Cruiser drops April 5th

Haunting the night where he really shines, Rose Vampire is back in action in his brand new ride, the Pink Prowler Casket Cruiser. Too fast to catch, don't blink or all you'll be seeing is the dust settling. Josh Herbolsheimer's Casket Cruiser is cast in Pink GID vinyl with White, Red, Yellow and Blue sprays. $65 each.
Casket Cruiser will be available this Thursday, April 5th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store.

Instagram Mascot by JC Rivera

A little while back, JC Rivera came up with this striking character based on the Instagram logo. He's already shown it to the people at Instagram and received their support, so he obtained the legal permissions necessary to develop this idea further.
JC enlisted the help of Scott Wetterschneider of who digitally sculpted this figure, and now comes the difficult part: what's the next step in this project? Well, we'll all have to wait and see what JC decides, but I am assisting him in any way I can to help bring this project to fruition. What do you guys think? The next Andrew Bell Android?

2 custom toy raffles for Waking Wally Street (Rocketboy Customs)

 In promotion for the launch of the comic book Waking Wally Street #1, there will be two raffles: one for a customized Dunny & one for a customized Mini Munny.

The Prizes consist of Spudz (dog dunny) and Jack Henderson (mini munny).  Both characters appear in the first issue of Waking Wally Street and are hand-painted & sculpted by Ryan McClure (Rocketboy Customs).

To qualify for the raffle to win the Spudz (dog dunny), preorder an issue of Waking Wally Street at:

Once you place an order, your name will automatically go into the raffle and the winner will be drawn at random. If you order more than one comic, your chances of winning increase! The winner will be announced once the shipment of comics arrive from the printers (projected first week of April).

To qualify for the raffle for the Jack Henderson (mini munny), buy anything (comic, t shirt, print, custom) at: or at Ryan McClure's booth at C2E2 during the C2E2 Comic & Entertainment Expo weekend, April 13-15.

For a sneak peek of Waking Wally Street visit, click the following link:

Black & White Mini Munny custom by Reddprime

 This sick Mini Munny custom by Reddprime stands nearly 8 inches tall (yep, that's a lot of sculpting and construction work in there- the little Mini Munny is twice as tall as when he started). 

Black & White is the villain from from  Ro-dunny series, a rebuilt cyborg. Unfortunately they forgot to replace his heart so he lands up defending that which he destroys... either that or he just likes fire alot.

Reddprime (aka Mitch) is a talented artist from South Africa... you can follow him on Twitter here. You can purchase this custom here.

They Came from the Streets 2: Custom Show by UrbanVinylDaily

After the success of last year's They Came From The Streets, Urban Vinyl Daily and UNHeardof have teamed up again to bring us They Came From The Streets 2. This show will feature custom creations using the 4" and 7" MunnyWorld figures along with many original works of art inspired by the streets and the artists' creativity with their designs. This years event is sponsored by Rogue Status and DTA.

The artists included in this event are....
Frank Kozik, Scott Tolleson, Gary Ham, Dril One, Eyeone, 64 Colors, ValleyDweller, Steve Talkowski, Rsin, Lunartik, Viseone, Task One, Luke Cheuh, THARP, Nerviswr3k, Ian Ziobrowski, Abe Lincoln JR., Scribe (and Alisa), Squink, ALittleStranger, JFury, Jon Chase, JC Rivera, Maxx242, Chase Tafoya, Chris Brett, Dez Einswell, Terribly Odd, Jason Gallo, and Cache

These works of art will be invading Cincinnati on June 1st-2nd, 2012. Make sure to keep this show on your radar, it will not be one to miss.

323 W 4th St
Cincinnati, OH


Damaged Goods custom TYO Truck by TaskOne

 This is a TYO Truck (TYO stands for "tag your own") customized by legendary artist TaskOne

This, for me, is like the ultimate collectible: my collecting started young, probably at age 2 or 3, with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I had a huge collection. Eventually I moved on to 1:24 and 1:18 scale cars by Maisto, Burago, etc, and then onto building my own models cars and, when I was a teenager, building and racing R/C cars. Now that I'm into designer toys and artwork, it seems that my collecting has gone in a different direction than when I was little... until now. 

TYO Toys brings everything full circle for me- I can collect my little vehicles AND original art by the artists I love, at the same time!

