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Court of the Dead

Jan 28, 2013

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Review: Undead Android by Mostly Hamless

Recently I received a custom Android from Mostly Harmless for reviewing his Android. Quite tricky since I only customize Androids and I don't have a real passion for them like I have for Bots and Mascots. Besides that.....this is my first real review.

Mostly Harmless is making loads of Undead Androids and his Androids are available on his own store and for the European customers on His prices are quite cheap, when you ask me only 30 dollars for a custom Android. Pretty nuts, when you ask me!

The Android that I received is an Android with a broken antenna and a bended antenna. Quite interesting to see, I always love the fact when someone takes a different approach on a platform.

The used colors on this Android are interesting and are giving you a real Zombie feeling, he managed this extremely well. Love the suit that he gaved this little fella. When I see blood on a custom, than you make me happy too haha. The only thing that could be a bit better is his right eye, the white could be a bit more rounded. Other than that this custom rocks! Totally love it.

I was impressed by the quality of his paintwork and the paints on this figure are clean. He sealed the Android with a matte finish. This does this custom justice, although I personally love glossy coats.

I hope to see this guy working with extra elements in this style in the future, like bones and worms. I reckon that it will be nice to add an additional package like a grave box too. He can work for years on this concept, when you ask me.

Overall I have to say that I love this custom and that it is extremely worth your money. I also received a Bot from Mostly Harmless and I will review that one later on, but I can already say that this guy has some excellent sculpting skills.

Be smart and commission Mostly Harmless, he will not dissapoint you!

When you guys are interested in a review, than just send a message to tenacioust​oys@gmail.c​om or directly to me

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