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Court of the Dead

May 21, 2011

5 inch DIY Mini Qees by Toy2R in stock

5-inch Mini Qee DIY platforms are in stock now! At only $15, these figures are direct competition to the Kidrobot offerings (Kidrobot's 7-inch Munnys are more expensive at $24.99, and their 4-inch Munnyworld figures like Foomi are smaller and cost $9.95). 7 styles of Mini Qee available: Bear, Toyer, Cat, Mon, Pig, Sprayee and Bunny. 
Click here to see all of the DIY figures we have in stock.

May 20, 2011

Doktor A Humphrey Mooncalf Verdigris edition by Pobber Toys

The multi-piece Doktor A Humphrey Mooncalf Verdigris edition figure is limited to 100 pieces and made by Pobber Toys. Designed by Doktor A, one of Benny's favorite artists, these 8-inch figures feature a carefully applied paint job that echoes the green/blue aging patina of old bronze. We are fortunate to have been able to order a case to sell at Tenacious Toys, and you can buy yours here. These figures should arrive today or tomorrow.

All 4 Sketchbots now available at Tenacious Toys

Sketchbot v.3
All four Sketchbots are now available here for $35 each. Each Sketchbot has 6 points of articulation and comes with a sticker and an art accessory (or, in the case of the DIY below, all 6 accessories!). Sketchbot is the brainchild of graphic designer Steve Talkowski.
DIY Sketchbot
Sketchbot v.2
Sketchbot v.1

May 19, 2011

Getting Big: 36-inch custom Sharky Show May 20th

Opening Reception: May 20; 7pm-11pm @ Toy Tokyo Underground, 91 Second Ave

ToyQube custom 36" Sharky featuring: Frank Kozik, Jason Freeny, KaNO, Keithing, Luke Chueh, Ron English & Tristan Eaton. All pieces will be for sale.

Smaller DIY Sharky figures will be on sale during the event. Take home your own Sharky to make a one of kind custom!

For more info:  

Project Detonate Poison Sweet by Happy Panda

Produced by: Happy Panda Toys
Designed by: Project Detonate (aka Yosiell Lorenzo)
Size: 5.8" Tall  5.5" wide
Edition of: 500
4 Points of Articulation
Comes with Poison Cupcake Accessory
Full Color Gift Box w/ magnetic enclosure

Hot Foo Foo Bonesuckers

These guys are called Bonesuckers....for the very obvious reason that they like to sit around sucking on bones. They're at the bottom of the food chain and the last of the scavengers to move in on a carcass, and there they'll sit in a little huddle making disgusting slurping noises for days and sometimes weeks if the animal is large enough.
Each one is hand made so they can vary in size a little but pretty much around 2" in diameter. They come packaged in a bag with header card, the bone is removable and different accessories for them to suck on will be made available at a later date.

Each figure costs $15 plus shipping and is available here
To Follow Jimmy Foo, the creator of Bonesuckers, check out his blog.

Magenta Morning Garuru by Itokin Park

I'm a big fan of the weird toys that Super7 sells. I don't even own any, nor do I sell them at Tenacious Toys, but I thought this one was worthy of some page time on my blog. Garuru is made by Itokin Park:

Itokin Park is at it again! The Magenta Morning Garuru is up at first light, but can't quite get his eyes open. Magenta vinyl with black, blue, gray, orange and gold sprays helps the elusive and sleepy Garuru hide in the sunrise and ease into his day. Available Friday, May 20th, 12noon Pacific, unless he sleeps in....

The Monster Family Magenta Morning Garuru is 4" tall, $35 ea.

May 15, 2011

Munnyworld Customs by B.A.L.D.

"Killer Kitty" custom Tricky by B.A.L.D.

"Lil' Skully Loco" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Monster Mutant Motoring Club" custom Roos by B.A.L.D.

"Phantom Reduxe" custom mini Munny by B.A.L.D.

"Mutant Zombie Raffi" custom Raffi by B.A.L.D.
These are custom Munnyworld figures, originally created to be submitted to Kidrobot's Munnyworld custom contest. B.A.L.D. (Bryan Lopez) is constantly creating, so definitely go follow him at the following links to stay in touch:

The Little Prince Art Toys


Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince in English) is a fairy tale, of sorts, written in 1942 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and published simultaneously in French and English in 1943. I'm pretty sure my mother read this one to me as a child. In any case, it's been on my radar all my life but might not be on yours. Definitely worth looking into, you can buy it on Amazon.

So it is interesting to me that now, 60+ years later, the title character of this piece of children's literature has been translated into a limited-edition art toy. The toys are about 9.5 inches tall, they're hand-painted and are clothed in real fabric. Buy the toys here, and find out more about the world of Le Petit Prince here.
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book