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Court of the Dead

Dec 15, 2014

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Matt A's Owls are back... and ready to perch on your Christmas Tree!

Matt A* made this crazy owl sculpt last year or the year before and it was hella cool and people were really into it... problem was, Matt is insane and made the thing was like 15 or 18 inches wide and it was hella complicated and time consuming to make each piece. I keep telling the guy to make small stuff that normal people can easily afford and he usually doesn't listen to me. Until now... 

Matt decided to shrink his owl character down to bite-size and turn them into ornaments for your Christmas tree or to hang from your menorah. Matt doesn't know you can hang his owls from a menorah, but you can. I'm half Jewish, you can trust me. Your menorah needs more deco anyway, like sleigh bells and tinsel. Wait, what? I told you I'm HALF Jewish. I'm trademarking that menorah decorating idea, by the way, so don't even try it. Benny's DecoMenorah™

Matt calls these ornaments "TreeTerrors" and you can grab yours for $35 each here in Matt's store. There are a bunch of colors and Matt will choose one blind to send to you... because he's colorblind. See how that works? He can't tell the red one from the green one so anytime he picks a piece out, he literally cannot know which one he's sending you. 

Each TreeTerror comes with a hanging eye hook for you to attach a ribbon or just an ornament hook. Matt also suggests that you hang one from your nipple clamp but he's pretty twisted and I bet he's actually parading around his house right now with nipples clamps on and little owls hanging from them... it's all "Goodbye horses" over there during the holidays. Let's all support Jamie Gumb... I mean Matt Anderson. 


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