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Court of the Dead

Feb 4, 2011

NYC Loves Qee: Toy2R Toy Fair Preview Party Feb 14th in NYC


Toy2R invites you to experience the next generation of fun during our Toy Fair Preview Party being held at Yoyamart on February 14th. Come out and take a peek at their 2011 projects and join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Qee. Yoyamart will play host to our NYC Loves QEE Show and the unveiling of:
  • 5inch Mini Qee DIY Collection – Our the newest 5″ scale Qee opens the genre to new artists and new possibilities. With a SRP of $15 each – DIY customizing doesn’t have to break the bank – just the rules!
  • In addition, there will be more than 40 original customized 5inch Mini Qees to illustrate the realm of possibilities using Qee! Customs by Jason Freeny, Jon Paul Kaiser, ViseOne, Scott Tolleson, Voltaire, MCA, Pocket Wookie, Atypical, A Little Stranger, NEMO, Mr. Den, Ian Ziobrowski, ZAM, Mr. Munk, Dinky Cow, NREAZON, Grimsheep, Foox, J*RYU, Rampage Toys, Phetus, LYSOL, Bryan Allen Collins, Matt Anderson, RSIN, Nerviswr3k, Kim Mayhew, Southerndrawl, Tony DePew and more!
  • First public preview of Toy2R’s collaboration with CTU for 2011!
  • Plus it will be your very first chance to pick up a 5inch Mini Qee DIY before anyone else in the world!
  • 5inch Kaiju Bossy Bear by David Horvath – the evolution of the classic character created by the mind behind the Uglydoll phenom, continues to explore new variations. Come see what Bossy Bear has been up to and how he has transformed into the biggest thing since….well, him!
  • 2.5inch Skelanimal Qees Series 2 – Cooler than the Dead, Toy2R breaks loose with the follow-up to the best selling Skelanimal Qee Assortment from last year. WIth new designs by Voltaire, Lunabee, Pocket Wookie, Nick Z, Albert Art and PO! – Qee takes the Skelanimal theme on another journey through art and imagination!
  • New Qee-Shells – Gotta see them to get them!
  • Domo Qees – Courtesy of Dark Horse – the newly released 7inch Domo Qees will be displayed as well as a sneak peek at SERIES 3 of Domo Qees – taking over the world is the definition of Domonation! Come out to see why!
Plus surprises, custom Qees of all sizes, special guests and more – all awaiting to be your date on the 14th! Come out and celebrate with Toy2R and see why Qee continues to be a best selling platform for the past ten years!


Join the Qeevolution and experience the next generation of fun….it’s Qee!

Argonauts Resin: Wave 2 Red Tuttz release date!

The last wave of the ToysRevil Exclusive Red Tuttz are ready for launch! END added some glow in the dark pieces (GIDs) in this round along with a TRE logo-inspired color scheme, fully rendered custom figure so you get a 3rd chase bonus (so this wave is 3 regular figures, and 3 chases!). These last six Tuttz will be available Monday Feb. 7th at 9PM est. in the Argonaut Resins online store.

Feb 3, 2011

Cake Caps and much more from Rampage launching Friday

Rampage Toys will be launching a bunch of new toys tomorrow (Friday Feb 4th) in their web store. Cake Caps, pictured above, are 3-inch tall resin & vinyl custom pieces that will be sold blind-boxed for $25 each. There will be chases and one will include Rampage Toys artwork as a bonus! A smorgasbord of custom toy goodness. Read more about what Jon Malmstedt has to offer and what's new in the world of Rampage Toys in his blog post here.

Feb 1, 2011

Tenacious Toys Exclusive Blue Zombie Chuck resin figure

We are pleased as punch to support Brian Fyffe and the upcoming comic-con tour of his Zombie Chuck comic book by carrying this exclusive Tenacious blue colorway of the titular character, Zombie Chuck! Sadly, according to the story, Chuck gets turned into a zombie. Fortunately, he comes back from the dead to discover that he has amazing powers! He uses his newfound powers to rescue his girlfriend Lily from an evil robot from space.

This detailed 5-inch resin figure is cast in a very limited run by Adam of Adam Smith Studios in Kansas City. Price will be $15, and we will post up again once the figures have arrived (on their way right now!) Till then, you can read more about Brian Fyffe and Zombie Chuck at, and you can friend Brian on Facebook.

About Brian Fyffe:
Brian grew up outside Dayton, OH, playing in the radioactive fallout drifting out of Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He is currently living in Kansas City and working as a commercial illustrator for companies like Adobe, Leapfrog, Hallmark and many others. Brian's art is inspired by Basil Wolverton, Bruce Timm, Jack Davis, Jeff Smith and Dick Briefer. In general, he digs 60s and 70s cereal premiums and monster culture from the same era.

What the future holds for Zombie Chuck:
Starting this March, you will find Brian touring around the comic cons. The follow-up figure to Chuck will be another prominent character from Book 1 of the Zombie Chuck series. Aside from the comic, which you can buy here, Brian has made Zombie Chuck t-shirts, buttons, stickers and more! 
Book 2 will be released in the fall, along with 2 more figures and accompanying merchandise.

Jan 31, 2011

Toy2R 5in Mini Qee DIY series: FULL reveal of 7 designs + video


The complete crew is made up of Toy2R's iconic BEAR and BUNEE character as well as the our mascot, the TOYER. Joining them in the release are MON, KITKAT, PIGEE and SPRAYEE!! The seven make up the complete DIY collection that will be dropping in February. Each 5" scale Qee comes with easily removeable Head and Arms making customizing a breeze! 
While this is the first time that these characters will be released in the new smaller scale - Sprayee is one of the more sought after pieces. With a Spray Head, this is only the second time this character has been released in DIY form (the first being the 3.5" Baby Qee scale). And just like its younger and smaller cousin, when you shake Sprayee, you'll hear the classic spray can sound - making this a must for graffiti fans and artists!

Fans and collectors should note that the very first chance to pick up one of these new scale Qees will be during Toy2R's NYC Loves QEE event being held at Yoyamart on February 14th. There will be a limited quantity available for purchase during the show - so swing by and snag these before anyone else!

Monster Bossy Bear 5-inch Kaiju assortment

Bossy Bear, the demanding character from the mind of David Horvath, has transmutated into the 5” Strange Beast Bossy Bear- or as witnesses have dubbed him – Monster Bossy Bear!

Altering from his earlier form into a higher state – that of the Kaiju form – Bossy Bear is now more formidable than ever. As part of Toy2R’s scheduled releases for 2011, the Monster Bossy Bear Assortment will delight fans of both the classic form and new fans of his Kaiju inspired look.

Two versions will be released in the assortment – the Classic Blue and the Roseus (or Pink) edition. Fans should be on the look out for variant versions within the assortment as one can never be sure what mood Bossy will be in.

The alert has been posted, the news has been spread…Bossy Bear…Monster Bossy Bear is on the loose and heading towards you. Capture him if you can but do not try to contain him, for he is Bossy Bear!

**Special preview of the figures will take place at Yoyamart during the Feb 14th NYC Loves QEE Event....don't miss it!
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