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Court of the Dead

Jan 29, 2013

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Rivet Wars: The Game - Funded by Kickstarter!

"What is Rivet Wars?"
"The once beautiful world of Rivet has been wracked by decades of war. The years of bombing, gassing, and stripping natural resources from the planet has taken its toll, turning its pastures into muddy, cratered-pocked no-man’s lands, and blackening the skies with soot and stench of factory smoke.
But the fight continues on. Technology has stagnated to a post-Industrial level, similar to those seen in WW1. Machineguns and primitive armored vehicles have been introduced without replacing the old ways and it’s not uncommon to see a cavalry charge of heavy horse lead by an 80 ton six legged dreadnought. Steam power is still widely accepted while other forces employ electricity or diesel or horse.
The many nations of Rivet have created various alliances. At the center of conflict lies the Imperial Blightun Empire a monarchy driven by the Mad Arch Duke and his uncle, the Kaiser. Ruling through fear and brutality, they see this conflict as a chance to extend their lands and they will employ any means, even poison gas attacks, to win the war. The Allies on the other hand are driven by their fight to survive. As independent nation states they see the Blightun Monarchs as a direct threat to their sovereignty. Meanwhile, still other factions are fighting for resources or because they see an opportunity arising out of the turmoil. National borders are ever changing and treaties—and fortunes–rise and fall daily." - FAQ

In just 5 days, the Kickstarter Campaign for Rivet Wars will be over, and legions of fans around the globe will begin waiting for what is most perhaps the most ambitious miniatures board game ever launched by an independent toy maker. Luckily, you still have time to get behind it and secure a copy!

Rivet Wars was (and still is) a popular line of resin military miniatures, but the Kickstarter campaign will bring them to a wider audience as factory produced pieces, alongside the finished game. The original $25,000 goal was obliterated in mere days and now stands at $338,303 with 1,759 backers. This makes it one of the most successful games ever on Kickstarter and means that tons of incredible stretch goals have been met, meaning bigger and better options for your miniature army.

Go deeper into the world of Rivet Wars and learn how to back the project here:


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