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Court of the Dead

May 17, 2018

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New Breakfast Bears from One-Eyed Girl

The Breakfast Bears are the neweat creations from One Eyed Girl. Consisting of Pancake Bear, Need More Coffee Bear, Bacon Bear, Donut Bear, Cinnabun Bear, and Waffle Bear they will be available at One Eyed Girl's booth (#532) at Five Points Fest, which they'll be sharing with Lickyourelbow.

When you touch or "scratch" the bellies of each figure, it activates the delicious and realistic scent of each food.  Pancakes smell like maple syrup, bacon smells like bacon, cinnabun smells like cinnamon, etc. It's a fun way to make the pieces more interactive and who doesn't love to smell their favorite foods any time of day!? The scent will last for hundreds of scratches.  To make the scent last longer, avoid hard or excessive scratching or rubbing.  A gentle brush is all you need to release the scent.



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