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Court of the Dead

Feb 2, 2013

Weekly selection of great customs in our store!

Did you guys know that we have some amazing customs in our shop? Here is a small selection of them. We will post weekly a selection of our customs in our store. Make sure that you grab them fast!

Adam Pratt: custom 3A Mini Bertie, our price: 20 dollars

AW177: custom Mini Qee Mon Power of the Tiger, our price: 150 dollars

Blazonbrikhaus: Custom Dunny Sunburst Skull, our price: 75 dollars

DAVEMARKART: Custom Munny (4 inch) Corporate Monsters Series 2, our price: 105 dollars

JC Rivera: Riker's Island Death Row Inmate 7043, our price: 75 dollars

Matt Walker: custom Toyer Mini Qe, our price: 100 dollars

  NEMO: 4 inch custom Munn, our price: 150 dollars 

UNCLE Studios: Misfit Monsters Gimlet custom 3 inch Dunny, our price: 70 dollars

Sculpt & Swap Series 1: JFury x MaloApril

Two amazing artists!

Sculpt & Swap Series 1: JFury x MaloApril releases on Tuesday (Feb 12th) in the UVD Store blind box for $100 each   

"Sergeant Pepper" Stranger customs

Imagine you make your own toy and your dad is customizing some of them, how cool is that!!! This happened to Flawtoys and I have to say his dad did an amazing job on these "Sergeant Pepper" Stranger customs. Excellent job!

Follow Flawtoys here:

BambaBull by Southerndrawl

An amazing custom. Southerndrawl started this one 2 years ago and finally he finished it. Stunning piece!

Follow Southerndrawl here:

Chaos Skull by Don P

Another finished commission by me, this time a 3 inch Bot. When you are interested in a custom Bot, than hit me up or

40% off Custom Star Wars figures at Forces of Dorkness TODAY ONLY

Scott writes:

Because the birthday sale was such a hit I'm doing it again 28 Days Later!

Everyone can get 40% off everything in my shop at
Using code 28DAYSLATER and not only will it get you 40% off, but also free shipping anywhere in the US.
This is a limited time offer and will end at midnight on February the 2nd.

follow The Forces of Dorkness on Twitter and Instagram @forceodorkness
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When it rains, it pours.

Two new additions from Squink's Dunny series "When it rains, it pours". This seroes has a custom resin head cast.

Follow Squink! here: 

Panda Grrr in Tux!

You just have to love these Grrr's from Fuller...

This was a commission. The owner wanted Lil Grrr to be sporting a Panda suit in a tux. Hope you like him!

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Tokens of Love

Blazon Brikhaus comes with these excellent sculpted custom Ryniak Dunny's. These guys are available in her store on February 8th. Grab these awesome customs!

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Feb 1, 2013

Lunar New Year Android Giveaway!

Fun gets bigger when you share it! And generous G+ Android Community member Mr. Jim Long is hosting a helpful giveaway to share some highly sought-after Androids to new collections.
What are we looking forward to seeing given away, you ask?
1st - Chinese New Year 2012 set of 3 - Blessing, Longevity and Fortune.
2nd - Cai Shen Android Mini from 2011
3rd - Android Mini Dancing Lion from 2013
4th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
5th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
6th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
7th - Android Mini Dancing Lion 2013
8th - undisclosed - Lucky Red Envelope contents unknown ;-)
1st-7th may contain a bonus....
There are 3 steps to jump in on this giveaway action!
1. Comment in this post HERE

2. Answer the following questions in an email to
  • a. What object or item do you consider to be good luck?
  • b. What other events would you love to see celebrated by an Android Mini release in the future?
  • c. Are there any features you loved in previous releases that you'd like to see revisited? And why?
3. The hard part - Wait patiently until the 5th Feb, 2013 for winners to be announced. Contest is open NOW, closes on Feb 4th, 2013. Hurry up and win!
Feedback collected is helpful to the community and future release considerations, so your thoughtful answers are appreciated! Good luck and good fortune!


Uncle starts this year awesome!

Uncle Studio starts this year with these creepy and amazing customs. Enjoy them!

Plague - Coarse PAW

Nagol - Big Bad Buddha

DP - Dude

Bella - Two Faced Hazel 

Follow Uncle here:
 - Don P

Da Crusher Dunny Series 1

A new resin series by Shawn Wigs and friends...

Ok Peoples The Artist have finished and the Series is Ready to drop !!!!! The Release date is Thursday Feb 7th at 12 Noon EST ..on my site )   There is 24 Total in Series 1 ,  Each Artist did 1 Figure Excpet JC Rivera did 2 & I did 15 .. This are Hand caste resin & Hand painted By each Artist .. Very Excited about this Series Came Out Amazing !!! Good Luck Hope you get the One u Want. -Shawn Wigs

Some designs in this series!

The artists in this series are Shawn Wigs, Mike Die, Rsin, Ian Ziobrowski, Fakir, Jason Jacenko, JC Rivera, Task Oner and Billy Roids.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book