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Court of the Dead

Feb 1, 2013

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F#@% You Pay Me print by Soujohn drops today for $1.33

Are you friggin kidding me? A 9 x 12 inch print for $1.33??? Umm, yes please. I just bought one!!

Here's the copy:

Looks like payday is upon us, and Soujohn sent over some news that sounds kinda urgent. Aside from the update that the first print in the Big Payoff print series ("1 True Love") drops today, it seems like Hoodley may have gotten himself into some trouble. Hoodley snatched a armful of what he thought was sheets of gold from some art yuppy, but it turned out to be pearlized paper and now he needs to get it off his hands quick; before someone drops a dime on him…cuz he did it in broad daylight of course.

So his team made some extremely limited prints ("F#%@ You Pay Me"), but in order to get rid of them they're letting them go at $1.33. And if they can't sell everything by 1:33pm (Eastern) they're just gonna have to burn the evidence.

Check the webstore for more details.


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