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Court of the Dead

May 18, 2018

Jeremy Fish Bison Van OG Edition 9-inch Vinyl Figure In Stock Now


designed by Jeremy Fish
produced by 3DRetro
300 produced in this color
9 inches long
From San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish comes The Bison Van. Based off of one of his popular Bison Van art and more importantly his very own Big Mike van.

Apparently you can’t keep a good van down…Big Mike rides again! The Bison van stretches 9 inches across and features a textured body as well as a flocked head. The sides and back of the van feature artwork and designs from Jeremy and the driver's side window has his popular silly pink bunny character popping out to say hello.

Limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Vinyl. Window Box Design.

May 17, 2018

New Breakfast Bears from One-Eyed Girl


The Breakfast Bears are the neweat creations from One Eyed Girl. Consisting of Pancake Bear, Need More Coffee Bear, Bacon Bear, Donut Bear, Cinnabun Bear, and Waffle Bear they will be available at One Eyed Girl's booth (#532) at Five Points Fest, which they'll be sharing with Lickyourelbow.

When you touch or "scratch" the bellies of each figure, it activates the delicious and realistic scent of each food.  Pancakes smell like maple syrup, bacon smells like bacon, cinnabun smells like cinnamon, etc. It's a fun way to make the pieces more interactive and who doesn't love to smell their favorite foods any time of day!? The scent will last for hundreds of scratches.  To make the scent last longer, avoid hard or excessive scratching or rubbing.  A gentle brush is all you need to release the scent.


Jeremy Fish Bison Van SF Special Edition 9-inch Vinyl Figure In Stock Now


designed by Jeremy Fish
produced by 3DRetro
9 inches long
The Bison van stretches 9 inches across and features a textured body as well as a flocked head. The sides and back of the van feature artwork and designs from Jeremy and the driver's side window has his popular silly pink bunny character popping out to say hello.

May 16, 2018

Jeremy Fish Bison Van Burger Edition 9-inch Vinyl Figure In Stock Now


designed by Jeremy Fish
produced by 3DRetro
9 inches long
From San Francisco artist Jeremy Fish comes The Bison Van. Based off of one of his popular Bison Van art and more importantly his very own Big Mike van.

From popular San Francisco based artist Jeremy Fish we are so excited to present the lastest vehicle in his series of vinyl figures; it's big, bold and beautiful... it's the Bison Van. This is the tan burger edition where you can see the pieces of meat and cheese right in the middle of the van. Also on the vehicle is artwork focused around the burger theme. The van is nearly 9 inches in length. The bison head is flocked and through the windows you see Fish's Silly Bunnies joining you for the ride.

May 15, 2018

Funko Pop! Deluxe: Luke Skywalker on Speeder Bike #229 In Stock Now


From Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, now you can own a piece of the great Endor chase!

Speaking of chases, this is the limited chase variant, Luke!
The heroic Jedi has a rarity of 1-in-6, usually sold in cases where the retail shop gets 5 Leias and 1 Luke. We have 2 Lukes.

Add them both to your collection this Fall!

Kidrobot & Ello Founder Paul Budnitz Launches New Designer Toy Company SUPERPLASTIC Today


New York, NY — May 15, 2018 — Acclaimed artist & entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Kidrobot, Ello, Budnitz Bicycles) launches his designer toy company Superplastic today, with new limited edition toys by renowned artists for sale today on Kickstarter.

Superplastic’s launch edition toys feature designs by 16 well-known artists including McBess, Camilla d’Errico, Jake Parker, Pete Fowler, Dalek, Ricardo Carvolo, Joe Ledbetter, El Grand Chamaco, Junko Mizuno, and many others.

Designer toys meld pop culture, street art, and fashion into limited edition works of art. Fans are well-known for lining up for hours — or days — for a new release.

“These aren’t just toys — they’re art,” says Budnitz. “With so much emphasis on digital culture, people are literally starved for something beautiful to hold in their hands.”

Superplastic begins selling JANKY today   a sneaker-obsessed anthropomorph that’s somewhere between cute and dark, nasty and nice. Prices range for $25 for a handful of 3-inch toys to $5,000 for an exclusive handmade 4-foot version.

The figure took 8 months to design, and is a collaboration between Budnitz and Superplastic art director Huck Gee, whose handmade toys sell for $50K and above. Both Budnitz and Gee are featured in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

“Where others see toys, Budnitz saw a medium for art,” says Gee. “Paul is as excited about creating experiences as products, and that’s what made art toy culture explode.”

Budnitz has been credited with launching the designer toy revolution when he opened his first Kidrobot store in New York City in 2004 (he left the company in 2012 to found Ello & Budnitz Bicycles). His return has been anticipated. The Superplastic home page began receiving tens of thousands of visits a day in late April, in anticipation of the Superplastic launch.

“The man is back! The man is back!”, tweeted XM Radio’s DJ Whookid, a longtime fan.

Other super limited-edition toys available on Kickstarter today include a giant sized 8” SuperJANKY entitled Ro-Mu-Lo by Mexican artist El Grand Chamaco; and Maximilian Cash by UK artist Pete Fowler, a psychedelic 9-inch tall vinyl toy with fangs, sneakers, a boombox, and a glowing blue skull. Both are limited to just 666 pieces.

Says Fowler, “Paul called and asked if I would make toys with him again. I was like — shit is oooonnnn!!

When Kickstarter approached Budnitz & Gee last fall about launching Superplastic on the popular crowdfunding platform, they jumped.

"This project is really going to resonate with our Kickstarter community, which loves to support the intersection of art and design," says Julio Terra, Director of Technology & Design for Kickstarter.

“We immediately saw Kickstarter as a brilliant new way for us to connect with our audience,” says Gee. “Of course, we decided to do crowdfunding a little differently.”

