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Court of the Dead

Jul 20, 2018 | On display at SDCC: DC Collectibles x Joe Ledbetter Reveal

Click link to read more and see more pics: | Designer Toy • Vinyl Toy • Art Toy Blog: On display at SDCC: DC Collectibles x Joe Ledbette...: We took a stroll down to the DC booth during SDCC just to catch a glimpse at an upcoming series of vinyl collectibles created by none other than JLED...

Jul 18, 2018

Sad Ciggie 3.5-inch resin figure by Mikko Heino

Brand new in Mikko's shop: “Sad Ciggie”
  • Resin figure
  • Size 9 cm (3,5 inch)
  • Edition of 20, signed and numbered
  • Resin cast, handcrafted, hand moulded, hand painted with acrylics, small imperfections may occur.

Price 35€ +shipping, grab it here:

Follow Mikko on IG here: @mikko_heino


13" Vinyl Collectible Figure
Designed by Ashley Wood

Limited Edition of 50
USD $90 at SDCC Booth 5146 

A Limited Stock will be available on Bambaland July 20th at 9am HK time.

USD $100 on Bambaland
Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier 

Other stuff that will be at the 3A booth at SDCC:

  • Jungle Swinger Liz 
  • Sheep Spy Miyu
  • Hachimitsu Bosu Cosplay 
  • Pascha Cyborg
  • Transparent Blue Cyborg Pascha
  • Liz Bam Bam 
  • T.C.O.M. Agent Isobelle
  • Miyu Spearmint Square
  • Handsome Wu Panda Mercs 2 Pack
  • Zomb Nurse
  • Shadey Ankou EX
  • AP TK Yellow Hornets
  • 3AGO ZvR Warbot vs Zomb Set 
  • String Diver Force Captain
  • 6th Anniversary Bambaboss 
  • Oliver Applehair + Giant Mongolian Mountain Heel
  • DA DIY ZEF Set 
  • Ultron Classic Edition 
  • Captain America Night Mission 
  • 1/6th Judge Dredd
  • 1/12th Judge Dredd Comic Book Edition
  • 1/12th Lawmaster 
  • 1/12th Lawmaster Comic Book Edition
  • World Safari
  • Fuck Everyone 
  • Ashley Wood - Chunky Bits
  • Ashley Wood - The Weight of Memory on the Cityscape
  • Ashley Wood - Fuck It Omnipuss
  • Ashley Wood - Fat Kuntsler 
  • Ashley Wood - Raw Fuck it 
  • 3A - With Smiles On Our Lips 
  • Siuyin - With Smiles On Our Lips
  • Phil Hale - Empire 
  • Phil Hale - With Smiles On Our Lips 
  • William Wray - With Smiles On Our Lips
  • Amanda Visell - With Smiles On Our Lips

In brightest day, in blackest night, XXRAY Golden Age Green Lantern 4-inch figure is in stock now


In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let all who worship evil's might, Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!


The lantern made from meteoric metal fell into the hands of Alan Scott, a young railroad engineer in 1940. Following a railroad bridge collapse, a voice in the flame instructed Scott to fashion a ring from its metal, thus giving him fantastic powers. Adopting a colourful costume of red, purple, yellow, and brown, Scott began fighting crime under the masked identity of the "Green Lantern".

4" tall
Licensed DC Comics product
designed by Jason Freeny
limited edition
produced by Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd

Mechatro 35 WeGo America 10cm Robot Action Figure In Stock Now


  • 10cm / 3" tall
  • highly articulated
  • 1/35 scale
  • comes with stackable display case
  • parts are interchangeable with other WeGos
  • ABS & die-cast metal
In the late 1940s, the mechatronic bot industry had developed worldwide. However, its size was large, even though it was a humanoid, it was inorganic, and it was just a thing that was just like a machine tool. These mechatronic bots were also imported to Japan, but because of their huge size that does not fit the country of Japan, it has not spread widely and there are few opportunities for the general public to see. In 1957, Japan's "Mechatro Chubu" (Chubu Mechatronics) announces a breakthrough mini mechatronic bot that has not existed before, it was Light Mechatrobot "Tube one."

The WeGo is the world's smallest Mechatrobot which was designed to be used for children’s school commute in under-populated areas and for various recreational purposes.

Trashbot and Friends Desktop Retrocomputing Playset by Playsometoys In Stock Now


Treasure your childhood in one perfect playset: Trashbot & Friends!

The brand that brought you Classicbot Classic* is back with new friends perfect for you! Trashbot & Friends, a playset inspired by classic desktop icons, introduces two fresh figures – Trashbot and Errorbot! These retro icons include accessories such as the Disk icon, the Mail icon and the Folder. Each piece is designed with nostalgic charm for a simpler time!

Every figure and accessory comes with a display stand and metallic name tag. The lid on the Trashbot is functional, you can use it as a pen stand or even a desktop organizer.

The entire playset is made with high-quality ABS plastic. The Trashbot with its display is about 8.5cm tall

*Classicbot is a brand created by playsometoys, an independent toy company in Hong Kong.