This piece is nuts: Task ripped the thing open, jammed his 3D tag in there, painted and weathered the body of the truck... just really sick work. To follow TaskOne, check the following links:

To buy your own DIY vehicles from TYO, click here. There's a ton of cool stuff they offer: police cruisers, trailers and trucks of all sizes. 

Anyone who buys and tags the crap out of a TYO Police Cruiser, I will trade for $100 worth of brand new designer toys. Just sayin. Email me.

Apr 3, 2012

Kentucky Hardcore Ugly Unicorns

Introducing the KFHC Ugly! A collaboration between Rampage Toys and the KFHC. Cast in KY Bluegrass Japanese vinyl. This hand painted edition of 10 were painted by Jon of Rampage Toys and feature blue, red, brown, black and white sprays. They also feature "angry eyes".
Each one comes with a 5 x 7 inch, 3-color limited edition screen print!
Unpainted version available as well here.

Jellybot 2.0 launches at MOCCA

Eric from Argonaut Resins is working with Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire to launch JellyBot 2.0 at MOCCA Festival on April 28th and 29th (Selina will have a table there on Sat and Sun). 
More info and teasers as we get closer to that convention.

4-inch DIY vinyl Zukies coming in May

Alison Perez, aka Miss Zukie, writes:
For a year now I've been working on a BIG project and it's finally come true. With a lot of work and patience I introduce to you DIY ZUKIE!!! Here is a Sneek Peak of the DIY. Movable head and 4" tall, made of vinyl. YES!!! Vinyl ^_^.
These DIY Zukies are going to be sold for $9.95USD + shipping and YES I do sell international as well. More info about release date soon. Keep posted by following me on twitter , and "like" the Zukie Fan Page!!. You can also check out other Zukie artwork in my store! Links below.

So keep your eyes open because "ZUKIE ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD"

Facebook Fan Page:

Josh Mayhem White Rabbit with Deathray custom Bellicose Bunny

Josh Mayhem presents his addition to the custom Bellicose Bunny show at Toy Art Gallery entitled "The White Rabbit w/ Deathray". This creature from the Wonderland Forrest of the future is late for a very important date.... with whoopin' some ass! 

Heavily armed with a Deathray, helmet mounted machine gun, and transforming pulse cannon (which actually does transform!) you may just welcome a decapitation from the Red Queen if this unpunctual bunny has you in his sites.

This newest addition to Josh Mayhem's Askew Rangers is sold and accounted for, but you can find more of this custom toy series available at here.

Josh is currently available to take commission work and can be reached through his website here.

To buy your own Bellicose Bunny figure to display or customize, click here.

Trevor Linden custom Munny by David Brodsky

Now here's something we don't come across often: custom Munnys based on real-life athletes! This is a 7" custom Munny of retired NHL player Trevor Linden, who played for (most notably) the Canucks. This piece is by customizer David Brodsky. You can see more of David's work here.

mfc custom by Carson Catlin- a tribute to his father- to be auctioned

From Carson Catlin:
My father, Melvin, was diagnosed with Stage Lung 3 cancer in late August of 2011. He was given a regimen of Chemo and radiation. A few long months later, he was told he was in remission. Unfortunately, our joy was short lived as he developed a gnarly case of Pneumonia. After months of failed treatments, he couldn't go anymore and had to be admitted to the hospital.
I got to go home and spend a solid week with my father - for that I am very grateful. The day I got back home to Kansas City, I spoke to my father and his spirits were high. He told me he would be getting out that week which put me at ease. The next morning my mother called me to let me know that my father had a convulsion in the middle of the night and was now on a ventilator. It was discovered then, that he had 3 brain tumors. He left us a week later from septicemia.

mfc - his initials - is a 7" munny created to symbolize my fathers cancer that eventually took his life.
The right lung is visible (location of the initial tumor) and so are the three circles on the back of the head (tumors in his brain). Everything radiates from the tumors representing the septicemia. He is colored with a southwest blend of colors as my father was fond of them.

"mfc" will be auctioned off at the "Shave to Save Art Auction"
The event will take place in the VML Gallery on the third floor of 2020 (aka third-floor kitchenette) with an art preview between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. and silent auction between 6:30 and 7 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, and complimentary snacks and adult beverages will be served.

VML Gallery
2020 Baltimore
Kansas City, MO 64108

The right lung is visible (location of the initial tumor)

the three circles on the back of the head are the locations of tumors in his brain
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book