Once their basic $25K goal is reached, the team will unlock a range of fun challenges and exclusive stretch goals. Kickstarter backers get to launch toys into space, write a Haiku about their favorite toy, or get a JANKY tattoo. When all 35 challenges are completed, every single backer gets an extra JANKY toy for just one cent.

Partway through the campaign Superplastic will also unveil JANKYLAND, a 3-D rendered glitch-art mobile game where fans can play for free on iPhone & Android.

“In a world where most things are rebooted, repackaged and resold, everything Superplastic does is new and original,” says Budnitz. “It’s why our fans are so excited.”


Superplastic on Kickstarter
Jankyland mobile games: iOS Android
Instagram: @superplastic
Facebook: superplastic


      Ricardo Carvolo (Spain)
      El Grand Chamaco (Mexico)
      Dalek (USA)
      Camilla D’Errico (Canada)
      Pete Fowler (UK)
      Huck Gee (USA)
      Mark Gmehling (Germany)
      Joe Ledbetter (USA)
      Jason Limon (USA)
      McBess (France)
      Junko Mizuno (Japan/USA)
      Dolly Oblong (Switzerland/Korea)
      Jake Parker (USA)
      Sket One (USA)
      Tado (UK)
      Bubi Au Yeung (Hong Kong)


Founded by artist and entrepreneur Paul Budnitz (Ello, Budnitz Bicycles, Kidrobot), Superplastic creates premium limited edition designer toy with artists worldwide. Its products are limited edition, so when they sell out, they’re gone forever. Huck Gee is head of art and production.

Key products include JANKY, a platform toy designed by Budnitz and Gee and customized by well-known artists worldwide, as well as larger limited edition vinyl figures.


JANKY is a toy series created by Superplastic founder Paul Budnitz and toy artist Huck Gee. Blank versions of the toy are given to well-known artists worldwide, whose customized limited editions are sold to customers and fans.

Most 3-inch JANKY toys come in a surprise box, so customers don’t know which toy they will get until they open the box. Some designs are secret, and others are super-rare. In addition, Superplastic also sells limited-edition 8-inch and 4-foot SuperJANKYs. Prices range from $25 to $5000.


Besides founding Superplastic, artist and entrepreneur Paul Budnitz is well known as the founder of Kidrobot (which he left in 2012), Ello, and Budnitz Bicycles — as well as a half dozen other companies.

Budnitz has collaborated with hundreds of artists, including Shepard Fairy, Takashi Murakami, Frank Kozik, Tara McPherson, Swizz Beatz, Joe Ledbetter, Camilla D’Erricco, Ron English, Junko Mizuno, Joe Ledbetter, Gary Baseman, Seen, and many others. He has worked with brands including Visionaire, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Burton, Volkswagen, and Nike.

Budnitz’ designs appears in collections including the Museum of Modern Art and Cooper-Hewitt in New York City. Budnitz Bicycles was named City Bike of the Year by Bicycling Magazine in 2015.

Paul Budnitz lives in Burlington, Vermont and wears size 13 sneakers. He lectures on creativity worldwide.


Superplastic head of art and production Huck Gee has been recognized as one of the world’s top custom toy artists since 2003.

Huck’s handmade toys sell for as much as $50,000, and appear in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Huck exhibits worldwide, races Japanese cars, and lives in San Francisco with his family and about a million toys.

May 14, 2018

Finders Creatures releases West Coast Treasure Hunt; Reserve a Limited Edition Piece Now


Free art! Treasure hunting! Tiny Unicorns!
Finders Creatures, an ongoing, toy-based art project devoted to the exhilaration of finding treasure, is planning a summer tour to hide original resin beasties all over the West Coast!  Glitter mastermind and artist Phoenix McNamara is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund a hiding-toys road trip and bring the hunt to new places. 

Usually, to get your paws on one of her pieces, you have to hunt it down yourself, but for a limited time, you can pre-order your own. You get your choice of sculpt and color, and each will be numbered and labeled as part of the Kickstarter edition. Early Bird prices are $19 for one piece, $35 for two. Regular rewards prices are $27 for one, $45 for two. There's also a Rainbow Collection of 6 sculpts for $75. If you're really feeling daring, you can pledge $500 and have a special edition of 20, labelled with your name or handle, specially made and hid IN YOUR TOWN.

How do you hunt them? McNamara has created a corresponding free web app that provides clues, pictures, and a live map; check it out at
If you're the first to find one, it's yours to keep; the only catch is that players are requested to post photos to the app and report their treasure as found. 


Phoenix McNamara

Kidrobot Bob's Burgers Bobcephala Medium Figure aka Equestranaut Bob In Stock Now


You headed to Equestra Con? Better make sure you have everyone’s favorite Equesticle ready to come along! Kidrobot and Bob’s Burgers are ready to primp and gallop our way into your collection with the Bobs Burgers Equestranaut Bobcephala Medium Art Figure.  

From the hit episode "The Equestranauts" and standing approximately 7” tall, this Bobcephala high quality vinyl art figure is ready to steal back that extra special Chariot along with a place on your shelf.  Give Sunpuddle a call and add Bobcephala to your collection today!

May 13, 2018

Nerviswr3k Interchangeable Face Pilldrones Now Available (4 faces incl!)

Nerviswr3k is now casting his own resin figures and is in the process of filling up his online shop with wonderful new creations! One of his newest concepts is the Interchangeable Face Pilldrone, which is a 2.75" tall figure that includes 4 different optional faces for your all your pilldrone emotions! Faces include smiley, excited, surprised & sad and attach with magnets. Pretty tight!

Grab these Pilldrones here and check out Gabe's full shop here! (warning, literally everything sells out so make sure you keep up with @nerviswr3k on IG to see what he'll be selling next!)
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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