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Court of the Dead

Sep 27, 2016

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Tenacious Toys 2016 NYCC Exclusives - Resin Figures

 This year at NYCC, we will have a large number of completely unique and exclusive limited-run resin figures from a ton of artists. Our selection of resin Exclusives will be as follows:
  • Baby Fatts Clear Blue by Big C. 3.5" resin figure, limited to 5 pieces. $60 each
  • Bart2-D2 3.5" tall resin figure by Forces of Dorkness. Limited to 15, $35 each.
  • Cavus Bloom: Bromine Edition Blue GID Bloom by Kyle Kirwan. Resin, 10 pieces, $30 each
  • Tenacious Tiki Figure by NEMO. Resin, 15 pieces, $20 each.
  • Blue GID Pocket Oop by Matt Obscure Perez. 2" tall, resin, limited to 15 pieces. $20 each 
  • Half A Fat Jason - Toxic Sludge Edition by RenOne. 4 inches tall, limited to 10, $30 each.
  • Mini Blue Fat Jason by RenOne. Limited to 10, $15 each.
  • Clear Blue Feeling Cocky by Rufus. 2" resin, limited to 10 pieces, $35 each.
  • Clear Blue Mr. Softy by Rufus. 2" resin, limited to 10 pieces, $35 each.
  • Clear Blue Skippy by Renone & Rufus. 2" resin figure, exclusive blue color. 10 pieces at $35 each.
  • NYCC Exclusive Grey Concrete Jungle Frankpool 9" figure by Steven Cartoccio. Limited to 10, $150 each.
  • Blue Zen Panda 2.75" resin figure by TobyArt. 5 pieces, $35 each.
  • Big Step 1.5" resin figures by TobyArt. Tenacious Blue Edition, limited to 5, $7 each.
  • Moon Prince 4" original resin figure by UNCLE Studio. Limited to 10, $125 each.
All of the above items available on a first-come, first-served basis at NYCC Booth 309 in the center of The Block.

To add our booth to your show planner, click here:

If you cannot make it to NYCC, don't worry! ALL NYCC Exclusives left over at the end of the convention will be available here on our site:

We will be accepting both credit cards and cash at Booth 309, but we CANNOT hold items for any customers in advance, so make sure to get to the booth as early as possible.


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