Jul 17, 2018

BAIT x Huck Gee x Robotech - SDCC BOOTH #5645

Well, one of Huck Gee's favorite animations is Robotech, which has influenced a lot of Huck's work. Who doesn't like mechs!? With the launch of Superplastic, it seemed that Huck would only be releasing anything related to Superplastic property. But, surprise, surprise, Huck Gee and Bait come out of left field. This year, Bait is releasing a Bait x Huck Gee x Robotech collaboration that is amazing. Previously seen on a SDCC Blog, with little info other than price, Huck and Bait has finally come out with more details. This is being called Huck's "final solo project", where he re-imagined the Armor Cyclone, while also re-defining some details of the canon. Available in 2 separate editions, this 8 inch figure is super articulated and is loaded with detail. The main regular colorway will be available at all 9 BAIT stores, most likely starting July 18th. The rare Bronze Alternate colorway is going to be an exclusive to Bait's SDCC Booth, #5645. Priced at $125 a piece and no word on edition size for either colorway, the SDCC exclusive Bronze Alternate will likely sell out during SDCC. Hit up those helpers now.

From Huck Gee's Newsletter release:

BAIT x Huck Gee x Robotech

For me, this was the collaboration of a lifetime. Robotech was THE defining animated series of my youth. At the time, it was an imagined world far beyond anything I had ever seen. Mech designs, characters and stories that heavily influenced my pre-teen mind. Still to this day, I hold the Cyclone as one of my favorite mech designs ever. And while I've dipped my toes into Robotech for inspiration in the past, this is an officially licensed endeavor. Not only a collaboration but, for the eagle eyed, attention detailed fan, I may have also re-defined some Cyclone canon. :) What can I say, I like to break things.
Thank you & much love,


BAIT x Huck Gee x Robotech :: Releasing at San Diego Comic Con 2018
BAIT and legendary toy designer Huck Gee come together for Huck’s final solo project and reimagined the iconic Armor Cyclone with Rick Hunter of the Robotech Macross saga. 
The Rare Bronze Alternate is Exclusively sold at the BAIT San Diego Comic-Con Booth #5645. The Regular Colorway will be available st all 9 BAIT stores.  These 8 inch super articulated Figures are priced at $125.
 - Mark-Anthony

Preorder SprayeeQ 5-inch DIY Vinyl Spray Can Mini Qee by Toy2R


PREORDER shipping July/August 201
The SprayeeQ by Toy2R has always been one of the rarest 5" Mini Qees. Very few artists have been able to get their hands on one in years past, and we always thought that was a shame. They're adorable little spray can platforms!

We looked around this year and couldn't find any of these these fantastic DIY figures by Toy2R on the market any longer... so we had Toy2R make a batch for us!

Shake em and they make a spray can sound! Grab a bunch and paint em up in your own style! We just added a 6-pack option at a reduced price.

  • 5 inches tall
  • vinyl
  • DIY Mini Qee figure
  • articulated at shoulders and neck
  • produced by Toy2R for Tenacious Toys
  • currently exclusive to Tenacious Toys
  • limited run of 500 units for our shop
  • polybagged (no box)

Kidrobot DC Harley Quinn 10.5-inch Medium Figure by Brandt Peters In Stock Now


You really put the “fun” in funeral!

Based on his penciler work on the hit Holiday Special Short “Get Your Cheer Outta My Ear,” Brandt Peters and Kidrobot are ready to bring a smile to your face with the Harley Quinn Medium Figure. Standing approximately 10.5” tall and coming with an oversized mallet ready to put your face here Mr. J’s favorite’s favorite girl is ready to smash her way into your collection today!

  • 10.5 inches tall
  • vinyl
  • designed by Brandt Peters
  • sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks
  • produced by Kidrobot
  • window boxed
  • officially licensed DC Comics product
  • limited edition

Jul 16, 2018

Tiny Mechatro WeGo 1.75-inch Blind Boxed Mini Robot Figures in stock now


in stock now but almost sold out!!!

"Tiny MechatroWeGo" have new friends!

Cute small Tiny MechatroWeGo has become a collection!
Despite small size, the coloring is in high quality. Here they come! Collectible Tiny MechatroWeGo!

  • each figure is 45mm (1.75") tall
  • articulated
  • blind boxed
  • 2 blind box minimum
All 5 types can be found in these blind boxed mystery figures:
  • Orange
  • Hinomaru
  • Super
  • Hi-tech SV
  • Taxi
NOTE: some images show these Tiny MechatroWeGos pictured with larger 35Mechatros and even a 12Mechatro. Larger WeGos are NOT INCLUDED.

Another note: These are blind boxed mystery figures. You do not know which ones you will get until you open the package.

Aloha Lolligag Sunrise Edition 5-inch vinyl figure In Stock Now


Aloha kakahiaka! Bombastic Fantastic is proud to present their newest collectible
Lolligag art toy, Aloha! Lolligag, in a sunny new colorway!

Dancing on a ray of morning sunshine, Aloha! Lolligag finds Lolligag reimagining
herself as a classic hula girl from the Big Island, complete with a flowing grass skirt, a Kukui nut necklace, a Haku lei around her head and a lollipop in her hand. This
kawaii Hawaii set is extremely limited to 125 pieces worldwide.

5-inch vinyl figure
Mildly articulated arms
2-sided lollipop
Edition of 125