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Court of the Dead

Aug 5, 2013

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ColorBlind Exhibition Recap Matt Anderson at SubUrban Vinyl

Matt Anderson really poured it on for his first Solo exhibition with Sub-Urban Vinyl Gallery. Matt sculpted, cast, painted, delivered and installed, with the help of friends, family and gallery crew, artworks both large and small.

Getting things installed with RsinArt
Waiting For Opening

Matt A* Sporting some RsinArt Custom Plugs

The pieces installed around the gallery included both hung and freestanding sculpture. More than 50lbs of epoxy sculpting agent went in to building these behemoth sculptural works of art- many of which light up and glow. Check these bad boys out;

Death's Head
Death's Head - there's a Death's Head Moth with a skull pattern found in nature. But what you won't find in nature is this monstrous winged, light-up spider. Whatever your last nightmare was- this guy can take it down. He could be on your side- if you adopt him here.



One of 5 lovely ladies- cast in resin and accompanied by a GID Resin filled glass tube. I'll have what she's having - Matt surprises audiences with a sensual sculpt. These pieces have glow in the dark coloured filling in the glass canisters, and come in Green, Red, Yellow, Blue and Peach. Available ones can be found here.

Painters Magic
Matt stepped out of his comfort zone a little to do a sculpted piece with a painted 2 dimensional component. The tentacle (which also lights up) holds a spray canister, suspended in the act of 'spraying' the canvas it is mounted on. This piece can be found here.

 Daisy is one of two complimentary 4" Munny pieces Matt created for the exhibition. Under their bronzed finish is an electrical component that lights up, shining blue through the cut-open segments. Click for Daisy and Octo.

Norsemen Sentinel
 Norsemen Sentinel may not see you coming right away, but is no less effective in his dark and purpose. The patterning on the horns is a nice touch. You can find this piece online here.

The Guardian

Life-sized and ready to light up the night, The Guardian is a freestanding sculptural achievement of dynamic form. If it weren't for the canister of glowing material in the back of the opened head, I'd be ready to believe The Guardian were a real preserved octopus. You can find it here.

Just when you thought things could not get more horrifying- here's a piece inspired by the Viperfish "Chauliodus". Matt imbued this piece with a lot of movement and animation- emphasized by the subdued, iridescent colours. You can find it here.

If you already have a giant sculptural octopus living in your home- that's okay, Matt and Outsmart Originals have released something you don't have yet. Click here for the new colorway of Matt's latest Tshirt design.

If you have any questions about the pieces you have seen online, or commissioning new works, reach Matt Anderson at . For new works, keep up to date on Matt's Facebook and Instagram @mattacustoms

On-Site Photography courtesy of Benny Kline


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