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Court of the Dead

Sep 5, 2014

Paint Class with Monster Kolor Studios

Paint classes are always fun, whether you are a master painter or just starting to play around with DIY vinyl. Being able to hang out with people who share the same interest makes for a great time. Monster Kolor Studios in Middleboro, MA offers a wide array of paints and ways to apply them. On September 27th from 12pm to 5pm, Monster Kolor Studios will be hosting a Paint Class to show students how to use Monster Kolor paints to paint a Max Toy Co Eyezon. One of the previous classes offered by Monster Kolor involved a lot of air brushing, from techniques to set-up and breakdown. Class spots cost $120 each with a limited number of spots and are available on a first come, first served basis. Everything is included in the price of the class and students are more then welcome to bring any other projects to be painted during the class. Something to note, the toy being provided will only be available during this class.

For more info, be sure to contact the people over at Monster Kolor Studios.

MintyFresh offering 25% off all Kidrobot items- European readers, take note!

When Kidrobot starts clearing out their own inventory, guess what happens? All their retailers holding stock have to follow suit. Looks like European shop MintyFresh is pretty done with this rollercoaster ride and wants to get off... they're offering 25% off Kidrobot toys until mid-September. European customers take note- this is how you can order Kidrobot at a discount. They still have lots of different items left. Really cool items... too bad the manufacturer killed the market for their own products. Good luck to MintyFresh! I got off that rollercoaster a couple years ago. I've been eating cotton candy and shooting BB guns over at the shooting gallery ever since. I watched all those people lining up to ride the rollercoaster and I just felt bad for them...

Mazinger Z: Aphrodite A 15-inch action figure by ThreeZero

-          Aphrodite A stands 15 inches tall.
-          Highly detail mechanic parts.
-          Incredibly paint application to highlight all the details with weathering effect. incredibly what?
-          Fully possible figure. posable? only possible if you have $290 to spend!
-          Articulating fingers.
-          Electable breast missiles. (!!!) I think they mean "ejectable" but I'd vote for them...
-          Lights up eyes, cockpit and both afterburner on her backpack.

All typos aside, this figure looks amazing. Hit me up if you want one. I can only order these if I have minimum 3 committed customers. And by that I mean, preorder and pay up front in full. Will ship free within the US via Fedex.

Modified Wool Show


One of the hottest days of the year in sunny London, the UK designer toy "Fam" descended on the shiny new RayGun Comics in Hackney. Beers were drunk, cookies were eaten, badges were pinned, and beautiful custom Wools were purchased. Daniel and Penny were overwhelmed by the turnout and support from all the beautiful people, many of who were captured by the talented Gabrielle Motola in these photos.! !

Once again we would like to say a massive thank you to all the artists involved, you can see all of the
customs in the modified wool section of rotocasted.! !

Many of the Wool’s sold on the night, but there are still some for sale in the shop section of their website. Take a look, why not grab a one of a kind masterpiece for your toy shelf or cabinet.! !

Sep 4, 2014

Vulkira 8-inch Vinyl Toy Robot figure on Kickstarter

Eric Smith ( channeled his influences and interests into creating Vulkira, his first designer vinyl toy concept. Vulkira is 8" tall and was inspired by Eric's favorite giant Japanese robots.

Vulkira™ will be produced by Unbox Industries. If all goes well with this project, Eric plans to produce a 24" vintage jumbo style Vulkira in the future.

Limited to 300 pieces with a Shogun Warriors colorway, Vulkira will stand 8" and will have 3 points of articulation as well as removable fists and drill and missile launcher attachments.

Sounds f#cking awesome. Just backed it. You should too:

There's a ton of cool rewards over and above the figure, including sweet prints by some of my favorite artists like Jeff Lamm and Jason Goad. Check out the video which explains more:

All City Style Trains are back on track and available to shops at wholesale

Big news from Bigshot Toyworks: their insanely popular All City Style blank subway trains are back! Bigshot is now accepting wholesale orders from shops interested in restocking this product which sold out nearly everywhere, world-wide. I'll definitely get some.

ACS trains are 20 inches long and are essentially a half of a train car- back is flat and comes with necessary hardware to mount to a wall. Each ACS train also comes with pegs and holes so 2 can be combined to form a whole train car. A versatile piece. So many famous artists have customized ACS trains that it would be absurd to even begin to list them. Basically, it's everyone you've ever heard of. Go to the ACS website and click on Shows to see a bunch of custom painted trains. ACS shows have been help in countries around the world. I think the last one was in South Korea. Next one I believe will be Cardboard Spaceship... and I only know that because I'm paying attention to attentive bloggers. Just like you're doing now. How meta.

Anyone wishing to purchase single trains, or small numbers, will have to contact your favorite local retailer to obtain them. SRP is $40 each.

Shops wishing to make wholesale purchases can email orders into - wholesale pricing begins with orders of 40 trains. The ACS trains come in 10-pc cases and you can buy 10, 20 or 30 of them but you'll be paying a higher price per piece than you would at true wholesale pricing you get when you order 40+ pieces.

Best of all, Bigshot has for the first tme produced crystal-clear Ghost Trains (pictured below) which are ONLY available at wholesale to shops that make 40-train purchases. Shops can buy 20 Ghost Trains for every 40 silver (original) ACS trains they buy.

The shipment of All City Style trains is headed our way... so get your orders in!

If you need more info, click here to view the most recent ACS email. Or sign up for their email list yourself at the bottom of their Contact page.

Martin Hsu Miya-San resin figures by Bigshot Toyworks available now

One of the adorable Miya-San figures out of the box
 We are very happy that the Bigshot Toyworks production run of 300 Miya-san resin figures (designed by Martin Hsu) have arrived in our warehouse! We've shipped out all the preorders so the remainder of the run is now available for purchase here. Miya-San figure are $95 each and 6 inches tall. We ship worldwide!

Net proceeds of this run of Miyazaki tribute figures will be donated to Karakuwa-Maru, a community building organization in the town of Karakuwa, Japan which is rebuilding after the tsunami. We have a limited number of the Miya-San figures left; please spread the word so we can donate as much money to Karakuwa-Maru as possible.

3D render of the Miya-San figure by Bigshot Toyworks
The stack of Miya-San figures after we pulled them out of the shipping boxes on the day we received them

Sep 2, 2014

Jermaine Rogers Choices 8-inch vinyl figure

Our little bunny is faced with a heavy decision. He holds an instrument to help him carry it out. Protector or destroyer? Which will he choose? You decide.

CHOICES measures 8 inches tall and is crafted in vinyl. The first vinyl release from Jermaine's DERO72 imprint, the figure was an overwhelming hit at San Diego ComicCon: a 'shadow with glow eyes' exclusive was released and quickly sold out. Finally, the regular edition figure is available to retailers like us. Want one? Email Benny. Retail price is $60.

This regular edition is limited to only 500 pieces. For more info on Jermaine's work, check his website:

Aug 31, 2014

Labor Day Sale at B.A.L.D. store! Up to 50% off toys, art, prints, t-shirts.

Just got word from Bryan Lopez that he's running Labor Day sale from today until 9/2/14 with everything in his B.A.L.D. shop on sale: Custom Toys, Prints, Original Art and more.

Here is the store link:



September 1st is the PRE-ORDER for the TOMORROW KINGS 7 BONES HEAVY SLICER YOSHITSUNE at BAMBALAND. The PRE-ORDER starts at 9:00AM HK time and will last for around 24 hours or so. YOSHITSUNE is priced at $145USD and that price includes worldwide shipping! Estimated shipping is around December 2014.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book