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Court of the Dead

Sep 23, 2011

Nerviswr3k Custom Mini Qees for our NYCC Booth

My man Nerviswr3k has shipped us a whole gang of insane custom Mini Qees to display and sell at our NYCC Booth #876, which we're splitting with Toy2R. Nerviswr3k's heavy customization typically includes intricate gadgetry and doo-dads, combined with tentacled, toothy monsters. A unique look, to be sure- you can spot a Nervis piece a mile away. And if you're not lightning fast, that's probably as close as you'll ever come to one- people tend to buy these pieces fast and then run away quickly to get them home and into their collections!

Sep 20, 2011

TEASER: Another Matt Anderson 16-inch Custom Qee

If you think about it, you can probably figure out what this is.
Matt Anderson has shared with us another one of the large-scale custom Qees he's bringing to our NYCC booth #876 (Toy2R / Tenacious Toys). Behold, another aggravatingly cropped teaser! Full reveals soon. This one looks tasty. You can meet Matt at a signing on Friday, October 14th, or go find him on Facebook.

NYCC Exclusive Ugly Unicorns by Rampage Toys


NYCC, originally uploaded by
Jon Malmstedt is, as I type this, painting up this set of 10 clear vinyl Ugly Unicorn figures as an Exclusive for our NYCC booth! You will be able to pick one up at Booth 876 for only $42.

The actual colorways are, as of now, a secret! So you'll have to wait for a full reveal. In the meantime, revel in the crystalline beauty of this clear Japanese soft vinyl.
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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