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Court of the Dead

Dec 18, 2014

The Hell Raiser Night Gamer #1 by Plaseebo

Plaseebo's latest series of pieces is inspired by the Hell Raiser movies. Created from a custom vinyl figure, The Hell Raiser Night Gamer #1 features a motion activated color changing LED, which makes the head glow. This piece also features inset teeth, along with some mangy hair and a unique paint application. Priced at $550, The Hell Raiser Night Gamer #1 will be available on December 22nd.

Argonaut Resin Christmas Crossover

Argonaut Resins, The Jelly Empire and Laura Alvarez released an ornament set recently, featuring small cast resin pieces from each artist. Priced at $40 for the set of three pieces, as of this post, only one of the five sets is left. Big changes are expected from Argonaut Resins in the coming year, so be sure to keep an eye out and an ear to the ground.

Fabulous Custom by VISEone

VISEone has been somewhat quiet as of late, working on metal art more often. VISEone did find time to create a nice custom titled "f#ck you! I'm Fabulous.", using a Monster Mate 5" blank vinyl. This piece is priced at $150, which includes the wooden base and worldwide shipping. Be sure to check out VISEone's relaunched website, as there are some amazing metal sculptures to gaze upon. Also, for those who may be interested in this custom piece, contact VISEone through his website.

Dec 15, 2014

Matt A's Owls are back... and ready to perch on your Christmas Tree!

Matt A* made this crazy owl sculpt last year or the year before and it was hella cool and people were really into it... problem was, Matt is insane and made the thing was like 15 or 18 inches wide and it was hella complicated and time consuming to make each piece. I keep telling the guy to make small stuff that normal people can easily afford and he usually doesn't listen to me. Until now... 

Matt decided to shrink his owl character down to bite-size and turn them into ornaments for your Christmas tree or to hang from your menorah. Matt doesn't know you can hang his owls from a menorah, but you can. I'm half Jewish, you can trust me. Your menorah needs more deco anyway, like sleigh bells and tinsel. Wait, what? I told you I'm HALF Jewish. I'm trademarking that menorah decorating idea, by the way, so don't even try it. Benny's DecoMenorah™

Matt calls these ornaments "TreeTerrors" and you can grab yours for $35 each here in Matt's store. There are a bunch of colors and Matt will choose one blind to send to you... because he's colorblind. See how that works? He can't tell the red one from the green one so anytime he picks a piece out, he literally cannot know which one he's sending you. 

Each TreeTerror comes with a hanging eye hook for you to attach a ribbon or just an ornament hook. Matt also suggests that you hang one from your nipple clamp but he's pretty twisted and I bet he's actually parading around his house right now with nipples clamps on and little owls hanging from them... it's all "Goodbye horses" over there during the holidays. Let's all support Jamie Gumb... I mean Matt Anderson. 

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