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Court of the Dead

Jan 29, 2013

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Meltdown Dunny 8" by Chris Ryniak

Celebrate a Happy Valentines day with a new 8" dunny by Chris Ryniak. Using Chris' Apocalypse Series Dunny design, Kidrobot has produced an 8" version of the Meltdown Dunny. The Meltdown Dunny is going to come in 4 different GID and translucent colorways, limited to 500 pieces for each color.

Meltdown Dunny

Of course, Kidrobot is not going to make it easy for the completists out there because each colorway is going to be offered by a different type of retailer. The Green edition is going to be sold exclusively by Kidrobot retail stores, while the Yellow edition is going to be the online exclusive for International retailers are going to sell the Orange edition and the US retail stores will get the Pink edition. I personally am looking forward to the Pink edition and this 8" Dunny. Hitting the store on February 14, each Dunny is going to retail for $75 (£60 UK, €69.60 EU).

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