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Jul 18, 2018

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Trashbot and Friends Desktop Retrocomputing Playset by Playsometoys In Stock Now

Playsometoys Trashbot and Friends Desktop Retrocomputing Playset

Treasure your childhood in one perfect playset: Trashbot & Friends!

The brand that brought you Classicbot Classic* is back with new friends perfect for you! Trashbot & Friends, a playset inspired by classic desktop icons, introduces two fresh figures – Trashbot and Errorbot! These retro icons include accessories such as the Disk icon, the Mail icon and the Folder. Each piece is designed with nostalgic charm for a simpler time!

Every figure and accessory comes with a display stand and metallic name tag. The lid on the Trashbot is functional, you can use it as a pen stand or even a desktop organizer.

The entire playset is made with high-quality ABS plastic. The Trashbot with its display is about 8.5cm tall

*Classicbot is a brand created by playsometoys, an independent toy company in Hong Kong.


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