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Court of the Dead

Feb 1, 2013

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Glyos Drop: Operation Sonesidar

Be sure to catch the latest Glyos drop at 9:30 PM EST tonight!

Sonesidar Defense Force w/ new Mini Blocker Rigs


This drop is notable for the premiere of a new Rig configuration in vinyl (The Mini Blocker) and the second release of the Armorvor with its variant Syclodoc head. The first colorway sold out instantly at the last drop and this Transformers inspired version likely will too. There is a generous mix of Travelers, Glyans and other PVC accessory packs (such as the phase arm, hub, and axis sets) in several color choices as well as yet another of the wildly popular Armorvors - the Sonesidar Mimic. If you are not already collecting this line and exploring its customizing potential - then you are BEHIND THE TIMES, kid!
Don't hesitate - they'll go quick!
Right here at Onell Design (9:30 PM EST)


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